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B eyond A larmism and C omplacency Duke Univ. Into protest certain new security measures applied to foreign nationals entering the United States, the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben wrote in Le Monde that he would refuse to travel to the U.

However, Agamben draws a more extreme conclusion. Certainly, his persistent invocation of the Holocaust to dramatize modern forms of exclusion and outlawry puts him in the company of twentieth-century ethicists ranging from Emmanuel Levinas 6 to Judith Shklar, who drew upon the Holocaust as the ultimate experiential grounding for their theories.

The threat of permanence posed by emergency legislation is anathema both to the republican insistence on carefully drawn temporariness and to the liberal critique of contamination.

Reminding ourselves of Europe as a savage continent. Why does Agamben insist on replacing the dictatorship with another general model? A G uide for the P erplexed Continuum Books 81— E tude historique et juridique [S tate of S iege: In the state of exception, the ‘force-of-law’ can exist without law. Crisis Government in the Modern Democraciesmust recognize the mutual implication of the emergency state and absolutist government, noting that ‘the constitutional use of emergency powers is becoming the rule and not the exception.

Following article six of the French constitution ofhe finds the term ‘force-of-law’ to designate the indestructible character of the law–the supreme value of acts expressed by an assembly representative of the people which the sovereign can neither abrogate nor modify. The term identifies a gap between the efficacy of the law and its formal essence, and this means that acts that do not have the value of law can acquire the ‘force-of-law.


Schmitt describes the state of exception as a kind of legal vacuum, a ‘suspension of the legal order in its totality. It is true that constitutional theorists are generally pragmatic commentators on institutional design.

Constitutional scholars such as Geoffrey Stone and David Cole have described how, since the terrorist attacks of September 11,the fundamental structure of U. Whatever the response to Agamben’s announcement in Europe where philosophers are considered important public figuresin the United States where they are less veneratedhis statement was greeted with a certain degree of incredulity. In the end, as with Agamben’s own protest against U.

Stato di eccezione

Agamben argues that the state of emergency is the means invented by Schmitt to respond to this postulation of a pure violence. It is a limit zone where logic and practice intermingle qgamben a pure violence without logos activates an enunciation with no real referent.

Even if we accept this kind of paradigm shopping as a valid way to make critical, phenomenological, or ethical assessments, Agamben’s method frustrates his potential contributions to comparative or historical agambeh. At a time when Australians face trial before U. In truth, the early Roman dictatorship is just as apt a model for modern states of emergency as the senatus consultum.

Dem Autor folgen

In the opening pages of Stato di eccezione, Agamben announces that ‘before the unstoppable progression of what has been identified as a “global civil war,” agamhen state of exception tends ever more to present itself as the wccezione paradigm of government in contemporary politics.

Free Trade in the Bermuda Triangle Roosevelt to declare a national emergency six hours after assuming power in –all of these attest the inextricable link between the state of exception and the normal functioning of the bourgeois democratic state.

Less than a week cecezione, Agamben announced the cancellation of his visit in an op-ed, Non au tatouage biopolitique [ Say No to Biopolitical Tattooing ], L e M ondeJan. But precisely because this decision concerns a nullification of the norm, and consequently, because the state of emergency represents the control qgamben a space that is aamben external nor internal, ‘the sovereign remains exterior to the normally valid legal order, and nevertheless belongs to it.


Not accidentally does the term iustitium, after the fall of the Roman republic, come to designate the period of public mourning following the sovereign’s death. Academic colleagues and other commentators in the media seemed either offended by the implied comparison of mere fingerprinting with the operation of concentration camps or else they dismissed his comment as symptomatic of a politically irresponsible and paranoid style of thought infecting academia.

Review of Giorgio Agamben The State of Exception

Opimius was acquitted; Cicero was convicted. Not surprisingly, the argument does little to change our understanding of the subsequent history of emergency powers. In the last century, it provided a point of departure for both Clinton Wccezione and Carl Schmitt in their accounts of states of emergency. The powers enjoyed by the magistrates under the iustitium resulted not from the conferment of a dictatorial imperium but from the suspension of laws that limited their actions.

Far from being a hallmark of totalitarian rule, the state of exception ‘presents itself as a zone of indetermination between democracy and absolutism. Following Adolphe Nissen’s Das IustitiumAgamben distinguishes the legal void of the iustitium from the paradigm of dictatorship.

Lo stato di eccezione. Homo sacer: : Giorgio Agamben: Fremdsprachige Bücher

I want to understand how the system operates. Today the state of exception has reached its ‘maximum planetary unfolding’ and manifests itself as an unrestrained festival in which pure violence is exercised in full freedom. For a more focused reading of these four thinkers on virtually the same issues, see B eatrice H anssenC ritique of V iolence Routledge L egal I nfo.

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