Gandhi and jinnah relationship memes

Jinnah Quotes (27 quotes)

gandhi and jinnah relationship memes

As leaders and thinkers, Jinnah and Gandhi deserve full Chagla states that Jinnah cultivated no relationships outside politics, and had 'no. Quaid-e-Azam the founder of Pakistan has always been known for his strong personality traits. He was always very sure of what he says and. Why Jayalalithaa Was Only Following In Gandhi, Jinnah & Modi's but the original relationship is between the legislators and their leader.

Gandhi, it must be said, left a much better impression on most of his contemporaries than Jinnah, and this has heavily tilted the verdict of history in as far as it is influenced by personal memoirs.

gandhi and jinnah relationship memes

The result has been a body of literature about him that is saccharine in the extreme. The most sincere voices that speak up for him come largely from those impressed by his easy brilliance, and relate to his early years.

Two British Secretaries of State for India were open admirers: Of hostile witnesses, pride of place must go to Lord Mountbatten. The range of critical remarks he made about Jinnah is quite striking. He was a solitary figure at several points in his career, but this characteristic seems to have attached to him regardless of his situation.

Politics for most politicians is a serious business, and for Jinnah more than most.

Jinnah Quotes

He never mastered the deftness of touch that Gandhi could employ. But there was once a lighter spirit discernible in him, captured for us by Sarojini Naidu.

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Her extended description of him contains most of the well-known phrases applied to his early career and it deserves to be quoted at length on the subject of his character, if only to counterbalance much of what is found elsewhere. In she contributed an introduction to a collection of his speeches, in which she describes him as: This reflects the extraordinary reverence in which his contemporaries held him and the way that he seems not to have abused the space and authority this granted him.

He was essentially the same in public and private. He never stood on ceremony, or hectored his opponents, no matter how far apart he stood from them on the issues at hand, whether he was addressing the king or a minor Raj official.

Gandhi and Jinnah on life after Partition - India Today Archives News - Issue Date: Aug 20,

His ability to reach out informally across political and social divides was extraordinary; during his trip to England inhe managed to befriend the very mill workers that his hand-spinning was intended to condemn to unemployment. MAJ What is the question? But it was not a nation I recognised. MAJ The question, please.

gandhi and jinnah relationship memes

MKG My associates were in no mood to listen to me. They were tiring of the struggle, and of the constant war of words with you when the challenge from Hitler came MKG I was alone, whereas you MKG Now my question is MAJ Putting the pipe back into his pocket Bau darad thayo MKG So we have at least two things in common-we speak Gujarati and we were in pain at the end of our days.

MAJ I was speaking of physical pain. MKG My pain was not physical, except of course at the precise final moment. The first shot coming like a flash rather surprised me The second one hurt, I must say, but the third one I did not really feel But the pain I am talking about was in my heart I died with that pain I do not know how It was all so sickening Anyway, what is the use of thinking about it now I asked them in Bihar, "I ask you how could you live to see an old woman being butchered in front of your eyes What made you think of her as a Muslim?

She was a mother Do not cut my throat MKG Did you take the culprits to task or not? And what about your colleagues? We lived in different worlds, they and I MKG She was a troubled soul.

‘Friends and enemies’

Silence MAJ And then MKG Did you know of the cancer when we last met? You did not mention it. MAJ You were not a doctor. Silence MAJ So much that consumed our time, our energy, our life, seems so utterly pointless now. What did we fight for and fight each other for? To see prime ministers The rise of religious bigotry in both countries I sometimes wonder if we are returning to the Middle Ages Login to verify your age.

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gandhi and jinnah relationship memes

Ltd Advertisement Dec 06, at Why are Indian politicians so quick to shed ideals and values that appear to run deep in our polity? Across the country, a vote-winner is valued over the ideology he or she stands for. In fact, it seems to be the key. Ideology, a firm and identifiable plank, is a detriment in a diverse democracy like ours. A winner needs to divest himself or herself of party ideology if they are to build an aura that brings them repeated electoral success.

gandhi and jinnah relationship memes

Their partymen, happy to be taken along for the ride, are content to witness and even aid this undercutting of the same ideology that brought them to politics, in exchange for the pleasures of power. A personality cult robs a political movement of its conceptual weight. But that is to mistake the symptom for the cause.

gandhi and jinnah relationship memes

Former J Jayalalithaa Source: PTI Part of the answer, at least, lies in the political system, and the institutional subversion that has taken place under our noses. In India, the supreme leader always retains — and jealously guards — the power to grant electoral tickets.