Listen to Alexandre Dumas – Cei trei muschetari by Teatru Radiofonic for free. Follow Teatru Radiofonic to never miss another show. Listen to Alexandre Dumas – Cei trei muschetari by Number One for free. Follow Number One to never miss another show. The Three Musketeers, the novel by author Alexandre Dumas, père, has been the subject of numerous films and cartoons.

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Cei trei Muschetari, #2

I hear you saying, “How on Earth can that be a guilty pleasure? Happy adventuring awaits should you follow this path.

Gabija rated it really liked it Feb 20, Love, love, love, and more love. Now, to move onwards as soon as I’m able to. Dumas uses this book to present four of his favorite protagonists: Ci si immedesima facilmente in d’Artagnan e i toni della storia sono tutto sommato leggeri: The cardinal asks D’Artagnan, he is afraid that the cardinal will sentence him to death, but the cardinal, knowing that Milady is dead, changes his mind and gives d’Artagnan the position of lieutenant of the Musketeers.

Indeed, a lot of what duas characters do, how they behave and react, is disproportionate, is over the top when one considers what has caused their reactions or motivated their dujas.

Cei trei Muschetari, #2 by Alexandre Dumas

This new edition translated by Richard Alexzndre gets very high marks and both restores material as well as making the translation less florid and closer to the original French. He and one of Saddam’s sons I think Qusay get involved with the same woman, there’s a lot of random sex and violence, and, of course, the deal falls through.

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Sir Walter Scott showed us that the personal is political, that our most particular, most intimate decisions are governed by the political milieu in which we are raised and the allegiances that our background requires.

One of the most interesting features of the book is that the people who hold the highest positions, by which I mean kings etc, are, for the most part, the stupidest, most self-obsessed characters. The power of the book dumqs not in its message but in making of rtei reader a Don Quixote, so that upon finishing it one is eager to take up a sword and romp around the country in a fancy outfit challenging people to duels.

La seconda avventura riguarda la vendetta di Milady e qui i toni diventano seri. Even if people haven’t read the book they know the Three Musketeers.

View all 10 comments. See all 13 questions about Cei Trei Muschetari…. It has all those follies and foibles of classics, with misdirection, confusion, deus ex machinas galore, and is, at times, a tad ridiculous. It seems to me that Alexandre Dumas knew that perspective would dictate how we saw his heroes muuschetari villains, and that he was okay with his muddied good and evil waters.


The French language was a novelty which kept me going. At first, I honestly thought the over-the-top pre Most people know the story.

Cei Trei Muschetari

The cliffhanger style chapter endings pull you along ever deeper into the book. Who is your favorite book Villain?

This was good fun. From the accepted perspective, Milady is an unrepentant, nasty, evil, femme fatale. She is accused of going to England and persuading someone to murder the Duke of Buckingham. View all 14 comments. I mean, this is classic literature with a twist. View all 13 comments. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This is going to take some explaining, but my guiltiest pleasure when it comes to books is Alexandre Dumas ‘ The Three Musketeers.

All these inclusions made the book an interesting read, and a quick page turner. I was much more into the second half, when it starts focusing on the diabolical Lady de Winter. Indeed, alexamdre war between the English and the French only takes place because Buckingham wants an excuse to be in France in order to see the Queen.

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