Bob marley and cindy breakspeare relationship

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bob marley and cindy breakspeare relationship

Cynthia Jean Cameron Breakspeare (born October 24, ) — known as Cindy Breakspeare — is a Canadian-Jamaican jazz singer, musician and former model. Breakspeare was crowned Miss World Breakspeare is the mother of reggae musician Damian Marley, through her relationship with Bob Marley. For Bob Marley and his wife, Rita, indulging in extra-marital affairs was not a big deal. Or so it seems Oldest child here was Sharon, from Rita's earlier relationship. His mother was the Miss World, Cindy Breakspeare. Cindy Breakspeare (right) and Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley, son of reggae the former beauty queen said her relationship with Marley had been.

Six months later, during her pregnancy, she was among the audience with Marley's mother Cedella, witnessing the joining of hands between political rivals, Michael Manley and Edward Seaga. Marley had succeeded in effecting peace at the famous One Love Peace Concert of Breakspeare, who carried the pregnancy up to nine months, said when her son was born, his father was away on tour and it was a month later that he met his offspring. According to her, Rita and Sister Minnie came to visit the newest addition to the Marley clan, probably to see if he resembled his father.

Baby Damian was only two years old when his father died of cancer. During an interview with The Gleaner inthe former beauty queen said her relationship with Marley had been through some changes right before he fell ill and she had Damian.

bob marley and cindy breakspeare relationship

So we were dealing with all of that, but I mean, by then Bob was now a superstar, he really was, and he didn't really have the time to devote to that side of his life very much. So when he fell ill I just set that aside, Rita set her grievances aside, and we all rallied around him. It was all about him at that point, caring for somebody who was going through this terrible thing.

None of us wanted to lose him, whether or not we were romantically involved with him. Two years ago while being interviewed on Bob Marley Day, Breakspeare said Marley's inspiration was now manifested through her son.

“As Jamaican as Ackee and Saltfish”: Cindy Breakspeare, Part 2 – Active Voice

Breakspeare started her own business, Ital Craft inwith friend Donna Coore, when her son Damian was about six months old. The business grew from strength to strength. We went to Hellshire beach and dug up cactus, we bought clay pots and wrapped them in sisal string that we dyed and it was just whatever we could imagine to do or make.

So that was where we started. Bob would come up, man, and pull up a table to the bench and say, 'alright wha yuh wha mi fi do fi yuh now?

For Bob and Rita Marley, extra-marital affair was mutually acceptable

I heard the VW bus come through the gate and I just knew he was in it. His footsteps up the stairs to my front door confirmed this not long after. The waiting was over. There were no more questions which seemed to matter. It was what it was, and it would become what it would become. She took to the job like a duck to water. The prize for winning that was to compete in the Miss Universe Bikini in London.

bob marley and cindy breakspeare relationship

With no family backative and no university education, I made a conscious effort to exploit my God-given talent. I would go anywhere in the world they wanted to have me, and, consequently, had an amazing year getting to know the world as an unofficial ambassador for Jamaica.

For Bob and Rita Marley, extra-marital affair was mutually acceptable – Punch Newspapers

That exotic blend of cultures, colours and ethnic backgrounds, a melting pot that was truly diverse, was now sprinkled with a heavy dose of Rastafari, she said. The night she won stands out in my memory as an overwhelming moment, unparalleled and unforgettable. The age-old adage proved to be true — The only bad publicity is no publicity.

The Jamaican community, including those of the Rastafari faith, she said, supported her wholeheartedly through the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. A few days after winning, her exploration of London took her down to Porto Bello Road, where in search of a restroom, she made her way into a Jamaican restaurant called Back-a-Yard.