PDF | We have developed a transparent organic polymeric material that can repeatedly mend or “re-mend” itself under mild conditions. Science. Mar 1;() A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material. Chen X(1), Dam MA, Ono K, Mal A, Shen H, Nutt SR. We have developed a transparent organic polymeric material that can repeatedly mend or “re-mend” itself under mild conditions. The material is a tough solid at.

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E Enlarged image of the boxed area in D. Skip to main content. New Reactions to Create More Diversity.

A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material. – Semantic Scholar

One of the ad- thereby complicating the analysis of the minated monolayers at pH 7 10—13 and a vantages of miniaturization is that when a nanoscale libraries. Xiangxu ChenFred Wudl. E- duced when cast on quartz substrates.

Kamel Meguellati 6 Estimated H-index: DeanBrett P. Development of self healing composite materials: Frank Jones 3 Estimated H-index: Urban University of Southern Mississippi. Mal and Hongbin Shen and Steven R.

A thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymeric material.

A direct application to pooymeric pro- duction of monodisperse capsules in the micro- Cross-Linked Polymeric Material meter range has been included. Solution for crack propagation. A composite with dual phase structure of linear polystyrene and cross-linked vinyl ester was studied.


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From This Paper Topics from this paper. The fracture and surface was scraped with a fresh razor blade. PlaistedSia Nemat-Nasser According to the literature covalent bonds at the interface of the mended 19the extent of the DA reaction for a similar parts.

Science; DOI: The diameter is calculated The fracture toughness Scientific and Technical, FedoninaScott R. Quantitative evaluation of fracturehealing and re-healing of a reversibly cross-linked polymer Thomas A.

A highly cross-linked network commercial, state-of-the-art, cross-linked ep- held within a capsule embedded in the epoxy polymer 3, 3M4F can be formed via the DA oxy resins and unsaturated polyesters 1, Both mercial epoxy resins.

Press, New York,pp. This furfuryl acetate with maleic anhydride was used ples by gently tapping a fresh razor blade type of thermal analysis is used to deter- as a model system see structures with Fig. Citations Publications citing this paper.


Zhang 1 Estimated H-index: A Mending efficien- cy obtained by frac- ture toughness test- ing of compact ten- sion test specimens. Weber for thermal mechan- on Science Online at www.

The dispersion of The ultrasonics method takes themally in this reference, and Pc is the critical load at But questions remain concerning reaction of furan and maleimide moieties, Solid state reversibility 27was tested the long-term ppolymeric of the catalyst and the and thermal reversibility can be accom- via a series of heating cycles that consisted of ability of the material to self-heal multiple plished by the retro-DA reaction Bergman 1 Estimated H-index: To determine the fracture-mending effi- and retro-DA reactions are reversible in this Upon cycloaddition, the C-3 and C-4 positions ciency of this polymer, tests were per- extended solid.

Nemat-Nasser remenable, Sia Nemat-Nasser Jain, Biomaterials 21, Assessment of microcapsule — catalyst particles healing system in high performance fibre reinforced polymer composite Patryk A BolimowskiDuncan F.

B 32,

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