Baroness and duke relationship

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baroness and duke relationship

Middleton is now a duchess, countess and baroness -- but not a princess. They are currently the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Earl. Lady Jaye and Cover Girl were brainwashed and so was Zarana of the Flint/ Lady Jate and Duke/Scarlett, the Destro/Baroness relationship. Dukes and duchesses are addressed with their actual title, but all other ranks of the peerage have the appellation Lord or Lady. Non hereditary.

The Queen has reportedly referred to her as "Our Val", a reference to the warrior-like Valkyriesand — a bit sarcastically — as being "a bit too grand for" the rest of the royal family. She recounted as having made a remark to one of her fellow dinner guests that "she would be glad to go back to the colonies in order to escape her noisy neighbours".

She then labelled her accusers as a "bunch of rappers ", [25] somewhat wide of the mark, since the party comprised an investment banker, a music executive, a reporter, a television fashion correspondent, and a lawyer. She claimed that "there wouldn't have been so much fuss made" had he worn the hammer and sickle. Mistress of Beauty and Quicksilver. She has also penned a number of articles for the Orient Express magazine.

Crowned in a Far Country: Portraits of Eight Royal Brides. Michael of Kent, Princess Devil's Due[ edit ] The character as rendered by J. Scott Campbell on the cover of G.

A Real American Hero vol 2 2. Joe members were sent on one final mission, which resulted in Cobra's Brainwave Scanner being corrupted by a virus that spread through the entirety of their mainframe. Crippled and defeated, Cobra then fell to a "unified military attack" this attack is never detailed in a story, but hinted at in various "Battle Files" entries.

A side effect of this confluence of events was the incapacitation of the Brainwave Scanner. Without repeated "self-medication" via the Scanner, the Baroness was freed from her artificial loyalty to Cobra.

The two returned to Trans-Carpathia and retired from the intrigue and danger of Cobra, but continued to rebuild M.

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When Destro took ill, and his illegitimate son Alexander took over M. Remaining stoically resistant to Alex' plan, the Baroness berates him with unfavorable comparisons to his father.

Keeping the Commander in Scotland, along with Snake Eyes and Scarlett, the Baroness is forced to watch Alexander's strategist Mistress Armada spill secrets to the enemy. When Alexander's plan inevitably fails, the Baroness rescue him and Armada, only to deliver them to a seething, but cured, James Destro for punishment. The two are tied together and tortured. Baroness breaks free by using her glasses to cut the bonds and the two work together to escape.

Destro and his Iron Grenadiers safely rescue her; as a parting 'gift', the Baroness kisses Flint right in front his love, Lady Jaye [19] The Baroness works with Zandar in a plot to track down the Joe undercover officer, Chucklesthey kill four Joe " Greenshirts " agents in the process. When the Commander returns to Cobra, Destro takes the opportunity to leave for good. In a shocking twist, however, the Baroness does not join him. After an elaborate scheme is derailed by Duke, Destro is arrested.

The Commander leaves it to the Baroness to decide Destro's fate, and she votes to let him rot. Put on trial by the U. Taking his offer, the Joes are charged with transporting Destro by train, to lure Cobra into a trap. Defeating his foe, the Commander shoots Hawk in the back, only to be shot by a traitorous Baroness.

The ruse is successful, and the Commander is in U. This period is short-lived, however, and the Commander soon returns to reclaim Cobra once and for all.

baroness and duke relationship

During the coup, the Baroness and Wraith charged with her personal safety are seemingly killed when the Commander detonates the Night Raven they are aboard. America's Elite[ edit ] The Baroness resurfaces, a year after the defeat of the Red Shadowsas a prisoner in the sub-basement of G. Joe's new headquarters, the Rock. But the Baroness is all-consumed by her desire for her baby, which she apparently carried to term, and has been separated from by the G. Storm Shadow passed the information about the Baroness' imprisonment to Snake Eyes, thinking he was about to sacrifice himself to save the G.

Joe team on Destro's sub.

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The news then travels to Stalker and Scarlett, who take it upon themselves to confront Colton about the heinous act just as the Phoenix Guard attack the Rock. In the middle of the battle, the Baroness' cell is opened, and she makes her way to the roof, where she confronts and thoroughly thrashes Zarana who was posing as Phoenix Guard member Friday before escaping the Joe base. The Baroness is the focal point of the follow-up story arc, "Sins of the Mother".

Confronting Scalpel for his misdeeds, she tortures him with his own scalpel, and leaves him disfigured and near death. She then enlists the help of Major Bludd to enact revenge on G. Sending him to Saudi Arabia to distract the Joes, the Baroness then tracks down and kills Wraith herself.

After dealing with Flint who had been spying on the Shadowsthe Baroness finally confronts Cobra Commander, only to be stopped by Destro himself. The Joes arrive, including Flint, and are forced to lay down arms. Repeating her actions after the Yakuza incident, Baroness kisses Flint, passing him something that enables him to free himself, and throwing the whole confrontation into upheaval. The situation is quelled, however, when Destro offers Cobra Commander control of M.

Joe fight Cobra Commander. He is right as Cobra Commander has freed Dela Eden from prison and orders her to kill the steel-faced arms dealer and his wife. Storm Shadow then takes the couple to visit the G. In an uncomfortable moment, the Baroness turns to Scarlett and asks the red-head if her head still hurts.

baroness and duke relationship

After Barrel Roll and Recondowho have both managed to infiltrate Cobra and steal a stealth-cloaked Night Raven, the Baroness travels to England where her husband helps re-engineer the Cobra technology that makes the Night Raven practically invincible. After World War III ends, the Baroness lives in humility as she hugs her son and watches Destro on trial for his crimes against humanity.

She joined a gang of small-time Communist radicals, encouraging them towards violence. Faking her death and assuming control of the group under the new name the Baroness, she leads the Muller-Stromberg group in a series of highly destructive terrorist acts across Europe, taking out oil refineries, air bases and dams.

While paying lip service to the group's ideology, she only uses them to prove her strategic abilities to Cobra and get hired.

Baroness (G.I. Joe Movie)

Once Cobra Commander contacts her, she wipes out her group and made her way to Cobra's jungle base. Most issues, however, feature an original Action Force story, usually a 5-page installment of a larger storyline. The Baroness' role in these issues was minimal, at best. Sigma 6[ edit ] Devil's Due created a mini-series based on G.

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It follows the style and the content of the cartoon series, spotlighting a different member of Sigma 6 and Cobra in each issue. Baroness appears in issue 4 opposite G.

Baroness kidnaps a Prime Minister after using members of the Dreadnoks to distract Scarlett. In the end, Scarlett finds her, and after a few taunts from Baroness, Scarlett beats Baroness and recovers the Prime Minister. Sunbow[ edit ] The Baroness made her first appearance in the G. Her animated incarnation was a master of disguise, even pretending to be a camera man in a film crew she was later replaced by Zarana in this field.

baroness and duke relationship

She is romantically involved with Destro, who often expresses frustration with her. On one occasion, Destro's disrespect for the Baroness led to her destroying his ancestral home in an act of vengeance. The Baroness tends to try to set both herself and Destro up as Cobra's leaders, and shows contempt for other members of Cobra, such as Cobra Commander, Tomax and Xamot and the Dreadnoks.

She is not directly involved in the plot to create Serpentor in Season Two, but is later seen loyal to him. Joe has been all but wiped out. In that reality, the Baroness is a double agent, Steeler 's lover, and the only surviving Joe. The episode ends with the Baroness engineering a civil war between Cobra Commander and Destro, allowing most of the Joe team, except Steeler, Clutch and Grunt, to return to their own reality.

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She returns Cobra Commander to semi-human form, and mentions to him that Destro left her for Zarana. She convinces Destro to dump her literally, down a trap door and the two reunite. Spy Troops and Valor vs. Venom[ edit ] Sigma 6[ edit ] In the series G. Sigma 6the Baroness is loyal to Cobra Commander. When Duke was threatened with mind control and beaten, Ana managed to fight off the control and begins having memory flashes of the love she shared with Duke.

She managed to save Duke from the Doctor's experimentation after which he managed to save her after the Doctor threatened to kill her via her implants if he tried to kill either him or Destro.

Together, the Baroness and Duke managed to take down Cobra. Ana is then seen being examined by a doctor who says it will take time but he will be able to remove the nanomites.

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Duke informs her that until then, she will be kept in the brig of the USS Flagg, aircraft carrier of the Joes, and that they will see each other often. At least until Duke's tragic death in the sequel G. It's possible that she heard of his death. It is possible that Ana will return in the canceled G. She was originally very friendly and happy, making light of the fact that Duke was leaving on a mission which could result in his death by saying "have to kill me if you told me".

However after the presumed death of her brother, Rex, and being abandoned by Duke, Ana became miserable and depressed. The Doctor, who was in fact her brother, claimed that he had taken pity on her and injected her with nanotechnology claiming that it gave her a way to deal with the pain and gave her purpose. As The Baroness, Ana was cold, merciless and had no qualms about killing.

However this was only because she was being held hostage by her brother's mind control and Duke claimed that it wasn't actually the real Ana that had done all those unspeakable acts. She seemed indifferent to the death of her husband, and sarcastically congratulated Duke on saving Paris, seeming indifferent to the fact that the whole city would have been destroyed if Duke hadn't deactivated the nanomites.

Despite all this, Ana possessed incredible willpower and strength of character as she was the only person who had ever managed to fight off the nanotechnology she'd been injected with.