Anko and orochimaru relationship quizzes

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anko and orochimaru relationship quizzes

The master of the slippery-snake-no-Jutsu, Orochimaru set into motion the events eat bird eggs, and if there aren't, there are at least cartoons depicting such a relationship. . As we saw with Sasuke, and later Anko during the Shinobi war, Orochimaru is . The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. ながいゆめ(NARUTO/オロアン) [11] Orochimaru 〖 Naruto Orochimaru Anko Mitarashi 〗 The Hardest "Naruto" Quiz You'll Ever Take. larissa Andjorge. As Naruto's longest running villain, Orochimaru is very powerful. Anko underwent the painful process when Sasuke needed information from their former mentor. . The Gallant, but so was his relationship with his former teammates, Jiraiya and Tsunade. .. The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World.

It still gives me shivers when I think about that scene, poor Anko went through so much. He was orphaned at a very young age, but despite this, was surrounded by plenty of love. He was touted as one of the finest ninjas to ever live and a once-in-a-generation talent.

His followers, such as Anko, gave him the utmost respect and devotion. This desire for power, for perfection, eventually lead him to the path of ruin. While trying to gain it all, he lost everything, his friends, his reputation, and his honor.

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The worst part is? He never seems to lament at his choices or seek redemption. Much like his life was outlined loosely in the Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant, his death was also prewritten.

Yamata No Orochi keeps the Kusanagi sword inside of him, just as Orochimaru does. This mirrors Itachi ultimately defeating and sealing Orochimaru in his Susanoo form using the, you guessed it, Tosuka Sword. A common belief among many fans was that Orochimaru was in fact, the Jinchuriki of the 8-tailed beast.

In this theory, the 8-tailed beast was obviously Yamata No Orochi. Fans figured that he had either fully succumbed to the will of the beast, or perhaps had some odd shared consciousness with it. After all, this was an easy way to rationalize all the horrid things he had done and his monstrous abilities.

Obviously, as the series went on it was revealed the 8-tailed beast was actually inside of Killer B of the Hidden Cloud Village. As the series progressed, the reader saw that there was nothing affecting or controlling Orochimaru, he was the way he was, because he chose to be.

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Orochimaru, for a man who loved to create techniques, did way more destroying in his life. His very existence sowed seeds of chaos and distrust between nations, and even close friends. The series focuses on children, essentially training to join the military, and going on missions. Every village was guilty of this, as it seemed like a normal tradition. The important distinction here, however, is what these kids were supposed to be doing.

Genin was supposed to take D-Rank missions, which included as we saw, getting a lost cat back to an old lady. Early stages of ninjahood seemed to be a nurturing, team building environment, more akin to the boy scouts than the navy seals.

From Zaku, Dosu, and Kin, all the way to the sound four, it seems in the Hidden Sound there is no easy mode. He viewed human life as assets to be gained and lost. He had to use his own chakra to hold Orochimaru in place and keep his influence suppressed.

anko and orochimaru relationship quizzes

When Orochimaru revealed his true snake form to Sasuke, the latter attempted to slice his way through the many smaller snakes. Unfortunately for him, any blood spilled turned into a vapor. In addition to the original manga, there are multiple anime series and movies. His character designs are even still being used in Boruto, the sequel series.

Interestingly, his design for Orochimaru changed throughout the manga. According to the book Uzumaki: The Art Of Naruto, Kishimoto wanted to make it clear who the bad guys were. In the tale, Jiraiya was actually the teacher of Orochimaru. Jiraiya was a shapeshifting ninja who could turn into a toad, while Tsunade had magic involving slugs. In the story, Orochimaru also became a snake master, which is what inspired his power set and appearance in Naruto.

The voices of Orochimaru have certainly been lucky in their work. Kujira, the Japanese artist who voices the character in her native language, is well known for her work in the anime world. Likewise, Steven Blum, who voices Orochimaru in the English version of, has become known for his Marvel work. He combined his study of science with learning different ninjutsu to make himself more powerful. His ideas were inspired by his favorite animal: The lower half of his body completely transforms when he does it.

He can also lengthen his arms, neck, and tongue in the same way. In addition to making his body move like a snake, he can also shed his skin to unveil a new body underneath, effectively eliminating surface injuries. Given his love for all things reptile, most fans guessed what it was before it was revealed.

A month after the preliminaries, as the final round matches near and it becomes increasingly clear that Orochimaru means ill to Konoha, Anko tries to apologise to the Third for her failure to kill him.

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Kaima Capture Mission Edit After Anko recovers, she reveals the truth about her past and this chain of islands. He was responsible for the people mysteriously disappearing; kidnapping them and using them as lab rats.

anko and orochimaru relationship quizzes

Isaribi was one of them. These actions also started the legend of people being captured by spirits. Determined to make Orochimaru pay, Naruto insisted on destroying the hidden lab.