Andy and swarek relationship questions

andy and swarek relationship questions

The second season of Rookie Blue began airing on 23 June on both CTV and Global. Dov and Chris take charge to find out who the shooter is and Swarek debates whether or not to rejoin Guns & Gangs. Chris questions Dov and Gail about their relationship while Andy decides to call Swarek and says she is ready. The rookie and her former training officer Sam Swarek have been making Realizing that a relationship with Andy is not in the cards and not. Ben Bass Rookie Blue's, Sam Swarek, sat down with CableTV in an get your take on what actually happened with Sam and Andy and where.

Ben Bass Talks ‘Rookie Blue’ Season 5 and Sams Relationship with Andy

Sam smiled at her and then started to drive again. Andy felt like she should tell him the truth but Sam started to ask her questions. Andy felt herself get warm with the way Sam cared about her. And kind of felt bad. Why was she teasing Swarek like this?

I should tell him I'm not. Andy noticed that Sam kept fidgeting and that there was definitely a more serious tone. It doesn't really matter to me. Andy laughed with him. Andy loved Sam Swarek's laugh.

Andy didn't really know what to say.

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Andy was nervous that she was playing the joke too long. Andy didn't want to hurt Sam. And Luke will" Sam paused as if thinking of something and then said in the forced voice, "Luke will be a good dad" Andy smiled.

Andy could see Sam running around outside with their kids, picking them up and tossing them in the air, laughing and playing, teaching them how to play poker, telling them about being a cop, telling them jokes. Andy looked at Sam and for a second she thought that maybe he was thinking about it too. Andy felt awkward now. Sam didn't really talk for a few seconds and Andy was sure that he was thinking about what she was, because she was still thinking it as well.

Andy couldn't help but smile at the thought. Andy loved the way Sam was so chivalrous. I'll tell him after shift. Andy was starting to feel uncomfortable. Andy noticed the note in his voice again, but Sam coughed, and Andy smiled because she thought Sam was doing so just to hide the note in his voice, and she was right. Andy tried to make a joke to let some of the tension go. But Andy still felt uncomfortable, but she wasn't sure if it was because she was playing the joke on Sam or if it was because she started to feel like maybe she didn't want this with Luke, but with Sam instead.

Sam's a good name. Andy hoped that Sam would get the message. Sam's a good name equals I am in love with you. Andy was thinking about the name too. But she wasn't thinking about Sam Callaghan. Andy was thinking of Sam Swarek.

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What she wanted to say was. Yes, Sam Swarek Jr. I don't want to marry Luke. I love you, Sam. I want to marry you and I want to have kids with you, Sam. I want to have a Sam Swarek Jr. Me, Sam Swarek wanting to have kids. Everyone thinks I'm not the type or I wouldn't want kids" "I don't think that" Andy said. I know you like me too. I mean, what would Sam Swarek be without his partner?

andy and swarek relationship questions

Maybe I'll take some desk shifts when you start to miss me, McNally. Sam smiled at Andy and then nodded. There was such genuineness in his tone and Andy couldn't help but smile.

andy and swarek relationship questions

Andy really liked Sam and it was when he said things like that she wanted to kiss him. Andy realized that she'd let this go on way longer than she thought she would and decided it was time to tell Sam the truth. Sam sighed and then started to laugh. Andy thought he looked incredibly relieved and then he started to smile. That was a good one. Andy finally realized something and it's probably not the best thing to realize when you just got engaged.

Before she had thought she did, but know she knew she did. Stupid joke, she had meant to play it on Sam, but it turns out she played herself. I thought I was just being nice. Andy couldn't tell if he meant that she wasn't going to have kids with Luke or if he wouldn't have to switch partners.

Three months when you are waiting for someone you just poured your heart out to and they just take off — she in certain respects is totally justified.

andy and swarek relationship questions

So he does and she takes off, so after three months of waiting, I am a dummy, I am an idiot. So I think probably Marlo was duck tailing with those feelings…so [Marlo and I] were together for three months and that is where the story picks up.

Ben Bass Talks 'Rookie Blue' Season 5 and Sams Relationship with Andy |

So obviously you know the fans are crazy obsessed with Sam and Andy. Were you surprised then at the reaction that people had when that first episode aired especially after that scene with you and Marlo kissing?

I am happy to say that when the fans interacted with me on Twitter they were very nice about it [laughs]. I obviously appreciated that and I think it kept a buffer…that being said, I understood, we all knew that it was going to be upsetting for the fans, that it was going to be jarring.

I think it makes sense that the fans were going to go a little crazy until they heard his point of view as it were. He just sees her and he is on fire. I think he thinks she is very complicated… Q: The writing kind of got interesting there…there was a lot of scope to it and some interesting plot twists and turns.

andy and swarek relationship questions

Where do you see your character heading for season five? Okay this is getting crazy… Bass: