Bleach manga rukia and ichigo relationship

Bleach: Were [SPOILER'S] Marriages Always Meant To Be?

bleach manga rukia and ichigo relationship

Bleach set up a relationship that many fans expected to end with a big to mention multiple anime seasons and four movies), Ichigo and Rukia. #ichiruki #bleach Ichigo X Rukia, Otp, Bleach Anime Funny, Character . Relationship goals #bleachanime Bleach Couples, Ichigo X Rukia, Bleach Anime . We are shown a young girl and a young boy: We then see Rukia and Renji arrive The Bleach manga heavily hinted at their relationship because you can see.

Orihime, being an ordinary human like Ichigo, has no such problem.

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Ultimately, though, she has her official job and its duties as a Soul Reaper, and her loyalty to that cause makes it unlikely that she would abandon it to stay with Ichigo. In fact, by chapterRukia was promoted to Captain rank among the Soul Reapers, proving her loyalty to her work rather than a mortal such as Ichigo. There was no sign that he wanted to run off to be with Rukia, and at any rate, he fought alongside the Soul Reapers during the series, but never showed any inclination to actually live among them.

Their constant bickering, and sometimes uncomfortable behavior with each other is the type that sometimes segues into romantic involvement in other stories, but the characters never did take the next step in that direction. They remained friends and trusted allies, but little to no romantic tension was shown, aside from minor comedy relief in the earliest chapters.

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By contrast, in the chapter Storm Warning: Chapter 8, Goodbye, Halcyon Days, Orihime Inoue approached Ichigo in his sleep, and openly confesses her love for him, and nearly kisses him. I should note that this scene was probably a tribute to a similar scene in Yu Yu Hakusho. What does all this add up to? Tite Kubo set up several clear signs that Orihime had a strong romantic interest in Ichigo, and that Rukia and Ichigo, while brought together by unusual circumstances, were never meant to move further than being friends and partners in combat.

Ichigo and Rukia, while friends with an amusing personal dynamic, were beings from two vastly different worlds, and beings of two very different natures. The final episode of this run cements the exclusive bonds Rukia and Ichigo share. Some Spoilers Ahead Despite enjoying the past 7 years of Bleach, I wish the story ended back during the Rukia capture arc. The arc was complete outside of the confrontation of Aizen.

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This would have increased the tension of the conflict. As it stands, there is little tension or risk. We all know Kubo would not kill any of the Soul Society. It also introduces interesting internal problems with the Soul Society. How could it exist with at least half its captains dead?

bleach manga rukia and ichigo relationship

However, there is a wistfulness, bittersweet, whenever a long watched anime series ends. Bleach will return when the final arc is finished.

Bleach: Here's What You Need To Know About Ichigo & Rukia's Kids

But, there is still a feeling of finality. Awww… so cute Fictional characters have as much of an impact on us as real people. We cry with them and savor their victories.

bleach manga rukia and ichigo relationship

Some people grow up with them. Goku is a friend and role model for many people.

Bleach: Here’s What You Need To Know About Ichigo & Rukia's Kids

While I entered anime too late in my 20s to have anime characters be role models, I appreciate the impact they can have. For many teens, Ichigo is the new Goku. His struggles has shaped their teen years. Consider how long 7 years or so can be. A 13 year old will watch Bleach through the entirety of his teen years. She will literally grow up with Ichigo and Rukia.