Dual nationality india and uk relationship

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dual nationality india and uk relationship

The Indian attitude towards dual nationality and the development of the status of . the relationships between India and Europe, and EU member States in particular. .. (), Sweden () and the United Kingdom (). If you thought dual citizenship was the next step toward a cosmopolitan future, For example, David McAllister, who carries German and British citizenship, served nationality through birthright, prolonged residence or marriage, except from. They have no problem granting dual citizenship to Indians but India requires these However, international relations with UK, USA, Russia, Canada, France, .

If that is the case, however, such an individual must always enter and leave the country as a Mexican by presenting a Mexican proof of citizenship. All Mexican nationals by birth who possess another nationality cannot be elected for or work in public office only in those cases that the law clearly establishes that they must not acquire another nationality.

If in such a case, she or he can request a Certificate of Nationality from the government, renouncing the other nationality. A person having a dual nationality does not lose his Moroccan nationality.

Dual Nationality Rules of Pakistan And India, Urdu/ Hindi

However, that many problems for people who also have nationality of countries that do not allow their nationals to have multiple citizenship. A Nauruan may hold the citizenship of one or more countries other than Nauru. Subject to regulations, a Nauruan who applies for the citizenship of another country does not, by reason only of such application or the granting of the application, lose Nauruan citizenship.

A New Zealand citizen who holds another citizenship may renounce their New Zealand citizenship, although this may not be registered if they reside in New Zealand or the country is at war.

New Zealand citizenship was granted only to British subjects exceptions could be made for married women and minors ; therefore, New Zealanders who lost British subject status before were not necessarily entitled to automatic New Zealand citizenship and so would have been required to apply for naturalisation. Palauan citizens are allowed to hold dual citizenship, and give citizenship at birth to people with Palauan parents. The proposed wording was: Persons of other foreign nations may retain their Palauan citizenship or become naturalized Palauan citizens as provided by law.

dual nationality india and uk relationship

Palauan citizen may renounce their Palauan citizenship. Announcements made prior to the effective date of this amendment are not affected by this amendment. However, such citizens do not have certain voting rights, and are barred from serving in the military, holding certain public offices and taking some civil servant jobs.

Holding dual citizenship was not permitted before in Pakistan.

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But now the government of Pakistan recognizes and allows its citizens to also hold citizenships of 16 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Iceland, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and others.

Every person is supposed is to have at least one citizenship; some countries allow dual citizenship while others may impose limitations or ban it. Palestine is caught in a legal grey zone in more ways than one.

There is no definitive citizenship or nationality act. Some Palestinian Americans, for instance, have been banned from entering Israel. Given the tenuous nature of the Palestine nation state, it does make sense for Palestinians to seek out second citizenship.

Reference here ; no direct source Panama. Nevertheless, Panama does offer its Friendly Nations Visa, which can be easily obtained, and which grants permanent residency leading to full citizenship to those from a list of 50 countries with which it has economic and professional ties. These countries are mostly Western nations. Citizenship in Panama is primarily based upon jus soli.

Panama permits dual citizenship. Although naturalization as a Panamanian citizen states there should be renunciation of the previous citizenship, in practice many people retain two citizenships. Dual citizenship in Paraguay is allowed if your country of origin allows itso no difficulties should occur if you are originally an American or Canadian, for instance.

In practice, dual citizenship is also permitted in most cases. In practice, Multiple citizenship is acknowledged and accepted by Peru and its consular and diplomatic staff. However, Filipinos who get a second citizenship will not lose their Philippine nationality, and if they do, they may apply to have it reinstated.

Before the passage of R. The passage of R. Portugal allows dual citizenship. Hence, Portuguese citizens holding or acquiring a foreign citizenship do not lose Portuguese citizenship.

Similarly, those becoming Portuguese citizens do not have to renounce their foreign citizenship. Such citizens do not have to establish residency in Romania, and are given the same rights as non-dual citizens. Romanian citizens currently have the right to hold dual citizenship. Romanian citizens who apply for dual citizenship are not required to establish their residency in Romania and, if accepted, are granted all the same rights as non-dual citizens.

The Romanian policy on dual citizenship is irrelevant to other states policy. In order to successfully become a dual citizen of Romania, a person must also meet the requirements of dual citizenship in the other country. The procedure necessary for declaring dual citizenship remains unclear. At any time, a Samoan citizen who is also a citizen or intends to become a citizen of any other state which does not permit dual citizenship may make a declaration renouncing their Samoan citizenship.

Citizenship be cancelled where the Minister is satisfied that the person has been or is disloyal or disaffected towards Samoa. Deprivation of citizenship in certain cases of residence abroad — Subject to section 18, the Minister may order that a person who obtains citizenship by permanent residence under section 8 or by marriage to a Samoan citizen under section 9 be deprived of citizenship where the Minister is satisfied that: Deprivation of citizenship in case of fraud — Subject to section 18, the Minister may order that any citizen of Samoa be deprived of that citizenship where the Minister is satisfied that such citizenship was obtained by means of fraud, false representation, concealment of any material fact or mistake.

Notice by Minister — Before making an order under sections 15, 16 or 17, as the case may be, the Minister shall cause to be served on that person a notice in Samoan or English: Serbia permits dual citizenship. Serbian citizenship is based primarily upon the principle of jus sanguinis right of blood. However, naturalized citizens are not allowed to apply for such a retention.

India, China, Germany: A world of rules on dual citizenship

All dual citizens are required to enter and leave the country on their South African passports. Prior toSouth Africa in principle did not recognise the multiple citizenship of its nationals unless the citizen applied for an exemption or permission letter under a law permitting South African citizens to travel using foreign passports.

SinceSouth African dual nationals may travel without hindrance as long as they enter and leave South Africa on their South African passports. However, a South African citizen who by a formal and voluntary act acquires the citizenship of another country, automatically loses his or her South African citizenship unless they apply for, and receive permission to retain their South African citizenship before acquiring the citizenship of another country [1].

A naturalised citizen however cannot apply for such a retention. South African citizens under the age of eighteen 18 years are exempt and do not require permission as long as they acquire the foreign citizenship before their eighteenth 18th birthday.

In Sri Lanka, dual citizenship is applicable to a person whose citizenship of Sri Lanka has ceased under sections 19, 20 or 21 of the Citizenship Act No. There is no residence requirement, and individuals are not required to visit the country to process their citizenship application.

Dual citizenship is permitted and there is no residence requirement. It is not necessary to visit St. Kitts to process the 2nd citizenship application, but we do recommend you visit the island if you have chosen the Real Estate option, to select your property. And, if you want to reside in St.

Kitts there are no restrictions on doing so. Lucia allows dual citizenship. As a citizen of Saint Lucia, you are allowed to hold dual citizenship and are not therefore required to renounce your citizenship of any other country. Moreover, as a citizen of Saint Lucia, you are eligible to be issued with a passport which allows visa-free travel to about 98 countries and territories worldwide, including the entire EU making Saint Lucian citizenship exceptionally appealing.

However, citizens who take up South Sudanese nationality will lose their Sudanese passport. The law allows for dual nationality generally, but provides that any person who acquires South Sudanese nationality, either in fact or in law, will lose their Sudanese nationality.

This provision raises the risk that the law may be interpreted to mean that any person who would qualify for citizenship under South Sudanese law might lose their Sudanese nationality, whether or not they wish to acquire South Sudanese nationality or whether the South Sudanese government recognises them in practice.

If this were the case it might lead to statelessness. With effect from 1 Julya Swedish citizen acquiring a foreign citizenship does not lose Swedish citizenship.

Former Swedish citizens who lost Swedish citizenship prior to this date upon naturalisation in another country were given a two-year period to re-acquire Swedish citizenship by declaration. Children of former Swedish citizens were also eligible to acquire Swedish citizenship by declaration. The deadline for submission of applications was 30 June The changes to the law also mean that foreigners seeking naturalisation as a Swedish citizen do not need to renounce their former citizenship.

There has been no restriction on multiple citizenship in Switzerland since 1 January Thus, foreigners who acquire Swiss citizenship and Swiss citizens who voluntarily acquire another citizenship keep their previous citizenship subject to the laws of the other countryas was the case before this date.

It is also similarly difficult giving up Syrian citizenship. Any person who ceases to be a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago under the former Constitution by reason of his failure to renounce his citizenship of another country shall, if the citizenship of that other country was acquired involuntarily or by marriage, be deemed not to have ceased to be a citizen by reason of such failure; and, unless he has since acquired citizenship of a foreign country by voluntary act other than marriage, or he has otherwise lost his citizenship under section 14, he shall continue to be a citizen under this Act.

Dual citizens are not required to enter and leave the country on their Turkish passport.


Dual citizenship is possible in Turkey because there are no uniform rules of international law relating to the acquisition of nationality. Each country has its own laws regarding nationality, and its nationality is conferred upon individuals on the basis of its own domestic policy.

Individuals may have dual nationality by choice or by the automatic operation of these different and sometimes conflicting laws. However, citizens of the British Overseas Territories may not be able to gain British citizenship if they take up another nationality. There is no general restriction in UK law on a British national being a citizen of another country.


If a person has British nationality and is also a national of a country that does not allow dual nationality, the authorities of that country may regard the person as having lost that nationality or may refuse to recognize the British nationality. Uruguay has permitted dual citizenship since Uruguayan citizenship is primarily based upon the principle of jus soli right of the soil.

This Part applies to a person who intends to apply for Vanuatu citizenship and hold dual citizenship as recognised by subarticle of the Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu. Former citizens who lost their nationality before dual citizenship was permitted may apply to have it reinstated. A citizen shall not lose citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country. A citizen who ceased to be a citizen, before the commencement of this Constitution as a result of acquiring the citizenship of another country, shall be entitled to apply, as prescribed, to the Citizenship Board of Zambia, for citizenship and the Board shall bestow citizenship on that person.

Citizens who serve in a foreign armed forces or work for a foreign government may lose their US citizenship. Government recognizes that dual nationality exists but does not encourage it as a matter of policy because of the problems it may cause.

Also, a person who is automatically granted another nationality does not risk losing U. However, a person who acquires a foreign nationality by applying for it may lose U.

In order to lose U. Countries that do not allow dual citizenship Andorra. Those who lose their citizenship by acquiring another passport may get it back if they relinquish the other nationality.

Dual citizenship in Andorra is not recognized. Due to the fact that the Andorran government has no way of knowing if a person has become a citizen of another country, dual citizenship can arise through default. For those who must be sure of no dual citizenship, it is best to contact the Andorran government and inform them of the change of citizenship. Azerbaijan does not allow dual citizenship, and anyone who voluntarily applies and obtains foreign citizenship automatically loses Azerbaijani citizenship.

However Azerbaijani immigrants wishing to renounce their citizenship in order to acquire citizenship in another country such as Germany, which requires denunciation of previous citizenships, or Japan must apply for denunciation. That process can last up to a year. The only exception is that the President of Azerbaijan may grant dual citizenship to persons of special importance, and that person will not lose Azerbaijani citizenship by retaining the foreign citizenship obtained by him or her, or lose his or her original foreign citizenship while being granted Azerbaijani citizenship.

Minor citizens who obtain a second passport at birth are permitted to maintain both nationalities until the age of 21, upon which they must decide on which citizenship to retain. Dual citizenship is permitted only under the following limited circumstances. From [ edit ] A child born outside the UK, Gibraltar or the Falkland Islands on or after 1 January or outside another British Overseas Territory on or after 21 May automatically acquires British citizenship by descent if either parent is a British citizen otherwise than by descent at the time of the child's birth.

At least one parent must be a British citizen otherwise than by descent. As a general rule, an unmarried father cannot pass on British citizenship automatically in the case of a child born before 1 July If the parents marry subsequent to the birth the child normally becomes a British citizen at that point if legitimated by the marriage and the father was eligible to pass on British citizenship.

If the unmarried British father was domiciled in a country that treated at the date of birth of the child born before 1 July a child born to unmarried parents in the same way as a child born to married parents, then the father passed on British citizenship automatically to his child, even though the child was born before 1 July to unmarried parents. In the most common scenario, the parent is normally expected to have lived in the UK for three consecutive years and apply to register the child as a British citizen while the child is a minor clause 43, Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Acteffective from 13 January Prior to this date, the age limit was 12 months.

Before 21 Mayall British Overseas Territories except two were treated as 'overseas' for nationality purposes. The exceptions were Gibraltarwhere residents are eligible to register as British citizens under section 5 the British Nationality Act ; and the Falkland Islands, granted British citizenship following the Falklands War under the British Nationality Falkland Islands Act Hence, children born to such parents on a British Overseas Territory other than those listed above acquired British citizenship by descent if they were born prior to 21 Maywhile children born on or after that day on a British Overseas Territory other than Akrotiri and Dhekelia acquired British citizenship otherwise by descent as UK-born children.

Children born overseas to parents on Crown Service are normally granted British citizenship otherwise than by descent, so their status is the same as it would have been had they been born in the UK.

In exceptional cases, the Home Secretary may register a child of parents who are British by descent as a British citizen under discretionary provisions, for example if the child is stateless, or a second or subsequent generation born abroad into a British citizen family with strong links with the UK, or in 'compassionate circumstances'.

dual nationality india and uk relationship

Transmission was from the father only, and only if the parents were married. See History of British nationality law.

dual nationality india and uk relationship

Children ineligible for British citizenship at birth[ edit ] See also: From 20 Julythe Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act provides that a person born outside the UK to a British mother may be entitled to register as a British citizen by descent if that person was born before 1 January Run your own country Uzupis Inartists founded the "Republic of Uzupis" in a neighborhood of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

Like many other micronations, it has its own flag, currency, president, anthem and constitution. One of the articles stipulates that "everyone has the right to be unique," another confirms the "right to be unhappy. Run your own country Akhzivland It was a close call for Eli Avivi when bulldozers came rumbling in to demolish his house on Israel's northern coast in - and he proclaimed his own state in protest, Akhzivland. The tiny property with a campground and a museum is a tourist attraction today.

If you're lucky, Avivi will even stamp your passport. Integration first Austria expressly forbids the acquisition of another citizenship, except in rare circumstances.

According to the Austrian foreign ministry, you "automatically" lose Austrian citizenship "upon obtaining foreign citizenship.

dual nationality india and uk relationship

Dual citizenship in Europe: Which rules apply where? In some cases, gaining or retaining Austrian citizenship is a question of how famous a person is. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger was allowed to retain his Austrian nationality upon becoming a US citizen, while German actor Christoph Waltz received Austrian citizenship after being awarded an Oscar for the film "Inglorious Basterds.