Chakotay and janeway relationship

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chakotay and janeway relationship

This list examines couples that got together and had a relationship over In the episode “Resolutions”m when Chakotay and Janeway are. SPOILER The romance between Chakotay and Seven of Nine. The fans who were hoping for a Janeway/Chakotay relationship were. Once again this week, Paris/Kim relationship site, P/K All the Way has [ Chakotay kisses AOTW]: [Chakotay and Janeway talking as they walk.

His character and Seven have not even been best friends. In all probability we won't survive. Now why don't you continue without the attitude. What's been cool and professional between Seven and Chakotay will be hot and personal come March. He's had a few passionate moments in seven years but never with a cast member. A lot of fans - they have always been pushing for Janeway. I was always sort of ambivalent about that one for various reasons. Seven of Nine coming on board led me to hope, maybe there will be some kind of romance.

There has been very little for Chakotay. His love life remained on hold and when Jeri Ryan began dating Star Trek's long time executive producer, Brannon Braga, Beltran figured love scenes with Jeri would be totally off-limits.

We can throw that out the window that idea out the window. She said, "I'm going to tell him what you said. Maybe he'll take me up on the challenge.

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About that episode, Robert can say no more. About next week's episode, I can tell you Chakotay is wounded attempting to rescue the captain and the Voyager crew members from an alien work camp.

His colleagues have no memories of their former lives. Why did you call me "Captain"? Because that's who you are. In part two of the episode which began tonight, Janeway and her lover take the next step.

chakotay and janeway relationship

I've decided to move in with Jaffin. Janeway's intimate relationship fulfils one of Kate's wishes for her character. And Kate has one more wish. Dexa and hundreds of other Talaxians found refuge on an asteroid.

They made it their home and were willing to leave and not fight a greedy mining company who want the asteroid.

At first, Neelix was homesick for his people when he met the group, but Dexa had an immediate effect on Neelix. He also took a liking to her son and was willing to risk his life to help his fellow Talaxians defend the asteroid.

Neelix fell in love with Dexa - and she him - and he found he wanted to be with her so much that he decided to stay behind to live on the asteroid with her, her son, and the other Talaxians.

chakotay and janeway relationship

Seska was disappointed that Chakotay would join Starfleet as an officer like he did. She doubted her past feelings of love for him, but still remained obsessed with him.

chakotay and janeway relationship

Seska used her relationship with him to lure him into a trap: As a good man, Chakotay wanted to help her. Luckily, he realized the deception before it was too late. He became attracted to her as she had more a presence and more responsibilities on Voyager. In a move that was out of character for Tom, because he was probably falling in love, he gave up 2 weeks of rations to gift her a locket as a present.

Kes wanted to learn piloting, so he became her instructor. The deepened his feelings for her, despite trying to stave them off. Neelix became jealous of Tom because Kes was spending quite a bit of time with him.

Q first ambushes Janeway by appearing in her bed in her quarters. He wants Janeway to become the mother of his child. Arrogantly Q stated he could have chosen any woman in the galaxy.

Not that fans expected anything to transpire - that would have really ruined Janeway as a character. He was part of a race that believed telepaths were dangerous to the Devore Imperium and conducted regular searches of ships entering their space.

chakotay and janeway relationship

Voyager had a group of empaths they rescued and managed to hide from Devore. Yes, his only plan was to trick her into exposing the telepaths, but sometimes, fake love is based on real emotions. The heartache would pass, but knowing Harry, it would also be unbearable. She directly asked him if he wished to copulate. Later, she tried again by informing Harry she was willing to explore that side of the relationship and instructed Harry to take off his clothes.

It never had gone right for Harry with women, and his early interaction with Seven of Nine was equally as awkward. With no information for a long time, Mark continued his life with new friends and slowly forgetting about Janeway and his life with her. That seems harsh, but what else was he supposed to do?