Doumeki and watanuki relationship

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doumeki and watanuki relationship

Himawari is often the one to point out the things that Watanuki refuses to admit himself in regards to Doumeki. She often remarks on how close of a relationship . Mar 17, Pairing: Doumeki Shizuka x Watanuki Kimihiro Aishuu is of the opinion that " This relationship could be defined as 'practically canon. Feb 8, xxxHOLiC and relationships: Watanuki/Himawari - didn't happen, Himawari ultimately marries someone else Doumeki/Watanuki - didn't.

Kimihiro Watanuki

This is the beginning of Watanuki's part time job, in which there is many meets that coincide, but as Yuko says there's no coincidence, only hitsuzen fate;the inevitable. As time goes by, Watanuki meets many different people who help him to develop and change his opinions on the world, and also to understand the world from Yuko's perspective, which also helps him to mature. Watanuki, learns the power of divination, not noticing that this is the beginning of a transformation in himself.

For Watanuki, this causes difficulties when others decide to help him despite risking themselves. Watanuki cannot accept someone sacrificing themselves or something of importance just for him.

In one case he's exposed to great danger when spending time with the spirit of a woman, who lost her child when she was young. He at first doesn't relise she's dead, but has a strong connection to her as the woman has experienced the same loneliness he feels daily.

He continues to see her despite falling ill he even coughs blood. And is shown to be heartbroken when Doumeki, attempting to save Watanuki, helps her to pass her on. Watanuki began to notice that strange things were beggining to happen around him, causing Yuuko to get suspicious particuarly of Himawari who she noted had a strange aura around her.

One day, when Watanuki was walking through the corridor at school with Himawari, he tragically fell out of a window which he was leaning on and was fatally injured. Himawari and Doumeki took him to Yuuko's shop, and made a bargain that they would receive Watanuki's wounds from the accident. In the seventh volume a curse that should have fallen onto Watanuki because of him destroying a spider nest at Doumeki's shrine, is instead transferred to Doumeki.

To release Watanuki of the nest, Doumeki destroyed the nest, transferring the curse of the spider, originally intended for Watanuki, to invite itself into his open eye. For this curse to be transferred, Watanuki is forced to suffer the guilt of seeing Doumeki's lost eye, so to save Doumeki from the pain, he wishes for it to be transferred to his left eye.

doumeki and watanuki relationship

By Watanuki losing his left eye, much to Doumeki's anger, he now shares half of his right's eye vision with Doumeki's. His eyes are now heterochromatic with one blue eye right and one golden eye in the manga or in the anime, one green eye his left. Perhaps because they are both sharing the same eye, there is a great visible change in how DoumekI treats Watanuki as a person. Later on, after losing his eye, Watanuki finds out that the Zashiki Warashi has been captured by the "Spider Queen" in an attempt to retrieve his right eye.

When he is captured and faces the Spider Queen, he offers the left eye and his body in exchange of releasing her. She rejects this offer, she wouldn't take something so easily; says to him that he's "throwing himself away as if nothing" something that Zashiki Warashi and the Kudakitsune are trying to retrieve badly. This teaches him a valuable lesson of self- value. Not long after this, Watanuki starts to almost regularly fall into dream like state regardless any time of the day or the circumstances and starts to meet up with Haruka, Doumeki's grandfather, who appears to Watanuki as the same age as Doumeki and is identical to Doumeki.

When Watanuki first met Haruka, Watanuki couldn't tell the difference between the two and easily mistook Haruka for Doumeki, yet as time goes on, Watanuki learns how to distinguish him from Doumeki. Watanuki starts to regularly fall into dream like states, and In chapter of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Watanuki is revealed to be in a dream world with Sakura's soul. Not only is his memory of his past erased, but so is his memory of the exchange.

In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicleit is stated that Watanuki should not exist, and that he would 'replace' Syaoran hinting that Watanuki is, in the altered timeline, the son of Syaoran and Sakura Li.

Fei Wong says that his existence will bring misery to his parents. As Fei Wong takes Syaoran, he yells "Don't disappear" to Watanuki just as his eyes open for the first time.

He realizes he knows them, but not who they are, saying that they're hurt. Watanuki rushes back to the shop, only to step into a black void. Now her time has began to move forward once again; she is dying. The context of their relationship, to this point, is still ambiguous. We learn from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles that it was a price to pay for Clone Sakura's reincarnation.

doumeki and watanuki relationship

Watanuki makes a promise to himself and to her- that he will continue living and that if he wishes hard enough, he would want to meet her again. Watanuki awakens in the shop, with Doumeki by his side. Outside, Doumeki and Mokona chat, revealing a few things. Mokona finally reveals that because of their shared vision, the decision when to use the egg depends on Doumeki. He chooses to succeed Yuko, however to complete his task he needs to regain his power to see spirits which Yuko had taken away.

To regain this power, as a price, he can't leave the shop at all.

doumeki and watanuki relationship

Watanuki continues to grant wishes in the shop, although often taking too little or too much as prices. He gets along better with Doumeki as now he acts like someone completely different and quite mature, he doesn't hide his emotions and stops making movements and weird expressions.

He tries not to get hurt when granting wishes, since everyone wants him to continue existing without hurting his heart or body. It seems that the transformation has completed and his personality suffers a great change.

His magic is finally released, according to the Spider Queen he might no longer be human. Four years after, he meets Syaoran again although it seems like 2 years to Syaoran. His coming inspired him to make a new signature, with a bird, taking this as a price he sends him and the group back to Clow Country so he can see Sakura again. Then the Izuna's master speak directly to him asking for help and the price will be given through her lips.

Once the task is met, Doumeki gives him the tape rewinding it again and again to hear: Doumeki's grandson, who looks exactly like his grandfather Shizuka and Haruka, is now keeping Watanuki company. Watanuki is now a powerful mage in his own right but finds a dream that takes all of his power to unlock. Doumeki's grandson has still not decided to use the egg on Watanuki.

At this point, Rei's stand in the manga's general timeline is still unknown. But from what it's been seen Watanuki is still as in xxxHolic Yuko's assistant, which is the major twist as Yuko had died at xxxHolic's finale. He's also still going to the institute, being friends with both Doumeki and Himawari.

Although Maru and Moro make their appearance, Black Mokona hasn't been seen yet. Kohane has not appeared either. It's a recurring theme in the manga that Watanuki needs to make a choice, but later on it's hinted that he already has chosen. Also, each time Watanuki seems to remember something important regarding this choice, he passes out.

The first customers that come to the shop in Rei, are two women each of them carrying a doll that represent their other "friend". Although they do not come for their wishes, rather they come for necessity which is another recurring theme in Rei. One of them "stole" the other's boyfriend and for this, she feels that she must suffer, using the doll to hurt her.

Each time they come a greater damage is shown to these dolls, which shows that they are hurting each other, possibly resulting in each other's death. He and Doumeki are later on, sent to investigate an event in a room in Watanuki's apartment building which now it's revealed to be the same as Kobato's. They wait, watching a show recommended by Himawari but once it ends, Watanuki hears a voice.

Watanuki hears the voice frequently since then and each time he answers the voice. Walking outside of school, he meets with the voice again only that this time it has a wish. A wish for him to "come back", but he doesn't understand the meaning of it. The spirit chases him down to Yuko's shop where she destroys it. During the summer, Yosuzume goes to the shop with a wish. To grant it, Watanuki and Doumeki are sent into the forest to protect Yamainu a spirit that protects the mountains.

They give him a lunch box as an offering. After finishing their task, Watanuki and Doumeki return to the shop and talk to Yuko, as she explains that the past cannot be returned to, as well as explaining them that they are married. Yuko gives them the choice between two items that they had given her: Yosuzume's will guide them to a place they want to go once, but Yamainu's will guide them to a place they want to return to once.

As she waits for their decision, Watanuki seems unable to choose. Watanuki and Doumeki come across and old lady wanting to get rid of three hundred yen coins, as she comes into the temple and tosses them into the offering box. Watanuki finds out that these were used as a lucky charm, but nevertheless warns Himawari from doing so. They meet the old lady again, who explained them her situation as being too uneasy about it when an injured man forced her to exchange them. Watanuki then realizes that it isn't a lucky spell but a curse, and that the curse cannot be broken once someone has involved in it.

Then Doumeki asks him how he can know so much, and seemingly losing consciousness he says that he saw too many things with Yuko. He then asks what did he do after those things "happened", and he replies that "he chose".

Afterwards his cellphone rings, he answers but the caller hangs up.

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Once he's with Yuko, she explains the curse to him and Watanuki realizes that he said the same thing that she said, to Doumeki. He wonders if he's doing something wrong, but Yuko replies that he's not doing something right or wrong. As she tries to explain this to him, he loses consciousness and falls into Yuko's arms, who tells him he "should already know what will return and what will not. The main characters are both intrigued and suspicious when first meeting Watanuki. However, one most notes that there is a strong sense of loneliness coming from Watatnuki but can't figure out why.

In episode 7, Watanuki, reveals himself to be the shop owner of a wish granting shop in the body of a dog to the main character Saya. Throughout the anime, since episode 1, the dog has appeared many times and is always around Saya. Even though the dog does not speak, he gives off the feeling that he knows and understands Saya's situation. Following on to episode 7 once again, Watanuki tells Saya everything that he can, admitting that he was sent to stay by her side as a result of a wish from one of his customers.

Watanuki does not reveal who asked this of him but that he must appear as a dog to Saya until the wish is granted. Related to this, Fai's second favour was for Kurogane to stand back while he tries something to judge an enemy's power.

He gets very lightly hurt and Kurogane's reaction is immediate and very, very pissed that there's blood. And it isn't the usual explosive anger either but the quiet anger we know from situations like Tokyo and Celes. Which says a lot. In the final chapter there's a touching family scene between the travelers with Syaoran apologizing and thanking his surrogate parents.

Fai just gives him a loose hug but Kurogane goes so far as to loop an arm around Fai to ruffle Syaoran's hair and then leaves his arm around Fai for a good few pages. Which arm is that?

Could this be evidence for canon Douwata? - Deep Connection

And with Clamp, that's some symbolism right there. In chapter 83, after killing Kotori, Fuuma pins Kamui to a wall by stabbing him through his arms and legs and puts his face really close, while murmuring seductively and licking his neck. Oh, and it doesn't help that Kamui is steamily whispering Fuuma's name the entire time. Other fan-popular pairings with a good deal of subtext include Subaru and Kamui, and Fuuma and Seishirou mostly for the symmetry, it seems. There's also quite a bit between Fuuma and Kakyou.

Satsuki and Yuzuriha have their fair share of Les Yay. Yuko constantly hints and teases Watanuki that he suits Doumeki much better than Himawari doesand she constantly puts them in situations that resembles her matchmaking them.

The Shipper's Manifesto

And whenever Himawari herself sees Watanuki and Doumeki interact read: Considering how much Watanuki disliked him and acted like a Jerkass toward him, none of that would really make sense unless Doumeki In chapter Doumeki reveals to Kohane why he stays with Watanuki. He tells of one day he saw Watanuki standing in the rain, sadly cradling a dead kitten. He hears Watanuki say, "I'll die like this too.

After telling Kohane this she asks him to take care of Watanuki and not to hesitate when the moment comes that he'll be needed. Whenever Watanuki wants to "pay back" any favors Doumeki gives him such as saving his life numerous timeshe'll cook Doumeki's favorite food or take requests to cook something Doumeki wants most often with Doumeki making some ridiculous request that's impossible.

Okay, so Doumeki already really really likes Watanukibut the cooking definitely seems to make him fall for Watanuki even more.

doumeki and watanuki relationship

In fact, a lot of dere-dereromantic and cutesy moments between them occur with them bantering and arguing about Watanuki's cooking. And then, later, Watanuki appears to start acting like a very typical Tsundere towards Doumeki - especially here Doumeki usually calls Watanuki "you" or "dumbass".

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When he does start calling Watanuki by his name, he does it without the usual expected honorifics. During the Valentine's Day chapter, if you technically looked at the exchange of chocolate, after the whole mixup, Watanuki gave the chocolate to Doumeki. It's true that in the story, this doesn't carry implications, however, this is xxxHolic, where everything including the plot is subtext and symbolism.

If you look at the symbolism of Watanuki giving Doumeki chocolate And then there's chapterwhere the heartbroken Watanuki reveals that, after Yuuko disappeared, he decided to make a pact to wait for Yuuko forever, never aging, and never being able to leave the shop, until the day she returns to him. Doumeki's expression when Watanuki tells him is It looks to be a mixture of being punched in the stomach, exasperation, and a general feeling of, "oh shit, you did not just do that In recent chapters of Doumeki and Watanuki staying together at Yuuko's shop after she disappears you could hear the collective squeeing of fangirls at the sight of them acting like husband and wife a married couple in a situation that has been the set up to countless Yaoi doujinshi.

Sadistic Lady Mangaka indeed, and as of chapter they're just doing it on purpose Watanuki acting annoyed that Doumeki seems to be spending all his free time coming to see him, only for Mokona to point out that Doumeki is doing it because he's worried about him and want to make sure Watanuki isn't hurt It appears that even Monoka trying to push Watanuki into realizing Doumeki's feelings for him.

And the fact that when Monoka told Watanuki that Doumeki was worried about him, Watanuki actually smiled and looked touched. Recent chapters have Doumeki and Watanuki alone in a bedroom, with Watanuki sprawled out on the floor wearing a loose kimono, discussing about the mating habits of cats, and what it needs for the ideal mate and love. Additionally - from a shipper's point of view - those glimpses into the future take up a mere few pages compared to the rest: That relationship is shown on several levels.

First, of course their physical interaction. Doumeki and Watanuki are school mates, they meet each day, they walk to school together, spend their time there together, eat lunch together and often enough walk home together as well. In addition, Doumeki is simply there every time Watanuki needs him - no matter what time of day or night it is or what supernatural realm Watanuki has managed to get lost in.

doumeki and watanuki relationship

Frankly, it's almost baffling with how much ease these two manage to show us the picture of a married couple. Doumeki orders food and Watanuki cooks it, albeit grumpily.