Dara and gd relationship quotes

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dara and gd relationship quotes

a lot of GD's fan posted some of their expeculation replies saying maybe it's she believes that "DARA IS THE GIRL WHO'S MAKING GD GLOWING AND QUOTE POSTED BY:Sofia Erica 42 minutes ago And the only time such priveledge is given to the press is when there is NO MORE relationship to protect. Lol at typical dara stans always blames VIPs coz we are so sick with that toxic the rug telling their fellow shippers not to quote or rt the articles:lol: gd because he's not brave enough to confirm his “relationship” with dara. Sandara Park also known by her stage name Dara (Korean: 다라), is a South Korean singer, . She was featured on the single "Hello" from Big Bang member G-Dragon's . Park was officially promoted from being YG Entertainment's public relations This article contains quotations from 2NE1 at the Generasia, which is.

Proofs that G-Dragon, Dara are dating

Inshe was announced to be one of the most beautiful women of her time 80s. Her first endorsement was for Dong-A pens. In addition to the shampoo's advertisements, Park also contributed a single to go along with the brand. Following the revival of her career as a member of 2NE1Sandara endorsed high-profile local brands without the group.

Inshe became the endorsement model for Oriental Brewery 's Cass beer series, one of Korea's most famous alcoholic beverages, alongside actor Lee Min-ho. Despite having already worked with Etude House in alongside her group, the makeup brand sought to continue with her for an additional two years with the belief that her image would be a "good influence" to potential buyers. Over the course of her endorsement with Etude, the brand was able to compete with popular local makeup companies and were launched to international success.

An umbrella called Sweet Bunny was made available online and in stores to be given to buyers who paid for a certain amount of items. The makeup brand won several web awards for their achievements in marketing, services and makeup as well. A fansigning event was held on the 14 of November as a thank you to the buyers.

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A representative of Moonshot noted that it was the first time their products left stores at such a high rate and that the overall reservations had gone up substantially. Inshe provided her services to Purme Foundation Children's Rehabilitation Hospital and donated gifts given to her by fans over the years to the children.

Aside from speaking native Koreanshe is also fluent in Filipino and English languages due to her residency in the Philippines.

GD's debut as a rapper was with Perry in the song Storm. GD once got a bad score at the school. With hard effort, GD finally graduated the school with Taeyang is because he's already been friends with GD since he was 12, while Seungri because of his naive nature and could easily bullied so GD could make fun of him all the time!

dara and gd relationship quotes

GD is also nicknamed "Pinky Boy" because he likes to wear his favorite pink scarf. GD is the only one who has ever seen Appa YG acting cute when he was bragging about his new pair of shoes and did a "funny" dance while he's listening to music.

GD's is so proud of himself when he is on the stage. GD always yells as the first ritual before stage performance or before the recording session. GD himself confessed he really looks like that from the outside, but from the inside he wasn't really that guy.

GD once said if there any girl VIP who attracted his attention, he's gonna pull whatever it takes and any chances to talk to her. As a leader, it's his obligation to check every incoming message to others' cell phones. He also always check e-mail or comments from Bigbang fans. GD is the youngest child in his family and has a sister named Kwon Dami. Dami has a boutique and GD always help Dami to promote her clothing line by wearing Dami's works.

GD always use his spare time to write song lyrics. Even when Bigbang was at the airport waiting for boarding time, GD was alone playing with his notebook and with an earphone's on. GD confessed one time that he respects Se7en. And Seungri wrote the lyrics. GD's room is the cleanest and the neatest among the other members' room while Taeyang's room is the one called "A Shop" because it's full of limited edition clothes and stuff from many famous brands.

dara and gd relationship quotes

His "1" speed dial in his cell phone is his dad. When he was asked which member of SNSD he thinks is the closest to his ideal type, he answered Yoona. GD wants to collaborate with Ivy and make a sexy music with her. He uses it as a lyric in his song 'The Leaders' ft. Septembera 'running heart' designed by American artist Keith Haring as a symbol of support for social activism issues including the support of homosexuality, opposition to nuclear warfare, and ending racism.

gdragon sandara

Octoberan 8 Star Dragonball on his left shoulder. In the anime, there are only 7 stars but GD is fond of the number 8 as it represents his birth day, month, and year.

March he got two tattoos, the first 'Forever Young' on his right side is paired with Taeyang's cross tattoo in the same spot as they got them at the same time to symbolize their friendship. While Jiyong hasn't given an official explanation for the meaning of this tattoo, in Korea the phrase can be translated as 'Collecting ones thoughts''Concentrate'or 'Calm ones self down'. Again, no official explanation for this tattoo. Most common assumption is that it is a reference to his song 'That XX'.

dara and gd relationship quotes

Or he's just a dork and thinks it's funny because it looks like a face. I'm personally willing to bet it's both, lol. The symbols are suppose to represent love, money, and fame or another f word if you know what I mean: