Caroline wozniacki and rory mcilroy relationship

Caroline Wozniacki is 'thankful' ex Rory McIlroy called off their wedding -

caroline wozniacki and rory mcilroy relationship

Golfer Rory McIlroy has been linked to some of the world's most famous Past Relationships With Meghan Markle And Caroline Wozniacki. Did Caroline Wozniacki hear about the swipe Rory McIlroy took at her was formerly Wozniacki's fiance before breaking off the relationship in. Rory McIlroy reveals why he split with Caroline Wozniacki. Rory and Caroline were in a relationship between and , before he.

Rory McIlroy tells 'devastated' Caroline the relationship is over

Well, before settling down, he sure had a few adventures with the fairer gender, most notable were Meghan Markle and Caroline Wozniacki. He had been linked to many women in and around his circle and for years before he was linked to Markle.

caroline wozniacki and rory mcilroy relationship

As is the case for young athletes who first get a taste of the fast life and all the undoubted attention they receive. It sure takes some getting used to as many athletes have recounted. She was actually married before and to a film producer, no less.

  • Caroline Wozniacki is 'thankful' ex Rory McIlroy called off their wedding
  • Caroline Wozniacki promises she's done with Rory McIlroy after very public break-up

His name was Trevor Engelson and that marriage ended in She then moved on to Canadian hockey player, Michael Del Zotto, and in she met and started to frequent McIlroy until that relationship ended. Before encountering Prince Harry, she dated chef, Cory Vitiello. Well, no wonder somebody wanted to write a book on all that.

Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki split: Their relationship in pictures - Irish Mirror Online

Must be a page-turner, that one. Seeing that Markle is set to marry the youngest son of Sir Charles and Princess Diana this spring, the royal family has requested that she delete all of her social media accounts and any other and all dealings with the social media world. That definitely seems extreme.

caroline wozniacki and rory mcilroy relationship

These sure are a lot of changes to accept for a woman of 36 and in the obvious prime of her life. Whether it's partying way too hard, or letting the stresses get to them, many athletes have fallen hard on their way to the top, or even on their way out of their respective sports.

caroline wozniacki and rory mcilroy relationship

The names that come to mind most often in said category are Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson. E When questioned about marriage plans Caroline once said: But friends say Caroline is still struggling to accept that the pair have split up. She still has her profile picture on her social-networking site set as the two of them in happier times, but I can tell you the pair are no longer an item," a source told this newspaper.

Caroline Wozniacki fires back at Rory McIlroy: 'He must move on'

And he wishes her nothing but the best. In recent days, the tennis ace has tweeted some eyebrow-raising comments, including one in which she said she was trying to get "some aggression out" Rocky Balboa-style. The post appeared alongside a photograph of Caroline in a pair of boxing gloves.

But fans still haven't cottoned on to the trouble bubbling in her personal life.

caroline wozniacki and rory mcilroy relationship

The tennis star also enjoyed a girls' night out in Copenhagen with a group of friends as she tried to get her mind off her relationship blues. In another posting, she cryptically tweeted: I just have to post what I feel, retweet the good memories, delete the drama and follow my dreams. When contacted by the Sunday Independent, his new PR team said: When reports originally surfaced that the pair had ended their relationship, McIlroy took to Twitter, saying informed sources were "wrong However, he did not deny the split.

caroline wozniacki and rory mcilroy relationship

After McIlroy's comment, Wozniacki responded to his tweet saying: That's not a very good percentage. Lol laugh out loud.