Brett dalton and chloe bennet relationship quiz

"Agents of SHIELD's" Dalton & Bennet on Redefining Ward & Daisy's Loyalties

brett dalton and chloe bennet relationship quiz

Actors Brett Dalton & Chloe Bennet hint at what's in store for two of the Chloe Bennet: I think with any relationship, if you work together and. Brett Dalton and Chloe Bennet-- "This pretty much sums up our relationship.". However, that doesn't mean that every relationship that superhero shows try Brett Dalton and Chloe Bennet as Grant Ward and Daisy Skye.

No longer able to keep powered people out of the public eye, Daisy Chloe Bennet and Mack Henry Simmons are working to track down Inhumans for a team of Secret Warriors whose mission it is to train and protect powered people, all while the existence of Inhumans is polarizing public opinion. At the same time, Hive Brett Dalton is pushing forward with his plan, the motivations and goals of which are still unclear.

Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Premiere: Spoilers on Simmons, Lash and Joey – Variety

Collider along with a handful of other outlets was recently invited to the top secret set to try to pry details out of the cast and executive producers about where things are headed. Be aware that there are some spoilers. Image via ABC Question: Your pants will be filled with shit when we get done with this season. Are there shades of grey to Hive?

There actually is something there that might be in a shade of grey.

brett dalton and chloe bennet relationship quiz

Chloe, did Coulson reveal what he did to Ward, off-camera? I think it has gone without being said. I was all for it, up until it happened.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Finale: Bosses Break Down Deaths, Time Jump and Final Scene

There was one that was really slippery, and there was one that was kind of thick. It spreads a lot. They would put a bucket of the stuff on me, and immediately, I wanted to be in my trailer.

brett dalton and chloe bennet relationship quiz

How long did it take to get off? Did it get up your butt? You had a gooey asshole. And it took forever to wash off. Chloe, how will Lincoln and Daisy hooking up change their dynamic? And I think it gets a little bit bizarre because Daisy is more of the leader of the team.

Agents of SHIELD's Chloe Bennet, Brett Dalton on Season 3 | Collider

Women in the relationship are usually wearing the pants, and I think Daisy probably wears the pants. I think it causes a normal amount of problems. Being Inhuman and being a S. How does the question of what to do with Inhuman allies and Inhuman enemies impact Daisy, as she assembles her Secret Warriors team? Obviously, they have a few trust issues with some people.

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For James, it's also failed in finding him a suitable non-Kara partner. No matter how wonderfully handled and acted Alex Danvers' coming out story may have been, the relationship between Alex and Maggie was doomed from the start, primarily because of how not great a person Maggie revealed herself to be time and again from the start.

Fitz and Simmons Agents of S. It's had creative resurgences and dry spells in equal measure, and to date, its viewership is only getting smaller and smaller with time.

brett dalton and chloe bennet relationship quiz

However, for all its failures, one relationship has been handled perfectly from the very beginning. That relationship, of course, is the partnership turned friendship turned romance shared between the newly married couple of Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz. As the adorably geeky heart of the team, both Fitz and Simmons have endured their fair share of hardships, perhaps more than any other members of the team, and certainly more than any other unit within the team.

Played perfectly with utmost sweetness and sincerity by Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Castecker, the FitzSimmons love story will undeniably be considered one of the most important parts of the series to remember in years to come.

Jim and Barbara Gotham The relationship between Jim Gordon and his former flame Barbara Kean on Gotham is perhaps the strongest example of what can happen if the wrong person is cast for a role. In the comics, the relationship between Jim and Barbara is often fraught, either having ended in tragedy or bitter separation.

brett dalton and chloe bennet relationship quiz

However, there was love there at one point, and no hint of hysteria, either, signifying a marked change from what Gotham has been forced to do following the tremendous backlash against Erin Richards' portrayal of Barbara.

Upon realizing that this version of Jim and Barbara did not work together in any remote way, Gotham was driven to create a true villain and rival in Barbara. Yet, when all fans wanted was for her to receive less and less screentime, by turning her into this psychotic threat who still has her sights set on Jim in certain ways, viewers have been forced again and again to endure more of Richards' performances, further reminding them of how miscast she was in the role.

Clark and Lois Smallville Smallville was a good show in its early seasons, although at times, it was difficult to conceptualize how it would become a series about Superman in training and not just a high school drama. All of that changed, however, with the introduction of Erica Durance as Lois Lane in the fourth season.

Durance was originally only hired for a short guest starring appearance in the series. However, given her immense success with the audience and her pitch perfect performance as the whip smart Lois, Durance was brought on full time, soon claiming her rightful position as the leading lady opposite Tom Welling's Clark.

Smallville took its time developing the relationship between Lois and Clark, and it was worth it. The chemistry between Durance and Welling was effortless from day one, nearly palpable through the screen, and has, without question, earned the title of most convincingly portrayed and written superhero couple on this list.

brett dalton and chloe bennet relationship quiz

Oliver and Felicity Arrow Sometimes, fan response can lead to truly great things, particularly in terms of raising awareness for important issues and campaigning for underrated series to be given a second chance.