Anthy and akio relationship problems

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Anthy as Sophia and Akio as the Demiurge makes all kinds of sense. Les Yay with Utena and also jealous of Anthy's relationship with Utena. . she challenges Saionji to a duel on behalf of Wakaba, not Anthy), stating that the Utena/Anthy. After all, he has a vested interest in the school: his dear younger sister, Anthy Relationship Status engaged to Kanae Ohtori, daughter of Ohtori's actual The manga serial began in the June issue of Ciao and the anime was first. [[MORE]] The short answer to why Anthy stabs Utena is she does so out of fear of change. With Anthy and Akio's relationship being a textbook case of . The problem is, the symbolism is so thick and there is so much of it in.

anthy and akio relationship problems

ALSO, my mom was the oldest of seven younger brothers and sisters. She mom would play this game, with her own molester, literally tempting him away from the younger children in an effort to protect them from his evilness.

When the story finally did reach it's peak, my mother's mom - rather than leave the husband - attempted therapy! The stupid therapist that they went to actually tried to say that it was my mother's fault, being that a teenage girl should not walk around in a towel in front of a middle-aged man. I say that people with do anything to protect the family unit - no matter how fucked up it is. You all remember when Anthy smiled and said "I hope things never change between us three.

But I definitely think that Anthy was being abused the entire time No, I don't believe that - but her eyes do look lifeless, and her body seems sedated. She's not wriggling around, or moaning, or showing any signs of pleasure And even if she were experiencing orgasm - well, as sick as it is to think about, I'm sure some child molesters actually get the kids off. Again, even if it is true that Anthy were experiencing orgasm, hence the contorted facial expression, that doesn't necessarily mean she was mentally enjoying herself, it could just be a natural physiological reaction.

As an example, I like feeling breath on my neck.

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Makes shivers down my spine, and I tingle all over! It's possibly one of the world's best sensations, IMHO All alone in the dark, sometimes the monsters pop out in front of you, but sometimes you get the sneaky ones that walk ever so quietly behind you, until you feel a heavy breath on your neck!

I still have the same physical sensation in my body, tingling chills, but I am NOT happy, I'm scared to death in that instant! What we do know is that Anthy sleeps with her brother. Nanami saw it herself, how Anthy spent the night naked beside Akio on his couch.

The thing is, Nanami seems to not want a sexual relationship with Toga. There still seems to be a sexual innocence to her, and that her obsession with Toga is not incestuous. Does Anthy understand this about Nanami? If yes, is she just twisting the knife further? If anything, this seems to not work as cruelty, as Nanami would seem to reclaim some moral high ground over Anthy. This is one hell of a bitch fight, with Anthy proving to be the far more cruel woman than Nanami.

And this invisible incest between Akio and Anthy is what Utena is betraying. He is like the big reveal waiting to happen, or at least very close to it.

anthy and akio relationship problems

It feels like the End of the World, when I saw Utena wake up next to him, talking in needy whispers despite the content of her speech about making him breakfast. This was not Utena the would-be-prince anymore.

anthy and akio relationship problems

Even without knowing about Anthy and Akio, she knew Akio was engaged. I suspect that from here on, Utena will have to fight to regain herself as the Prince of her own ideals. But wow, this arc really blew my mind.

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She only acts like one because she's resigned to that effectively being her role in the world. In reality, she's very opinionated and resentful of the way she's treated. Fate Worse than Death: The swords of hate, always stabbing her in every single uncovered inch of her body Feminine Women Can Cook: The only foods she can make safely are children's snacks like shaved ice. All the characters are associated with roses of various colours, but being the Rose Bride, the rose motif is especially strong with her.

Friend to All Living Things: Not in any over-the-top way, but she clearly has an affinity with animals, more so than with humans. It's also hinted that if you mistreat an animal, she'll calmly curse you to be hated by all of them.

You heard that, Nanami? From Nobody to Nightmare: In Episode 8, she's perceived as this when she switches bodies with Utena, who as Anthy is bullied and slapped by Keiko. Utena thought it was about time Keiko learned her lesson, and struck back.

Even better in the manga when Anthy! Utena nearly goes to town on the girls. Girl in a Box: Her body's in a coffin. The Glasses Come Off: When she sleeps with Akio. It's also done more poignantly in the final episode, when she leaves her glasses on Akio's desk before leaving the school for good to search for Utena.

A God I Am Not: She'd really rather be an ordinary girl, though. Though the circumstances are of the Fan Disservice variety. Good Witch Versus Bad Witch: She ends up being both and varies between them.

In the end, she decides to be a "good witch" and throws off her brother for good. She can be seen as all three depending on the situation: Thanks to Utena' determination to save her, Anthy finally frees herself from Akio's endless quest for power via the dueling game and leaves him forever. Too much to sum up here, but suffice to say that her smiles and happy demeanor are all put on.

anthy and akio relationship problems

One of the possible reasons why she ends up stabbing Utena. As a little girl, she was stabbed by dozens of townspeople for hiding Dios from them.

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As the Rose Bride, she's stabbed with a million swords in place of Akio while he tries to open the Rose Gate. Immortality Begins at Looks quite young, has actually been alive for God knows how long. I Will Find You: At the very end, she leaves Ohtori and resolves to find Utena, who's disappeared. She's long since given up any hope of escaping her fate as the Rose Bride, and thus Utena's continued efforts to free her cause her either consternation or shock.

In the second ending sequence with Utena. The Lady to Utena's Knight. Deconstructed, since it's shown that being the "Lady" is a very stifling and limited position to have. Her Rose Bride attire. Anthy doesn't behave in a particularly sexual manner, but she is an object of desire for a few males in the cast. And she's far more sexually experienced than any of these kids, but not by choice.

Letting Her Hair Down: We see her wearing her hair down more often usually at night as she and Utena become closer. Also when she's in bed with Akio. Wakaba basically describes Anthy as this in the first episode.

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To Akio, and how. Eventually ends up being subverted when she realizes Akio isn't worthy of it, and she leave him far behind. Utena's love redeems her and gives her the courage to leave Akio. Suffers this on a universal level: