Berserk guts and griffith relationship tips

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berserk guts and griffith relationship tips

I didn't see anyone mention how ambiguous and awkward Guts and Griffith's relationship is. Am I the only who thought there was some sexual. Following the horrors of the Eclipse prompted by Griffith, however, Guts . When Gambino loses his leg in battle, his relationship with Guts immediately .. Guts eventually parts ways with Vargas, but not before taking the beherit in the man's. I am kinda new to this community so hello. I am all caught up on all the content as well. Do you think Griffith loved Guts in a why and.

The story tackles the idea of free will at great length as Guts resists the pull of predetermination at every corner. And while Guts is driven by the thirst for revenge and the sting of betrayal, he also grows and heals as he learns to depend on the few friends he makes in a rapidly changing world.

In addition to its epic-length manga run, Berserk has been animated three times. Video of Berserk - Trailer The first, a episode TV series, hit incovering the "Golden Age" arc of the story, in which Guts and Griffith's friendship blossoms before Griffith's destined betrayal tears everything to pieces and unleashes true magic upon the world.

Berserk: Why Griffith is the Perfect Villain

The Golden Age Arc. It covers the same ground as the original series, but with some crucial differences that we'll get into below. Video of Berserk Official Trailer Finally, the third Berserk animation project, the TV show, moves things forward from where the first two left off and brings us to the same point in the story as the most recent manga volumes.

You have multiple inroads, all worth traveling down. The manga, which, so far, consists of 39 plus page volumes, is unquestionably the best way to consume the entire story, and currently the only way to get every detail from beginning to end. Start with the first four volumes, since that gives you a good sense of the general flavor of the story. Used bookstores are a good resource, and the occasional collection hits eBay for a decent price.

Also, check your local library system to see if they offer it. Dark Horse Comics The first anime series, now 20 years old, is a bit tough to find these days, as the original licensors have lost the rights to the title.

The show preceded the shift to CG art by a few years, and it's packed from end to end with beautiful art and some nice animation. More important to me, though, is the irreplaceable score from composer Susumu Hirasawa, whose synth-heavy soundtrack brings an otherworldly feeling that reminds of some of those great practical-effects-fueled '80s movies. It fits perfectly into this story where magic is beginning to emerge in a world where no one believes in it. He's a childish dreamer in a world where impractical things like dreams are in short supply, but because he can deliver on his convictions, he becomes the "miracle" people project their hopes upon, starting with his band of mercenaries and eventually growing to be a symbol for the entire kingdom of Midland.

Long before the post-Eclipse prophecies of the Hawk of Light are spread, Kentaro Miura paints Griffith as someone who transcends the bounds of his world. Characters often comment on his almost otherworldly allure, which they can only admire but never quite comprehend.

You who have been ordained by the laws of fate. Defying the limits of what the world offered him, Griffith laughs at prophecies of doom while chasing his own fate. When he eventually catches up with it, and the path he carved out for himself crumbles away, his actions to follow will condemn Guts to his own cruel fate in return.

While this is all very nice in a high-concept way, it's hardly enough to create a compelling villain.

why didnt Guts and Griffith just stay best friends? (Berserk spoilers!)

Fighting a concept might make for interesting discourse, but it provides very little in terms of emotional attachment. All at once before our eyes. This is the beauty of man and evil. Before he can graduate from mentor to villain, there's no need to give us one formative past event to explain his evil, because he's not evil at all.

I realize this once again puts me dangerously close to blasphemous sacrifice territory, so let's introduce some of his less positive traits.

Berserk: Why Griffith is the Perfect Villain - Anime News Network

While admired and idolized by his Band of the Hawk, Griffith is shrewd and ruthless in his ambition, manipulating or disposing of the people who oppose his rise to power without hesitation. He's arrogant and brutally realistic about human nature, but most importantly, he's the kind of person that Guts aspires to stand on equal ground with.

While Griffith rises on the shoulders of the people attracted by his charisma and determination, and he certainly takes their loyalty for granted, he doesn't betray their trust before the Eclipse or force them into anything they didn't sign up for. As mercenaries, they got the best deal by sticking with a leader who not only raises their chance at survival, but also enables a surrogate family to blossom within their ranks, taking them further than they could ever have dreamed.

He risks his life to save Guts from Zodd, and he doesn't charm Casca into following him for ruthless reasons. She joins him because of the feelings she projects onto him, as does everyone else.

It's rather interesting that in a story where fate looms ever-present on the horizon, the maxim Griffith shares with the Hawks outside of the battlefield is "Do as you wish. Why is Guts any different?

Griffith recognizes Guts' talents and wants to harness them to accomplish his goals, but that's not why he asks Guts to assassinate Julius instead of ordering him. It's also not the reason that only Guts is privy to the unsightly cleanup after the poisoning attempt, and it's not why Griffith loses his composure so spectacularly after Guts' departure.

berserk guts and griffith relationship tips

Someone independent who can find his own reason to live and follow that part without guidance. And if anyone tries to crush his dream, protect it heart and soul. Even if that person happened to be me. For me, a true friend is someone I consider my equal. Regretfully, the first of these moments is missing from the movie trilogy entirely, a rather baffling choice considering its crucial importance for Griffith's character arc and the conclusion of Golden Age.

This is the first time we see his desire to rationalize what cannot be rationalized, which is met with the reward of temporary success. It is a blood-smeared dream, after all. I don't regret or feel guilty about it.

But to risk thousands of lives while never getting my hands dirty It's not a dream that can be so easily realized!

He's dangerously good at compartmentalization, closing off his heart to feelings of guilt and shame that would only get in the way of climbing to the top of the food chain. Unfortunately for him and everyone who believes in himhuman emotions don't work that way. It's already hard for him to rationalize people dying for his dream, but Griffith's emotional turmoil escalates when he resorts to prostitution in exchange for funds to shorten the war effort.

Outwardly, he reduces the lord who buys his body to nothing more than a pebble in his path, not worthy of any emotional reaction.

berserk guts and griffith relationship tips

But when he fails to literally wash the revulsion away, resorting to self-mutilation to transform the pain into something he can understand and repress, we clearly see the limits of his resilience. It's a painfully human moment, but it's even more disturbing to see him succeed at this repression.

Casca is much more shocked by how quickly he regains control and becomes all reassuring smiles again than she is to learn what he did. And so should we be. At the time of Guts and Griffith's second duel, the war is already won. Enemies at court have been subdued or disposed of, and Griffith has been raised to the peerage. It's all simple scheming and charming himself into the line of succession from here, with no further need for Guts' particular talents. After years of idolization and success, Griffith has become used to the idea of himself as the infallible savior, detached from all those fragile humans he holds in the palm of his hand.

But simply losing control over Guts isn't what causes him to lose his composure. The first instance of inner monologue we get from Griffith marks this moment as Golden Age's peripeteiaforeboding the significance that Guts' departure will have on Griffith before he is even defeated.

We've seen Griffith show a side to Guts that he doesn't share with anyone, thinking it would be too much for even the other Hawks to handle. With Guts, he can be honest, even going so far as to seek his approval on decisions. The best friendships form between self-sufficient people, and when Guts leaves to find a dream of his own and become truly self-sufficient, it turns out Griffith was the dependent one between them.

Griffith's no good without you! He doesn't know his own heart because he so thoroughly perfected the practice of compartmentalizing his emotions years ago and never looked back. Because he never considered the possibility that he would care about someone else more than his dream, this suppression of his own human nature initiates his fateful demise.

While the remaining Hawks cling to the broken dream of someone they've lost but can't continue without, Griffith clings to one thing only during his long year of suffering: I've always found the idea that torture drove Griffith to an insanity that caused the Eclipse to be unconvincing.

He doesn't get visited by the God Hand because he lost his mind, but because the wheels of causality are spinning faster after the point of reversal. Griffith is sane when his first instinct is to strangle Guts upon being rescued, giving up only when Guts begins to cry. He's also sane when he resents Guts and Casca creating their own campfire without him, not knowing how much presence he still takes up in their minds.

He's equally sane when he wants to end his life over all this pain but fails, and so I would say he's very sane when he makes the decision to sacrifice the Hawks.