Capricorn and cancer relationship horoscope

Interesting Information on the Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

capricorn and cancer relationship horoscope

GaneshaSpeaks reveal Capricorn and Cancer compatibility in love match, sex, marriage life Capricorn is the zodiac sign that knows only one direction, up!. Learn seven ways Capricorn and Cancer are highly compatible in love, for Capricorn, one of the most misunderstood signs in all of astrology. The relationship between a Capricorn man and a Cancer woman is normally strongly committed and can last for a long time. When they split up though, things .

Their strong sense of loyalty makes it hard to move on if they are parents. If they have children, they will try to hold on to the relationship. Often, this combination will stay together for the sake of the children long past the time that love is dead.

Believing that it is better for the kids, they will try hard to gloss over their feelings of betrayal and hurt, but this is not a good strategy. Most children are sensitive to undercurrents and words not spoken.

capricorn and cancer relationship horoscope

The atmosphere in this home can become murky and hard to breathe in. Once they do move apart, things will improve and the children will be happier. Traditional Gender Roles Cancer and Capricorn easily fall into traditional gender roles.

The dependency cycle can be stereotypical, with Cancer the dependent homebody and Capricorn the breadwinner and workaholic. A Capricorn man can be cut off from his Cancer side and a Cancer woman out of touch with her Capricorn, because their relationship dynamic reinforces, and is reinforced by, traditional gender roles. A Capricorn man defaults to becoming the grounding and support for a Cancer woman while she tends to be the avatar for his denied emotions and vulnerability.

If these two can individually access the qualities described by their Earth signs Cancer for the man and Capricorn for the womanthey can each become more independent and whole on their own. When a Cancer woman can access her practical, disciplined side, and a Capricorn man grows capable of tears and vulnerability, they will be much happier and healthier as individuals. Even while in relationship it is healthy to find balance that way, but it helps a great deal after a breakup to avoid the codependency problems with this combination.

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After It's Over The bond between these two signs is powerful; they are likely to remain in touch long after the relationship is over. Their post-relationship connection may be co-dependent or mutually supportive, and if the breakup was acrimonious, they can polarise into entrenched mutual enmity. However it works out they will stay connected, whether through co-dependent attachment, mature friendship or even hatred. Cancer is ruled by the moon 2. Love The emotional bond between Capricorn and Cancer is palliative.

Additionally, it is built on a high degree of trust. When you consider the traits of both signs, it makes complete sense. The goat approaches all things in life with caution.

However, once it feels it can trust the crab, it quickly bonds. But that trust must be earned and takes time to develop. Cancer is drawn to emotional challenges.

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There exists an unspoken, karmic bond between the two that is loving and supportive. In many ways, the pair balances each other out. Saturn rules Capricorn 3. Trust The level of trust that exists between Cancer and Capricorn is enduring and powerful. Much of this is because both signs spend a great deal of time forming the bond itself. However, once a connection is made and the relationship unfolds, trust begins to grow. Cancer is a communicator and loves to talk.

Capricorn is more stoic, sharing only what it needs to with those who are not close. Think of a goat feeding from your hand. At first, it is hesitant, fearful of being harmed. But the more it feeds, the less worried it becomes. This is how it is with Capricorn and Cancer.

Interesting Information on the Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

The goat understands that it can be itself with the crab. On the flip side, Cancer recognizes that Capricorn is extremely loyal; something all water signs put a premium on in romantic relationships. Trust becomes powerful after bond forms 4. Financial One of the most powerful ways Capricorn and Cancer connect relates to money.

The goat is a planner and saver, carefully setting realistic financial goals for the future. Conversely, the crab desires safety and protection. It is for these reasons Capricorn and Cancer match well money-wise. It happens and sometimes frequently. Almost always, the issues center on spending priorities.

capricorn and cancer relationship horoscope

Remember, Capricorn is a highly practical sign. Cancer, on the other hand, is OK with spending money on something that creates memories. It takes a gentle sign like Cancer to nudge the goat into loosening up on its miserly ways. When arguments do occur, the crab usually wins out.

capricorn and cancer relationship horoscope

Intellect Earlier, we examined the unique attributes of earth and water signs. Their elemental qualities are important because it is their differences that — paradoxically — make the two connect. Cancer is a highly creative sign, gifted with writing.

It sees meaning in the complex and has a knack for understanding the human side of complex issues. Capricorn, coversely, can sometimes struggle with black or white thinking. In this way, both signs stimulate one another. The crab has a way of helping the goat see things from a different perspective.

capricorn and cancer relationship horoscope

Conversely, the goat pushes the crab to see issues as they are and not how they are imagined to be. Both signs are highly intelligent — just in different ways.

Capricorn is excellent with business matters, finances, and managing people. Cancer does well working with groups, particularly in coaching and leadership roles. What one sign may be missing, the other compensates for in an almost uncanny way. Communication In the beginning, communication between these two signs can be challenging.

This makes sense when you reflect on their elemental orientations.

capricorn and cancer relationship horoscope