Ash ketchum and misty relationship trust

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ash ketchum and misty relationship trust

Every one knows Ash doesn't have a sweet relationship maybe Pokemon™ wi. In the beginning, Pikachu "fried" Misty's bike, and she then held Ash responsible. . Latias was shown to have a complete trust on Ash, wanting to play with him all the time they spent together at the Secret Garden. She wasn't able to gain his trust at first, but after rescuing him from a swarm of but like Misty's and May's bikes, Ash's Pikachu destroyed it with his Thunderbolt. . Dawn has a best friend-like relationship with Ash, and they often shared a high five .. Protagonists, Ash Ketchum • Pikachu • Misty • Togetic • Brock • Tracey. Trust. Learning a particular detail about his boyfriend has Ash feeling worried and insecure. The pokemon champion raised his eyebrows at his boyfriend's Misty grinned at the reactions from the other two males at the table. "I'm bi: it doesn't matter who I'm dating, I'm attracted to both men and women.

Misty began to follow Ash to make sure he would pay off his debt to her. They bickered constantly, but, needless to say, their friendship grew stronger as the series progressed.

They relied on each other not only for friendship, but for support as well. In the original Japanese, the dialogue is read as a friendship between Ash and Misty with no romantic undertones. This Ship is considered by some to be similar toApprenticeShipping, with Ash in the role of tutor and May in the role of student. There are many points in the anime that seem to support AdvanceShipping. Below is a list of such points from the multiple sagas in which Ash and May appear.

May cheering to herself when Ash agrees to go with her. Later on, May guilts Ash into letting her travel with him. Once he says that she could come along, May strikes a triumphant pose by the camera and yells, "YES! This, coupled with the previous scene where she secretly spies on him and forgives him for his kindness toward Pikachu, shows that May might be taking a liking toward him. Neither of Ash or Dawn's fathers have ever been acknowledged on-screen in the anime.

They also are only children with no siblings.

He first participated in an official Contest at the same time as Dawn. Eventually, they became friends. Iris Iris blushes slightly upon meeting Ash, and throughout most of the episode. Finally, game Misty is more successful in romance.

Unlike her cartoon counterpart, game Misty is often found on dates with random dudes from Cerulean. It's often the case that the trainer who wishes to challenge her must track her down and break up her date first. To summarize, game Misty is older, stronger, and more adept at using her feminine wiles. Psyduck needs no introduction, because his derpy exploits are legend. But Togepi is more of a special case.

ash ketchum and misty relationship trust

Fans will remember that she was kind of forced into the role, because Togepi imprinted itself on her. She has a reason besides Togepi being her baby. The little guy comes through in a pinch, but he's not winning any beauty contests.

It must suck to be Psyduck sometimes. What makes this one different is that Misty herself is looking a lot more dainty. Also, Ash is finally, actually noticing her in that certain way. The Pikachu is also a nice touch. Unfortunately for Misty, Ash isn't the only one to enjoy her in a swimsuit.

ash ketchum and misty relationship trust

One episode had Misty competing in a beach beauty contest, where she caught the attention of a very creepy old man. This new fan happily expressed that he wanted to have fun with her in eight year's time. There, he says that he wishes Misty was his granddaughter. Which is by no means less creepy. No wonder Misty tends to hide her more appealing side It's nice to see a less fiery, more soft expression on her face from time to time.

ash ketchum and misty relationship trust

But whatever expression she has, Misty seems to be quite confident in her looks. I'm actually not sure what that says about how she sees herself. They must work, though, because she's made multiple incarnations. She even gave one to Ash as a keepsake. Because, you know, nothing says "I love you and will never forget you" like custom fishing equipment.

It's always nice to see her dress up for special occasions. One might imagine her wearing something like this to the annual Christmas party. When she does, he conveniently runs away to the snack table.

ash ketchum and misty relationship trust

She had to take a hit for Gyarados to get it to trust her, and she was almost ended by Ash's Squirtle. Oh yeah, remember that? Back when it was part of the Squirtle Squad, it held Misty and Brock hostage as Ash was let go to get medicine for Pikachu.

They gave him the ultimatum to come back in time or see Misty's hair died purple. Or as Japanese viewers might remember, see her life be taken. Of course, they all became friends in the end. But do you think Misty ever sees Ash's Squirtle and gets traumatic flashbacks to it almost taking her out?

ash ketchum and misty relationship trust

When it comes to classic Misty, fans know it all. But did you know that she actually got her bike back? Which is some kind of magic, because that bike was a burnt husk when they left it.

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Yet this Nurse Joy was somehow able to restore it to working condition. That Joy needs to open up a bike repair shop. Meanwhile, Pikachu takes advantage of the moment to steal Ash's watermelon. Pikachu is actually a little prankster when the mood suits him. Then, of course, there's Ash himself, who gets zapped multiple times.

After a while, you have to start wondering if it really is an accident. Despite seeming so friendly, Pikachu might just be even more sinister than Team Rocket.

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Judging by the fact that she looks older and is referred to as a Gym Leader, I'm going to guess that this is game Misty.