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austin and ally relationship fanfiction

TV Shows: Austin & Ally fanfiction archive with over stories. Rated: K - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 26 - Words: 53, - Reviews: Being in a relationship is hard when it's a secret relationship. What happens when the world finds out Austin and Ally are dating? /Auslly Two-. Join Austin and Ally as they attempt to keep their relationship hidden. How do they accomplish this? Sneaking around and a whole heap of.

I have this awesome idea for a new song! I couldn't help but notice how cute he looked today in his red and white checked shirt, red high tops, and his hair casually messed up.

I'll see you in French. I gotta get to math. I don't want to be late," I responded walking away from Austin. As I heard Ally walk away I said goodbye. I stopped in my tracks and turned around to see Ally walking down the opposite hallway. She was wearing her floral print shirt with mint green skinny jeans and yellow wedges. Ally added a little bounce to her step as she walked and it made her perfectly curled, brown, and blond highlighted hair bounce up and down.

She looked beautiful today. I liked everything about Ally, her smile, her laugh, her style, and her songs that she writes for me. I wasn't going to deny that I liked Ally, because I knew that I would end up liking her sometime, ever since we became friends.

Although, I would never admit it to Dez or anyone else for that matter.

Dez may be my best friend and all, but he doesn't need to know everything, otherwise he'll spill it like a can of beans. Especially if he knows a secret of any kind. You could walk up to him and ask, what's up, and he'll freak out, yell something random, and run away from you like a chicken with his head cut off. Speaking of Dez… "Hey, buddy! Hey, look over there! See, I told you what would happen. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Wait a second, what? Did Dez just say that he heard Ally talking to Trish about me?! Hmm… I wonder if Ally likes me? Even if she did, I wouldn't be able to admit my feelings towards her. The bell rang for class to end and I was the first one out. I had one more class left and I couldn't wait to sit next to Ally.

I already had my French textbook with me, so I headed to Ally's locker and waited for her to finish gathering her things for class.

Ally saw me standing at her locker and she blushed, then said, "Hey, Austin. I was hoping to talk to you on the way to class, but I guess I could now.

Lucky for her, she told me and I remembered it, "36, 17, You're a life saver," she told me. That was about the one hundredth time she's said that to me today. She hugged me tightly and we started off towards class. She wracks her brain, but doesn't remember him mentioning anything about being busy later tonight.

Ally bites down on her bottom lip to keep her grin from taking over her face. She feels a light flutter in her stomach, aimed more at the 'girlfriend' comment than the 'gorgeous' comment. It makes her chuckle into the phone and she shakes her head. She clears her throat and says, "Austin We can do Go-Gurt if you're not feeling ice cream? She's touched that he would actually consider giving up ice cream for Go-Gurt, even if it was only for a night.

Ice cream sounds delicious, but we're going to have to cancel those plans. She winces and reaches up to twirl a strand of hair around her fingers, mostly out of nerves. A beat of silence passes by. She mistakes his silence as an answer for not wanting to go. She'll just have to think of an excuse to cancel on Trish later. Austin, it's okay if you don't want to go. I'll just—" "This is a big deal, isn't it?

She starts at the question, eyes blinking in rapid succession and her fingers pause mid-twirl in her hair.

She doesn't want to freak him out about the big-dealiness of meeting Trish and Dez. They are her best friends, after all, and the most important people in her life. No, no it's not a big deal. Nope, not a—not a big deal. Her shoulders slump and she presses the heel of her hand in between her eyes.

austin and ally relationship fanfiction

She perks up a little. I mean, I was bound to meet Trish and, uh—Dez? I really appreciate that. Her grateful smile turns into a regretful one as she mutters her next words. What would we be doing? No details about anything yet. But it's Trish, so she'll probably text me about whatever she wants to do in a few hours.

Besides, we really connected that day we were on the phone together. I feel like I can tell her all my hopes and dreams and share all my secrets with her; secrets that I've yet to tell you, Ally Dawson," he says jokingly.

Trish can always use another girl friend to confide in. No text from Trish but Austin, as if reading her mind, texts her Heard from Trish yet?

Pretty pumped for tonight! The gesture makes her smile and it works. Not as well as she'd like, but it definitely helps the uneasiness that has settled into the pit of her stomach. She knows Trish and Dez will love Austin. And she's pretty sure he'll at least get along with them; he was such a nice, easy-going guy, how could he not?

But the whole 'first time meeting the boyfriend' ordeal is still pretty nerve-wracking. And, well, it doesn't help that she's a bit of a perfectionist and she can't really imagine a night of 'perfection' if she has to deal with all three of them in one—sure to be—eventful evening. An evil, taunting voice in the back of her mind reminds her that she'll have to go through this whole thing again, but with her father, in a few days.

Ally can only deal with one crisis at a time, so she quickly shuts that thought down. It's still there, though A loud buzzing from her phone stirs her from her thoughts and her hand flies to snatch it from its hiding spot underneath the counter. She sighs in relief when she sees it's from Trish.

Dez and I got into a fight while unpacking and things are a mess over here Ally laughs and shakes her head. And then she stops and makes a mental note to warn Austin about their rather volatile relationship.

She quickly types out Sounds great. Anything will do,and is about to hit send, when she thinks of past incidents during dinner. She adds But please don't let Dez pick or make it, for good measure and then sends the whole message.

After his confetti custard cake disaster you think I would trust that idiot with dessert again? Ally shudders from the memory. Ally leaves Sonic Boom an hour early so she can help Austin prepare for this impromptu dinner party. Which is why he's rather baffled to find her at his door right at this moment. She pulls away and moves to enter his apartment, but he holds her in place. She's about to irritably tell him that they have about an hour and a half to prepare dinner for four on very limited supplies in her kitchen so she may or may not have to raid his fridge and that they needed to hurry the hell up, when he kisses her right on the lips.

Well, this isn't too bad, she decides and she feels her irritation melting away as she relaxes into his kiss. He ends the kiss and gives her a sheepish look. I wasn't expecting you so early, but it was a nice surprise," he murmurs.

And now that his lips are off hers, she reaches a point of clarity and her mind reminds her of her whole dinner situation. He raises an eyebrow. I don't even know if I have enough food for four people, because I can't remember the last time I stocked my fridge," she rushes in a worried tone.

I was just gonna raid your fridge? Austin looks at her bemusedly. He finally lets her in and closes the door. Do you have any ideas about what to make? And Dez will honestly eat anything and everything. Like, even more so than you. He just likes to test the boundaries of what's edible and what isn't," she says with a roll of her eyes. Yeah, can't say that I've done that," he mutters as he tries to imagine someone eating lobster shell.

He can't imagine it to be tasty. Stop thinking about the eating potential of a lobster shell and focus! He shakes himself out of his reverie and turns back to his pantry. But nothing to make any sort of sauce with. And then he scratches the back of his head as his eyes squint in careful consideration. He visibly deflates but then perks up and snaps his fingers at her.

I have some frozen vegetables and if you cut up that chicken, we may be good. Ally laughs in utter relief and leans up to kiss him on the cheek. She turns around and her eyebrows furrow impatiently. Austin, we're in a—" "Aren't we having the dinner at your place? Leave your door unlocked. Austin shakes his head and grabs whatever else he may need to make their dinner. Austin snorts and goes about throwing everything together in a small, flat-bottomed wok.

At her unconvinced look, he rolls his eyes. The first eight or so times? Not so much," he confesses with a flinch. Ally laughs and starts slicing the chicken into small, even pieces.

He waves her off and turns to the stove, his back now to her. I'm trying to win brownie points with your friends, here. Your darlin', handsome boyfriend cooked us this most delicious meal? Why, Allison, honeh, you've found yourself a man of true husband material! Ally stares at him, expressionless, for a beat.

austin and ally relationship fanfiction

Austin shrugs and shakes the wok back and forth. I'm actually pretty good at that one, too. Ally rolls her eyes but laughs anyway as she walks up to him with the chicken in hand. She points at the wok and he nods, gesturing for her to go ahead. She carefully dumps the cut-up chicken into the wok and steps away as it starts to sizzle. She washes her hands and dries them on a towel. They focus on their separate tasks in companionable silence for a while. After Ally presses the 'cook' button on her tiny rice maker, she turns to look at Austin's back.

She walks up to him and stands at the stove to be by him as she watches him cook. She shakes her head and sends him a faint smile. It's amazing, Austin," she murmurs, sounding awed as she eyes the delectable looking stir fry. The smells and the sounds are making her mouth water and she suddenly realizes just how hungry she is. Ally jokingly slugs him in the shoulder with a tiny fist. He laughs, barely feeling this particular punch.

She smiles and her eyes flutter close from the feeling of his lips against her skin and his nose burying briefly into her hair. And yes, her heart still skips a beat, if anyone was wondering. They're setting the table, when she suddenly remembers her mental notes about her friends.

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His eyebrows furrow at the one plate he's set down on the table. Surely, there's nothing wrong with that plate, right? He looks up at her in concern. Her eyes dart down to the plate and back up to him. Ally follows with the silverware. He pauses, an eyebrow rising. He's used to his girlfriend's much more impressive vocabulary, so a word like 'shouty' comes as a slight surprise. You want me to shut the door in their face, as well? Before she can begin to over-think things, he laughs and gently takes the silverware out of her hand, finishing the job for her.

She immediately starts fidgeting with her hands and he smiles at her nervous tic. And have your best interests at heart? Austin grins at her. Ally smiles and exhales in relief. She looks at him gratefully and throws her arms around him in a hug. His eyes soften and he smiles quietly from her hug.

He looks down at her and wraps his arms around her smaller form. How are you gonna be when I'm meeting your dad? She freezes in his hold and he winces from the slight tightening of her arms. Maybe he shouldn't have made that comment. Ally takes a deep breath and quietly exhales.

With napkins and glasses, I mean," she sighs as she sets off into the kitchen again. She's on her tiptoes in the kitchen, reaching for her cabinet with glasses, when Austin hears a knocking at the door.

There was a box in the woman's hands, as well. The man and the woman look at each other in surprise and then back at him. Her eyebrows furrow in shock as she glances up and down at him silently. The once over she gives him is more calculating than lascivious, which makes him grateful.

He'd thought for sure that this was Trish and Dez. The redhead frowns and scratches his head in confusion. I could have sworn that this was Ally's apartment You've got the right apartment, after all!

Their eyes bug out in the most comical way. Finally, after their perfect imitations of floundering fish, they manage to find words. He raises an eyebrow at their reaction. That's me," he says slowly, with a friendly, albeit awkward, smile. She grins happily at them. Come on in and—gah! Austin stumbles backward a few steps and he clumsily catches the box before it drops.

Why don'tcha do me a favor and refrigerate that pie for me? Thanks, pal, you're a doll! Trish gives her an overly excited look, practically bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet.

Austin & Ally | FanFiction

That's the guy you're seeing? She flushes a little and fidgets with the hem of her top. Just last night you were all, 'Oh, golly gosh gee, he may not be my boyfriend but I sure do think he's swell! Trish ignores this and raises an eyebrow.

When did this happen? The official boyfriend and girlfriend titles coming into play, I mean. Trish lights up at the mention of the blond's name. She nudges Ally and throws her a suggestive glance. Can we just take a moment to talk about how Austin is so totally—" and then she breaks off guiltily and turns to her respective boyfriend, who'd been watching them with amusement etched into his features. Because my God, is Ally dating a beautiful man.

Ally stares at him bemusedly. Thanks, Dez," she says uncertainly as her brow starts to knit together. Trish gives him a disgusted look. Like, naked and tied up in your basement? Flabby, lookin' extra flab-tastic today Ally's head drops into her hands. With one hand still palming the side of her face, she extends her free arm and points emphatically down the hall.

Trish rolls her eyes. She turns to the taller brunette. Trish snorts derisively and waves a dismissive hand. Ally, why haven't you tapped that yet? Ally takes a deep, calming breath and holds up her hands to quiet her friends for a minute. Embarrassing me is fair game, fine, whatever," she pauses before continuing with a wince, "I mean, at least keep the embarrassment factor to a minimum, if that's not too much to ask.

But please, please, please try not to completely harass and horrify Austin. He's the innocent in all of this," she pleads with a wild and crazed gesture between the three of them.

Trish and Dez exchange a look and finally decide to give their friend a break. Intentionally and too much, anyway. I'll take it," she finally agrees with a resigned nod. Austin made it, actually," Ally answers, beaming with pride.

Trish's jaw drops in an impressed manner. Especially after his confession about only eating his own food to survive. Dez rubs his hands together. I'm really glad you're back," she says softly before turning her back on them to open the door to her apartment. Behind her back, the couple exchanges a secretive look.

She makes it a half a step into her living quarters before Dez and Trish hug her from behind and obnoxiously coo that they've missed her, too. Ally stumbles from the added weight and takes a second to steady herself.

She can feel their cheeks nuzzling against her back and she flushes. You couldn't wait until I was in my apartment? What if someone walks by? Ally sighs resignedly and opens up her arms to him.

austin and ally relationship fanfiction

However, Austin sees the laughter alight in her eyes as she makes 'come, come' motions with her hands. Trish and Dez, one on either side of her, both throw an arm out as well.

The end result is a human blob with four arms welcoming Austin into a giant group hug. He grins and bounces up to them, wrapping his arms around the three friends.

When Trish nods as she helps Dez spoon some onto his plate—less it ends up on his lap or something—he nods solemnly and points at Ally.

She didn't do a single thing, didn't even lift a finger to help, like the slave driver she is. Ally sputters indignantly and glares at him. Trish and Dez laugh at their friend's sullen expression. Ally rolls her eyes, but laughs a little anyway. I think this is the first time he's cooked something on his own. Well, something that didn't involve breakfast foods, anyway. The guests both take a bite of their stir fry and turn to Austin.

Austin gives them a small smile. I'm glad you like it," he laughs.

austin and ally relationship fanfiction

Ally swallows her own bite and turns to him as well. Thanks for making dinner for me and my friends," she praises with a sweet smile. The blond ducks his head and bashfully pushes his food around on his plate. Trish and Dez share a look, already starting to approve of this new guy in Ally's life.

She does feel a little guilty for interrupting their intimate staring contest, but she's eager to get the deets on their relationship. Ally holds her breath and focuses on channeling her energy and thoughts into telepathic messages to send to her best friend, all of them begging and praying for her to behave.