Archer and rin relationship goals

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archer and rin relationship goals

I talk a lot about how Rin/Archer is a flawless pairing, because it is, but the But there's another form of relationship based on powerplay: one where the . Personalized sigils for use in meditation or focusing on a goal of your. Oct 5, Explore Rebecca's board "Archer x Rin" on Pinterest. Tohsaka Rin , Archer, Anime Love, Shirou Emiya, Anime Ships, Fate Zero, Fantasy Warrior, Fate Stay Night, Couple Stuff do best for our customers” is our goal for ever. Kinda sucks for Rin fans but most probably prefer Rin X Archer anyways, truth of the Holy Grail; its history, the families involved, its true purpose, etc. Rin's relationship with Shirou needs less work because of their already.

He can heal himself, like Saber does when she sleeps.

your dreams and visions. — I talk a lot about how Rin/Archer is a flawless

The difference between Saber and Archer is that Saber's master is a complete noob and has no magical knowledge. Rin most definitely knows at least one healing spell, so why do we never see her healing him?

Rin saving Shirou has nothing to do with her crush on him, it was Sakura's feelings for him. Rin purposefully distances herself from her feelings because it would get in the way of being a magus. Assuming that they both "give up" on Shirou in the Fate route is a bit preposterous, especially for Sakura.

I think the pendant was describes as more or less a miracle in a can or in this case, pendant? Of course I could be making it up since it's been years since I've gone through the prologue.

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Regardless, Even if Rin does know at least one healing spell, it may not work on spiritual beings like servants. She realizes that Shirou loves Saber and lets her crush just stay a crush.

And Sakura was barely in that route so it doesn't matter what she feels she's just a friend to Shirou. As for her pendant, the VN just says that it contains a strong concentration of mana left by Rin's dad for her to win.

I just assumed that it was like her other gems which amplified the spell cast when each gem is used.

archer and rin relationship goals

The pendant was used to heal Shirou, but it could have been used to kill Berserker for example. The thing about her healing Archer annoys me to no end. Every time Shirou is hurt even the tiniest bit in Fate, it is always Rin who patches him up. Archer doesn't get that same treatment. She doesn't even try and it's annoying because that's so unlike her.

But Rin does give up in Fate. Because Rin knows that Archer Garness lets him stay alive and will heal, while Shirou only had suicide attempts in Fate. Well, it's stated in HF that Rin and Sakura got the crush at basically the same time. Also, it's not really stated that she didn't try. It could be a off-screen scene, since Shirou would not look at her all the time, granted that is Saber route.

And I don't think it's unlike her.

archer and rin relationship goals

It's fairly good reasoning that: Shirou is her ally, and Rin is not the one that betrays. She somewhat holds interest about his powers. She must have realized that his suicide tactics actually saved their lives. But anyway, Archer could just refuse aswell. It's somewhat unlike him, but his cynicism can make him dead unpredictable.

Some things are beautiful because they cannot be obtained. The prologue is very clear on the fact that Rin has a crush on him and is saddened that he is the one Lancer kills. She doesn't go "oh no sakura's crush is dead let's save him" it's more like "the one guy that I actually like is dead i gotta save him.

Rin in Fate is either: When Saber gets hurt both Rin and Shirou tend to her, try to make her comfortable and come up with a way to heal her. When Archer gets hurt Rin makes him go to her house and has him patch himself up. Archer is not unpredictable, like not at all. I'm sure he would not refuse Rin's help as long as it led to his ultimate goal. I don't think Rin knew that Sakura also liked Shirou. It's very possible that she knows. If we put this way: You became the embodiment of justice and justice can be cruel!

archer and rin relationship goals

Your ideals are falling apart. Maybe other people aren't more important than you are. It's dawning upon you that a world where everyone is happy is just a fairy tale. And if you can't live without that dream, let it drag you down and drown you!

He is Shirou Emiya from an alternate future, with his goal being to kill the present Shirou to prevent him from making the same mistakes he did, and possibly free himself from his torturous existence as a Guardian. He acts as a Counter Guardian for the world as payment for the contract.

Rin Tohsaka

He is summoned because he still has the jewel pendant that Rin used to save his life after Lancer stabbed his heart. The jewel he owns is the actual catalyst used for his summoning rather than the one that Rin still has at the time of his summoning. After winning the fifth Holy Grail War along with his Servant Saber, Emiya Shirou was all the more inspired to pursue his dream of becoming a superhero.

To this end, he stubbornly trained himself to his peak and began working as a freelance magus similar to his father. It was during this time when he received his signature red overcoat as a gift from Ciel of the Burial Agency. In order to save the lives of a hundred of people dying before him in a calamity, for the sake of saving the lives that his eyes could see and for the sake of saving even more lives as a Heroic Spirit after his death, he made a contract with the world and became a hero.

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Although he desperately fought to end a war, he was in turn branded as the mastermind behind that war and subsequently executed.

His belief that he would continue to save many people as a Heroic Spirit did not happen, but rather he was made to clean up after human actions and forced to take many lives to save humanity as a whole instead.

After seeing human self-destruction and forced to oppose his own ideals countless times, he began to deny himself and his ideal. Even knowing that the Throne of Heroes was isolated from time and space, Archer desperately came to believe that his only hope of release was to have himself summoned into an era where Emiya Shirou exists and kill his past self, hoping that the double paradox created by Emiya Shirou being killed before having a chance to make the contract with Alaya and that the killing was done by an Emiya Shirou which successfully made the contract with the world would create a time paradox great enough in magnitude that could potentially erase his existence as a Counter Guardian.

While Rin slept, he reasoned out his situation and realized that he may have the opportunity to achieve his goal. This was affirmed when the girl who summoned him introduced herself as Rin Tohsaka the following morning.