1500m tips and track meet preparation

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1500m tips and track meet preparation

The is 3 and 3/4 laps on a meter track, or almost one mile. you're in shape and have a track meet coming up, it's time to start preparing for the race. Mark Dry's top four hammer training tips Whitehead's tips for a winning mentality So what do you need to do to run a m race? Track racing isn't just about who has the fastest time going into the race – it's all about The body rapidly increases breathing and heart rate to meet the demands of the. Planning your annual metre training programme. A training program has to be developed to meet the individual needs of the athlete.

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When I was twelve, I placed second in theand sixth in therunning 4: You're training looks very good Being a middle distance runner, it seems to me that you should shift the focus a bit more towards speed, especially as the summer season approaches. Going from your current PR's to being a national champion in two events is a very ambitious and admirable goal, but I think that you should set some intermediate goals to help you along the way.

1500m tips and track meet preparation

Perhaps set the goal of making the finals at Nationals this year. For this time of the year, you would do well to follow your current training, but I would begin doing one or two speed workouts every week or ten days.

Here is a couple of sample weeks of what I would have done during the summer season when I was your age: Mon-1 mile warm up, 12x in 33 goal pace. Wed-1 mile warm up, 3x1 mile in 6: You should be pushing by the last interval. Take 5 minutes rest between. This workout is best done at a park, or somewhere where you can run on grass or dirt. Usually you learn by making mistakes. This is known as the hard way, and it is hard. So, why learn your lesson the hard way when you can simply read this blog and learn from my mistakes?!

Years and years of mistakes have taught me these key lessons: A common mistake here is to cut straight into lane 1, instead of taking the tangent to the curve. The inside of lane 1 is appealing, being the shortest distance to the finish and all. And who wants to run the mm while everyone else is running the m.

1500m tips and track meet preparation

But in lane 1 you also run the risk of getting stuck with a slow person in front of you and a person equally as slow beside you for purposes of this blog we will assume all hypothetical competitors are slower than you, and thus, in your way. Ideally, you want to be as close to the inside of lane 1 as possible while maintaining the ability to pass. This usually means being a little bit towards the outside of lane 1 and sometime the inside of lane 2 so you can keep that position right behind the leaders.

The rest between each interval gets progressively shorter, making the workout very tough towards the end. The idea behind less rest is to simulate the fatigue you will feel in the last half of the race. Below is the breakdown of each interval and the rest between each one.

The meter workout to find your goal time.

Before you start, you should have your goal meter time as a gauge of how fast you want to run each meter interval. You take your time and divide it by four. This means you should run each at 1: The workout is strange because x 4 equals This is meters longer than the meter race.

For some reason, it just works out that what you can do in this workout equates to what you can run a meter race in. Jog for at least five to ten minutes.

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