Accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship

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accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship

Read the topic about [SPOILERS] Why I Hate Accel World on The second reason is because I can't bring myself to like the female lead, Kuroyukihime. . she knew how about the close relationship between Haru and Black. Haru shall cease to be Kuroyukihime's pawn and take the role of her on the romantic relationship between Kuroyukihime and Arita Haruyuki (Haru). and seemed almost out of place in a gaming anime like Accel World, as I. Accel World Stage Awakening of the Silver Wings . As it is installing, Haru asks Kuroyukihime as to what exactly is Brain Burst. When they finished, Megumi and the other students asked what the relationship was between the two.

Kuroyukihime wonders if she is mentally strong enough to use Brain Burst, but the group eventually gives in and gives her the program. To her friends' surprise, the program installs successfully. Her avatar was created from her desire to return to the life she had when she, Haru, and Takumu had a very close friendship.

Obsession and repressed feelings in Accel World

Lime Bell's special ability is known as "Citron Call," a healing ability which can fully recover any Duel Avatar it targets. This also applies to the target's special abilities as well, demonstrated by Lime Bell reversing time on Dusk Taker so that he never took Silver Crow's wings.

Lime Bell is the third avatar with a healing ability, the first being one of the current kings and the second having retired after uninstalling Brain Burst because healers are coveted and fought over in Accel World. In Vol 15, she used IS on her own due to her overwhelming feelings of love for her friends. Initially, her gender is unknown. After Haru accidentally trips over her bag, he as well as the customers in the dining area of their meeting place distinguish her as female.

Her avatar on the non-accelerated network is a bespectacled weasel with a necktie. Her duel avatar is Aqua Current, a mass of water with a feminine form, possessing properties of pure water such as being an excellent insulator against electrical attacks. Aqua Current is endowed with great skill and experience, proving the rumors about her helping players with dangerously low Burst Point levels. Aqua Current has been a Burst Linker for a long time, but refuses to level up in order to continue her work.

Her whereabouts after the battle alongside Silver Crow are unknown, as is her real world identity after selectively erasing herself from Haru's memory with her Incarnate System ability.

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In volume 12, she saves Silver Crow from Argon Array and begins a duel with her. She is also the vice-commander of Nega Nebulus. She became obsessed with the desire to fly and as a result was abandoned by her friends and "parent. Having spent several level up bonus points trying to obtain the ability to fly, she eventually asks Black Lotus to cut off her avatar's legs to reduce her avatar's weight and increase her will. After meeting her in the real world, Haru realizes she has mechanical prosthetic legs.

Her Brain Burst avatar appears as a silver-blue robot modeled after her real world self, lacking legs below the knee and confined to a wheelchair she powers through the Incarnate System.

Kuroyukihime confiesa su amor por haru - Accel World

She keeps the wheelchair even after she regains her legs. Sky Raker is one of the only Brain Burst avatars that wears clothes, in her case a wide-brimmed summer hat and dress. Sky Raker owns an Enhanced Armament known as Gale Thruster, a rocket pack that, while not granting true flight, temporarily allows for incredibly long jumps and midair dashes.

Later on, Silver Crow shows her that the Gale Thruster is for flying in space as wings become useless without air. Ardor Maiden is voiced by Yumi Hara. This plan fails when Haru looks through his grandfather's online photo albums and finds that Niko looks nothing like Tomoko.

Niko was abandoned by her parents and attends a school for abandoned children. Niko displays tsundere qualities, one moment being very sweet and affectionate and the next angry and confrontational. She is the current Red King and her nickname is "The Immobile Fortress" thanks to her special ability, which summons her Enhanced Armament, a massive stationary artillery unit with which Scarlet Rain connects.

Though unable to move and slow to turn, the artillery unit is outfitted with scores of weapons, giving it enough firepower to effortlessly take out legions of opponents from all directions. Scarlet Rain possesses two Incarnate System abilities: She works as a waitress at a cake shop that also serves as a secret base for Prominence.

She is usually seen wearing a maid outfit that she wears for work and rides a motorcycle. Leopard, as she prefers to be called, is cold, blunt, and distant, though she has a sarcastic sense of humor. Her Brain Burst avatar is level 6 and has the Shape Change ability which allows her to transform her avatar back and forth into a four-legged configuration, along "Vital Bite" that drains the life gauge of the enemy to replenish hers and "Mental Bite" which does so with the special gauge.

Her non-accelerated avatar is an anthropomorphic red-furred leopard woman wearing a leather bodysuit. She develops a rivalry with Sky Raker for unknown reasons. After being out-leveled by Yuniko and learning that he was moving out of town, he accepted the Disaster Armor Enhanced Armament from the Yellow King.

Red Rider had the ability to craft powerful weapons to use in combat, and it is implied that he had a romantic relationship with the Purple King, Purple Thorn.

Rider was an advocate of continuing the peace treaty between the Kings, a mindset which led to Black Lotus beheading him with the "Death by Embracing" technique, which subsequently took all of his Burst Points and forcefully uninstalled the program, leading to Black Lotus' exile and setting into motion the events of the series.

After the fourth Chrome Disaster was defeated, he took the Disaster Armor and gave it to Cherry Rook expecting that he would be able to break the nonviolence treaty between the kings by giving him the "legal" right to eliminate one member from the Red legion, ultimately going after Scarlet Rain.

His Brain Burst avatar appears as a court jester with long arms wielding a scepter as a weapon. He uses illusions and trickery as the basis for his fighting style. He specializes in absolute defense, which allows him to deal double the damage he receives from attackers earned him the title "Invincible". It is said he gained most of his Burst Points by hunting "enemies" in the Unlimited Neutral Field by himself.

He exchanges Burst Points into item cards and distribute them to "enemies" for other players to hunt and pick up. He has only lost duels due to time out. He has witnessed the destruction of four generations of Chrome Disaster. His large shield is one of the Seven Arcs, 'gamma' The Strife. He is also one of the Originators and one of the few players who knows the existence of other accelerated worlds. His motorcycle, an Enhanced Armament, is his primary weapon, means of transportation, and source of strength.

Without the bike, Ash Roller is effectively powerless. His true name is still a mystery. He is a swordsman with the Enhanced Armament Twin Swords and his skills in close combat are equal or even superior to Black Lotus, to whom he taught her Incarnate attacks, despite his defenses are weak, true to his namesake.

After Kuroyukihime's disappearance, he accepted to work under Green Grandee's in exchange for shelter to the remaining survivors of Nega Nebulus under him. His large sword is one of the Seven Arcs, 'alpha' The Impulse. He is Red Rider's best friend and also one of the Originators. Their duel avatars have a warrior appearance. They are loyal to the Blue King and they both have a crush on him.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship

In the past, Sky Raker once hanged them from the top of the Tokyo Government Office which humiliated them. She was Red Rider's lover.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship

Her staff is one of the Seven Arcs, 'beta' The Tempest. She is Kuroyukihime's older sister by one year in the real world and her "parent" in the Accelerated World. Her Brain Burst avatar possesses a recovery ability, one of only three in the history of Brain Burst with such a power.

She also has the power to become fully invisible. She also possesses one of the Seven Arcs and is also one of the Originators. As the series progress, she is revealed to be the leader of the Acceleration Research Society. She is also the one who manipulated Black Lotus to behead Red Rider, which put a strain in their relationship.

Acceleration Research Society[ edit ] The Acceleration Research Society is a secret organization involved in using hacking and other underhanded tactics to obtain any advantage they can in the Brain Burst game. Seiji believes he is above other people and is disgusted by those he deems "lower" than himself to the point that he will clean his hands with a handkerchief if he touches someone.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship

Seiji blackmails Haruyuki and Chiyuri and takes Silver Crow's wings in an attempt to force the two into becoming his "pets. He lost the resulting sudden death fight and has Brain Burst forcefully uninstalled, taking his memories of having the program with it, thus proving Kuroyukihime's theory that Burst Linkers who have the program uninstalled also lose any memories of ever having the program Much to Haruyuki and the others' surprise, Seiji becomes a kind person after he loses his memories from the game, forgetting not only all the harm he caused, but all the suffering inflicted on him by his brother, who used to abuse him and force him to play Brain Burst in order to steal his Burst points to himself, before Seiji defeated him for good by his own.

Though lacking in significant combat ability on its own, Dusk Taker has an ability known as "Demonic Commandeer," the power to steal any finishing move, reinforced exterior, or ability from other Burst Linkers. This ability has no time limit, meaning Dusk Taker can possess up to three stolen abilities for as long as he desires. So long as Dusk Taker possesses an ability, the Burst Linker he took it from will be unable to use it. Using this ability, he has managed to incorporate body parts and weapons from other Burst Linkers into his own avatar, including a large scissor weapon on the right arm and a set of red tentacles replacing his left arm.

Dusk Taker is also able to utilize the Incarnate System to create claws made of bright purple energy. Like Dusk Taker, his name does not appear on the challenge list by using the now banned Brain Implant Chip. Sulfur Pot has the ability to tame enemies with his Enhanced Armament Mystical Reins, which he loses when he is defeated.

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Like Dusk Taker, his name does not appear on the challenge list. Haruyuki Arita is a young boy who finds himself on the lowest social rungs of his school. Ashamed of his miserable life, Haruyuki can only cope by indulging in virtual games. But that all changes when Kuroyukihime, the most popular girl in school, introduces him to a mysterious program called Brain Burst and a virtual reality called the Accel World. Action, drama, psychological, romance, science fiction, tournament Themes Augmented reality, fighting, future, growing up, online computer gaming, school, school life, technology, virtual reality Characters Arita Haruyuki- MC Arita Haruyuki is the main protagonist of the Accel World series.

He's known by his Brain Burst avatar Silver Crow for his flying abilities, because he is the only brain burst avatar that can fly. Takumu Mayuzumi Chiyuri's boyfriend. He is excellent at academics and athletics.

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He attends a famous school that goes from elementary to high school. Haru looked up to him as a role model and mentor whenever they battle in Accel World together.

After joining Nega Nebulus, he calls Kuroyukihime "master" as a sign of respect.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship

Ash Roller Ash Roller was revealed to have a violent nature and uses profane actions. He is very arrogant and cocky whenever he has the upper hand in battle. However, it can easily change to frustration and more profanity if his enemy changes the situation. However, during the first meeting of Silver Crow and Sky Raker, his guardian, Ash Roller's personality changes drastically.

He acts more diligently and polite when addressing his guardian as boss as a sign of respect. Raker claims that underneath Ash's arrogant personality is a good guy. Despite belonging to rival Legions, he still values Silver Crow as a friend.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship

Ash Roller's real life identity is that of Kusakabe Rin's older brother, who is currently in a coma. Due to using her brother's instead of her own at the time Brain Burst was installed, either his own soul or a copy of his took control over the program.

Thus, while Rin knows about how Ash Roller spends level up bonuses and is the one in charge of real life matters, she has no control over his actions inside the accelerated world in any way. It is known he was also a professional motorcycle racer, which explains his prowess in using his Enhanced Armament from the very start, thus being one of the few Duel Avatars whose abilities match their real life field of expertise.