Define pakistan and bangladesh relationship

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define pakistan and bangladesh relationship

Bangladesh's capital Dhaka is a noisy, exciting city, full of energy and argument. Love & relationships . Before , Bangladesh was East Pakistan, detached from the main body of the country. . What is the solution?. Pakistan-Bangladesh bilateral relations these have been cold. What is urgently required is for Pakistan to focus on improving its relations. The creation of Bangladesh was the ultimate repudiation of the two-nation Is the year that really defines India-Pakistan relations? Or is it.

The bilateral trade of Pakistan and Bangladesh is also not very significant.

define pakistan and bangladesh relationship

The Government of Pakistan has never tried to thaw relations with Bangladesh. No significant action from diplomats or state officials has been taken to improve the relationship, while India has taken advantage of this situation and improved its ties with Bangladesh on all levels.

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Pakistan, on the other hand, has lagged behind due to its sour relations with regional states. If this situation keeps on going, Pakistan would suffer. What is urgently required is for Pakistan to focus on improving its relations with regional countries, especially with neighbouring states.

When it comes to relations with Bangladesh and India, political rivalries must not be allowed to impede the benefits that can be gained from economic cooperation. Pakistan government needs to focus on the aspects of track I and track II diplomacy.

Pakistan’s diplomatic relations with Bangladesh

The success of this diplomacy depends on strong diplomatic skills of a diplomat or statesman. Track II diplomacy involves communication of semi officials or un-officials through different platforms. The key principle of this type of diplomacy is to fill the gaps between the public of the countries, creating partnerships, and improving inter-state linkages.

define pakistan and bangladesh relationship

There are many things that can unite Pakistan with Bangladesh and India. As prime minister, Z A Bhutto first declared Ahmedis non-Muslims, announced prohibition and took steps which laid the foundation for General Zia ul-Haq to build the whole edifice of Islamisation of Pakistan. The consequences of the path chosen then are being borne in the form of Islamist terror by Pakistan and the region.

define pakistan and bangladesh relationship

InIndia midwifed the birth of Bangladesh by dismembering Pakistan, which created a psychological and moral justification within Pakistan to meddle in India, whether in Punjab or in Kashmir. Pakistani establishment believed that it was paying India back in the same coin by fostering and supporting an insurgency in these states. Kashmir, of course, is a far more historically complex situation but bleeding Indian army in Kashmir as a revenge for was certainly a part of Pakistani motivations at some level.

A Short History of India-Pakistan Relations

Musharraf, who masterminded Kargil, has written about the military defeat of that affected him personally. Although that generation of officers who served during the war have all retired, the impact of that defeat on the psyche of the army as an institution even today cannot be denied. When an Indian prime minister mentions Balochistan during his Independence Day speech now, it carries a certain potency because of what India was able to do with East Pakistan 45 years ago.

This post insecurity also manifested itself in another, more strategic way. It impressed upon Bhutto the need to actively pursue the development of nuclear weapons to secure Pakistan against a bigger and stronger India.

define pakistan and bangladesh relationship

Even before India did the peaceful nuclear explosion in Pokharan, Bhutto had started serious work on Pakistan becoming a nuclear power. With both India and Pakistan as nuclear weapon states, the threshold for a conventional military conflict has gone very high, almost impossibly high. Advertising Indira Gandhiin fact, wanted to avoid these consequences when it signed the Simla Agreement with Bhutto in Despite having more than 93, Pakistani prisoners of war, India did not go for a punitive settlement on Kashmir.

Wary of making the mistake the winners of the First World War made at Versailles, India treated Pakistan as an equal, with dignity, honour and respect.

define pakistan and bangladesh relationship