Cold case lilly and scotty relationship help

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cold case lilly and scotty relationship help

Lillian "Lilly" Rush is a fictional character in the CBS crime drama Cold Case, portrayed by She specialized in working cold cases alongside her partner, Scotty Valens. Lilly has a contentious relationship with her sister. partner breaks up with her, pointing out her too strong devotion to help other people as a reason. Detective Scotty Valens is a fictional character in the CBS crime drama Cold Case, portrayed by Danny Pino. He was a Philadelphia homicide detective and Lilly Rush's partner. He later had an intimate relationship with Lilly's sister Christina, which severely strained his friendship with Lilly for its duration, and he may still. She specialized in working cold cases alongside her partner, Scotty Valens. He and Lilly form a relationship, having much in common, including their.

Scotty is mentioned as having a number of siblings though only one, his older brother Mike, has appeared on the show. Scotty's Granddad had ALS. He used to be a boxer, but at the end he couldn't even hold up a spoon. He suffered for weeks before he died. Scotty went to soccer camp as a kid.

As a kid his late girlfriend Elisa lived 6 blocks away from Scotty. Has stated he had a girlfriend that bit her nails and it drove him crazy.

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He has been shown to have a short temper at times, but is a very loyal partner to Lilly. As a child, Scotty witnessed Mike being sexually assaulted by their boxing coach and kept this secret for years, even after Coach Fitzpatrick was indicted for molesting other young boys.

cold case lilly and scotty relationship help

After being persuaded by ADA Alexandra ThomasScotty approaches his brother about the case, only to have Mike vehemently deny any knowledge of it. Scotty accepts this until weeks later, when Mike has a nervous breakdown, soon followed by the suicide death of one of their childhood friends and the only witness in the molestation case.

Faced with no other choice, Scotty admits what he witnessed and Mike is persuaded to testify, with Scotty by his side.

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He apparently had relative who died of AIDS. That year, Scotty infiltrated the operation of a major drug dealer named Cortez. Using the name Alvaro, Scotty's job was to ferry Cortez's drug mules from the airport to a motel, where Cortez's lieutenant Ramiro would have the women regurgitate the condoms of heroin they had ingested.

Scotty would eventually become fond of one of these women, Ana Castillawho deduced that Scotty was not who he said. Feeling somewhat relieved, he gave her his undercover number at the precinct to call if she was ever in trouble. Scotty would never hear from Ana again, however, and she would be found murdered in an alley soon after.

cold case lilly and scotty relationship help

Relationships Edit Scotty was once engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Elisabut the engagement was truncated by her frequent hospitalizations for schizophrenia. They remained in a relationship of sorts, living together at times, but her frequent relapses wore on Scotty.

By lateElisa was once again hospitalized and her condition seemed to be getting better.

cold case lilly and scotty relationship help

Unexpectedly, in January ofher body was found floating in the Schuylkill River by officers from Scotty's old precinct, including Anna Mayes. Upon being informed of this by Lieutenant John StillmanScotty was stunned, and insisted she must have been murdered, as her apparent 'suicide note' recited only the happy times in their relationship.

Lilly felt more comfortable around Scotty, than the other guy. Still she didn't know yet if she wanted to even be in a relationship.

cold case lilly and scotty relationship help

Just then his eyes flickered open, sensing that she was near. Once the door had closed to her bedroom, she let out a deep sigh. Her life now was indeed much different but filled with more stress, mainly from her job. Especially with a case that she was currently working on.

cold case lilly and scotty relationship help

Right after changing into a pair of pyjamas, Lilly went downstairs in the kitchen to do some work on her laptop. Of course, she had to clean up the kitchen first; since there were still dishes in the sink. After the dishwasher was running, Lilly sat down at the kitchen table; first paying bills before finally working on the case. Though she wanted to sleep, her devotion to work was more important. However Lilly soon found herself browsing through photos instead. That's when the sound of footsteps approaching was heard, prompting her to look up.

Scotty just happen to be standing there, looking visibly tired, " You alright? Us living together, raising Alexis.

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Something about that night Lil, made me want to be with you and Alexis. If I didn't love her, I would have never adopted her as my own. Do not tell me that your fine," noticing the look on her face," Work stays at work.

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