Ginji and ban relationship quiz

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ginji and ban relationship quiz

Ginji, who can amplify electricity, and Ban, who can create illusions in people's minds, join forces to become a retrieval team who gets back items and people. Can you name the big bang theory trivia based on the clues? Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your. I just noticed: Ban's seiyuu is Kanna Nobutoshi, same person who voiced Basara in Macross 7 XD Maybe Ban and *Ginji crosses arms w/ electricity scene* * gasp* Kikaida transform! Angel Sanctuary, Maze, Prince of Tennis (kinda sorta, since Fujicest is a fan based relationship, but~). Get Backers Personality Quiz.

Sometimes, though, this can put the Infinity Fortress in a bad situation if the Lightning Emperor calls for more power in a single instant than the tower is capable of producing. For this reason, he is dangerous to the "Brain Trust" in Babylon City who possess the "Archive" the sum total of human knowledge past, present and future as he could potentially erase the "Archive" if he blacked out the Limitless Fortress.

This means his existence was not foretold and therefore his existence inside the Limitless Fortress changes all the prophecies made by the Brain Trust. The reason for this most likely has to do with his mother. In book 30, she requests Akabane to transport her to the top of Babylon Tower, after her first request of asking Akabane to transport the GB duo to the same place was turned down.

Akabane cited conflicting interests as his reason for turning down the first quest. Jackal left her, she wondered about the true nature of the "Lost Time", and hoped to see a man named Masaki at Babylon Tower. As it turned out, Hevn and Masaki were lovers.

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Although Masaki tried to forget his feelings for Hevn and tried to kill her as wellin the end, the couple embraced after Masaki's fight with Ginji. Formerly one of the Four Kings of the Volts, known as Kazuki of the Threads, Kazuki is the last master of the Fuuchouin Thread Arts, a fighting style which utilizes koto strings controlled by vibrations in his fingertips.

The strings are very sharp and can tear up solid earth, bones, skin, muscles, and sometimes steel based on the vibrations of the finger. The strings also have other uses, such as listening in on distant conversations. The strings are stored in two bells tied to the front right strand of his hair to ease manipulation. It is later revealed that the enemy clan, the Kokuchouin, destroyed Kazuki's clan. Kazuki is usually an ally of the GetBackers, due to his friendship with Ginji.

He and Ban tolerate each other, but are not close. Kazuki is also the most notably feminine character among the males. He also has strong ties to one of their former enemies, namely Juubei, because they had been friends in the past. In the end of the manga reveals that the GB world is an AI simulation with Infinity Tower as its conduit, explaining the superpowers the characters have. He is also able to use light to blind his opponents' senses.

In the manga, he's Hevn's former lover and a good friend of the GetBackers duo. In the anime, he is openly allied with Babylon City. He is generally very independent and cold to others.

Even though his powers allow him to control animals, he considers them friends, and tries to protect them as they do him. He eventually ends up living with Madoka Otowa, and he has an ongoing rivalry with Ban Mido. Because of this, he knows a lot about Masaki and his followers, although it is doubtful that he knows about Masaki's true identity as a vassal for the Voodoo King. In the "Get Back the Lost Time" arc, he remarks that Masaki has changed a lot from what he used to be, 'a man who will protect the weak'.

Both in the manga and anime, his relationship with Madoka has progressed to a stage whereby he would do almost anything to protect her. As a sign of how well a companion Madoka is, Shido even noted that she could talk to animals, a trait not many ordinary humans could achieve.

In the manga finale, he was seen carrying Madoka's shopping bag, possibly a homage to the ending of the anime series, where he does the same thing. As the last survivor of the Fuyuki Clan, his Chimera form is one of the three "keys" to opening the sealed gates of Babylon City, which Ban's grandmother sealed long ago.

ginji and ban relationship quiz

Even without activating its powers, he was seen to be able to subdue Kazuki Fuuchouin, even as he went berserk as the Cruel Prince. His Shikizoku power is "Awakening": Using this skill, he can release the potential powers which are hidden within that person. He used this to restore Ginji's powers and turn him into Raitei in the "Kiryuudo" arc. Ban and Ginji always have unsettled tabs with him, and he sometimes forces them to work off their debt or refuses to give them food. He is sort of a philosophical father-figure in the series.

Later in the manga, it is revealed that Paul, along with Ban's father, were the first generation of GetBackers and they had, in their time, ascended to the top of the Limitless Fortress, even entering Babylon City.

However, neither can remember their time there as a result of the seal, which the "stigma" eye gained at that time, placed on the memories of that time. In his fight against Shimon Miroku the Miroku 7's fatherhe once reverted to his younger self during his days as a GetBackerwhen he was stronger physically. But, alluding to the wise words he has given to others, he realized that his true strength lies in the wisdom he has discovered in himself since the time he set up the Honky Tonk.

He turned back to his older self, donned his trademark dark glasses, and proceeded to defeat his opponent. His dark glasses are completely opaque, forcing him to rely on his "Sixth Sense" to detect his opponent's attacks.

Paul is the one who gave Ban his name. After being shown the infant by der Kaiser, Paul received a kick while holding the still unnamed child. His friend was unimpressed, saying that as he expected, Paul had no name sense, but agreed to name his child Ban regardless.

In the anime, Paul's background is revealed in episode 42, and is quite different from the manga. Here, he was once part of a trio of thieves. It was formed by the best scientists, engineers, artists, politicians, patrons, and super-natural beings as an experimental site where any infinite number of ideas that could be conceived could be tested. In the anime, it is revealed that Gensui Radou had been a member of the Brain Trust before discovering their true intent and leaving in disgust.

In the manga, various characters were revealed to be members of the Brain Trust, including Ban's grandmother, who was the head of the department which oversaw matters of the occult. However, the manga provided much more of a twist: The members of Brain Trust, and Brain Trust itself, actually originate from a separate plane of existence.

It is not just the Limitless Fortress that is a virtual reality, but all of the world of GetBackers. The world of GetBackers was essentially a "backup copy" that Brain Trust, existing in the "real world", had hoped to create using the "Archive" as a template of the world. It was through Kagami Kyoji's scientific theory, known as the "Mirror Effect", that the world of GetBackers were able to take actual form on a separate plane of existence.

In the manga, Sarai is a mysterious character. First appearing in book 34, he presents himself to Teshimine, claiming to know all the truths about the Limitless Fortress.

He convinces Takeru that he has come to stop the Voodoo King and together, the two men journey towards Babylon City. Dressed like a monk and accompanied by a creature which looks like a snake with wings, Sarai's skills seem almost certain to revolve around magic. It is later revealed that he's a living seal, existing to contain the Voodoo King.

However, with the Voodoo King's defeat, Sarai was freed. Ura-Fuuchouin The Ura-Fuuchouin are the rival clan who massacred Kazuki's family to gain absolute control of the Fuuchouin String-style school.

He became its leader after the elimination of the Fuuchouin family and the exile of Kazuki to Lower Town. Also, his fighting abilities are said to be incredible, possibly even higher than that of Ban But it should be noted that this comment by Kazuki was made before Ban's learning journey.

Later, it became known to Kazuki that Yohan was his younger brother. Other members of the Ura-Fuuchouin include: Saizou's clan was also killed by the Ura-Fuuchouin, thus making his alliances with both Fuuga and the Kokuchouins highly suspect. Later, it's revealed that he was forced to join Yohan as the young scion implanted a "dark cocoon" made of black thread in his heart.

After losing to Kazuki and explaining his plight, which includes the revelation that the members of Fuuga are trapped in the cocoon, Saizou tore his heart out, which liberated the captives. The younger ones were easily defeated by Paul when he reverted to his "Gale Emperor" days.

But the "bearded ojisan" as Ginji calls Shimon, the father was able to easily defeat Paul, even when he was using the powers available in his prime. Realising that wisdom is more important than strength, Paul returned to his older self, and defeated the man.

The Voodoo King's intention is to collect all three "keys": Once all three are in his possession, the 'keys' will be used to re-open the gates of Babylon City sealed by his nemesis, the Witch Queen. The Voodoo King is usually seen playing chess and seems to know the "Archive"'s contents enough to challenge its predictions by introducing new pawns into his plans.

The Voodoo King is extremely powerful, with Stigmas in three eyes, one of them in the center of his forehead. He has been shown easily subduing, and later killing, Fuyuki Shido, even in his full Chimera beast form. It is revealed in volume 38 that the Voodoo King is the alter-ego of Sarai Kagenuma.

However, when Sarai is present, the Voodoo King does not exist and the opposite is true as well. After being challenged by Raitei, who appeared without Ginji being in great anger or distress, the Voodoo King battles him. However, it is soon revealed that Raitei and the Voodoo King are exact opposites of each other with Raitei the lord of "existence" and the Voodoo King the lord of "nothingness".

The Raitei exists to defeat the Voodoo King because the Voodoo King seeks to disrupt how the world should be. MakubeX was found in a sack as a child.

Only his last name, Makube, is known, due to the fact that it was written on the bag. He later came to be known as MakubeX, the 'x' symbolizing an unknown variable, and his "name" is always written in romaji. MakubeX is a genius hacker, capable of manipulating computers to do whatever he pleases.

He was originally taught by Gen but swiftly surpassed him in skill. After Ginji Amano left the fortress, he, as the only one of the Four Kings remaining, took over, instituting a dictatorial rule; he was known at this period as the "young demon king".

ginji and ban relationship quiz

MakubeX's second-in-command is Sakura Kakei. In the manga, after the Divine Design arc, Toshiki Uryuu came under him. He is especially close to Sakura, as shown in the Lost Time arc when he was forced to fight her while she was under the influence of the Black Thread. He is also fond of Haruki Emishi, and treats him like family. In the manga, MakubeX discovered at a young age that all actions in Infinity Fortress were controlled by the "god" of Babylon City, the top area of the fortress.

Realizing this, he decided to give the "god" an edict: It also revealed in the "Lost Time" arc that he has latent special powers. During his losing battle with Sakura, MakubeX was able to manipulate Infinity Fortress' virtual space at will using an "Omega Theorem" without the use of his computer.

However, he was stopped by Ban, saying that MakubeX's loss would serve no purpose but to further enrage Ginji into destroying Infinity Fortress and everyone in it. At the end of the "Lost Time" arc, he gains the ability to leave Infinity Fortress, thus implying that he has become an average teenager, although he seems to have retained all his computing skills.

He was last seen bumping into the majority of the cast while shopping with Sakura. His needles have different powers, some even lethal, and he must control them with precision in order for them to be effective.

Juubei is protective of his older sister, Sakura, and will come to her defense if she is threatened. Ever since he was a child, he has protected Kazuki, as he believed his clan was destined to guard his family.

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When Kazuki goes with the GetBackers to stop them, they faced each other in a battle. The heir to a clan that has served the Fuuchouins as doctors since time immemorialhe and Kazuki Fuuchouin were childhood friends. In the Limitless Fortress, he assumes the second post under Kazuki in the legendary gang.

When Kazuki left Limitless Fortress, Juubei remained and they eventually met in battle during the IL retrieval, at which point Juubei lost his eyesight. However, in the aftermath of the battle, they were reconciled and became close again.

He recovers his eyesight in the arc "Get Back the Lost Time". In this arc, he battles with Ginji. The fight reaches a point when Ginji reverts to his old self, the boy Raitei, and proceeds to destroy everything in his path, including Juubei.

However, Juubei is saved by Ban and MakubeX, and the former manages to make Ginji return to his former state. Later, he, together with his sister, Sakura Kakei, and his rival-turned-comrade, Toshiki Uryuu all remnants of Fuugapresent a last stand at the gate to the Beltline, to protect the GetBackers, MakubeX, and Kazuki as they enter the threshold of horrors.

After this, Juubei somehow manages to join up with Kazuki as the latter faces off with the Ura-Fuuchouin clan. For a while, his heart is ripped out of its body by Yohan. In the end, he is saved by Kazuki, who manages to end the feud between his younger brother, Yohan, and the rest of his clan. Also, his skills in combat mean that he is often covered in the blood of his enemies after battles. Emishi's weapon is a long whip woven from the hair of the women of his people, which is also referred to as "Dragon's Hair" because, thanks to the special way the hair is looked after before and after it is woven as well as the special way that it is braided, the whip itself is as strong and pliable as a dragon's whisker.

The whip itself consists of a single grip in the middle with two whip lengths protruding from each side, which Emishi handles very well with quick and fluid attacks such as "The Spinning top", "Venom Imitation", "Sandstorm", or "Winds of Destruction".

Another technique Emishi has is that his blood, as with all Loulan warriors, is highly combustible when it make contact with oxygen, though, unfortunately for Emishi, it only seems to work when a large, arterial flow of blood is used. He is the only male descendant left from the ancient Western Chinese desert kingdom of Loulan Rouran who are able to fight.

He is also an admirer and good friend of Shido after the Beastmaster made his way to his village in the Limitless Fortress, delivering food to the starving children, an image radically different from the wandering rumours. The duo have a great fear of the Voodoo King, thus implying that they have doubts about their "new" roles.

Fuuga Known as "Elegance", the English translation, in the anime. It was formed by Saizou and led by Kazuki.

ginji and ban relationship quiz

But behind the frail exterior lies all the secrets of the Limitless Fortress itself. The one who raised MakubeX and taught him all he knows about mathematics and computers, Medicine Man Gen is strongly believed to be the chief architect of the Limitless Fortress and its core tower, Babylon City.

A child prodigy and extremely talented violinist. Although she is blind, she has amazing hearing abilities. She hired the GetBackers for a job once to get back her stolen Stradivarius violin. She has a guide dog named Mozart who also protects her when she's in danger. Eventually, she becomes Shido's girlfriend. She was once kidnapped by Shido's enemies the Kiryuudo, another fictional ancient clan of aboriginals who communed with insectswho wanted to use her to exchange for the Chimera.

Natsumi Mizuki Voiced by: In the anime, she has amazing ping-pong skills and even once takes on a job meant for the GetBackers while they are busy with another case despite her lack of skill at anything besides table tennis, shogiand cooking. Notable here is that she chose to wear an outfit consisting of Ban's shirt and glasses, and Ginji's pants and gloves for the case. As the GetBackers' closest friend, Natsumi is very devoted to Ban and Ginji, often worrying about their welfare and staying up late at the Honky Tonk to welcome them back from a mission this is also seen in the MV of the first ending theme in the anime, although the duo were just away to get groceries on a rainy day.

Also, the song is sung by Otoha, Natsumi's voice actor. In a case of real-life mirroring art, in the anime, Natsumi once teamed up with Emishi on a retrieval mission the same episode where she wore the outfit mentioned above ; her voice actress Otoha later married a comedian. In the manga, Natsumi's history and character is markedly different from the anime's.

Aside from hints that she and Ginji share an almost flirtatious friendship, her past is introduced in "Birth Arc 2: Get Back the Genius Dog" of vol.

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The daughter of an eminent virus researcher, Natsumi hires them to rescue her "genius" Miniature Dachshund Lucky from performing tricks at a TV station. But Lucky, has more sinister powers and mysteries under his fur and it's up to the GetBackers to get to the bottom of what turns out to be a conspiracy involving superhuman mutants, mad scientists, and Hevn - who also makes her first appearance in the series in this arc chronologically speaking.

Also, she has occasionally displayed maturity beyond her age probably an influence from Paul. As their "master" battles in Infinity Fortress, Rena worried about his safety.

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Natsumi, however, was convinced that Paul would be alright, and told her colleague not to worry. In the drama CDs, all her speaking parts had been removed, and Otoha does not return to voice Natsumi. Act 2, Part 1, Anime: She, too, was adopted by Gen much like MakubeX was, but she has not displayed any special powers.

Ren likely does legwork and odd jobs for her grandfather, such as gathering all the pharmaceutical ingredients Gen needs for his medicines and mapping the sections of Infinity Fortress' Lower Town. Despite being of the tomboyish sort, Ren nevertheless has special affection for Kazuki, whom she saved with an elixir after his first encounter with Juubei. Wanting to follow Kazuki out into the outside world after the IL mission, to her horror, Ren discovers she is physically unable to, leading her to question her own existence.

Rena was first seen in the "Divine Design" arc as one of Lucifer's chosen children. As Ramiel, her power was to trap human souls in dolls. She was defeated by Himiko and subsequently became Natsumi's colleague at the Honky Tonk. Like Natsumi, all references to Rena were removed in the drama CDs, except for her involvement during the "Divine Design" arc.

She was referred to as "Ramiel" here. Sakura is the older sister of Juubei Kakei, and perhaps MakubeX's most loyal follower. She remained in the Limitless Fortress after the breakup of Volts, where she assisted Makubex to restore order and bring the IL to fruition.

Sakura fights using a cloth, which she seems to control via telekinesis. Although she is a skilled fighter, she rarely uses her skills violently, preferring diplomacy to force. They each have a unique specialty. Her speciality is "Tactician" and alluding to this, she often works through conceit and disguises. She tricked Ginji twice, disguising herself as a whore and Madoka, respectively. There, she suggested that the Kiryuudo 7 be pitted against the GB duo and their allies instead of using the average grunts.

However, this scheme backfires when Shido's contacts took down the seven, one after another. She was later killed and her soul absorbed by Kabuto. With Kabuto's destruction, she was brought back to life as a normal woman.

He is later revealed to be a traitor and plots the Kiryuudo's fall for the sake of Kabuto's resurrection. His primary powers are illusion, using butterflies through which 'no scent can be smelt, no sound can be heard and nothing can be seen'.

He's killed by Ban, who punches him three times according to Ban, one for killing Genshuu Miyama, one for making Himiko Kudo cry, and one for all the kiriudo he sent to their deathsand then proceeds to drive his head into the pavement with a ferocious "Snake Bite". Masaki Terasoma Other members include: A former professional wrestler, Hishiki earned the nickname "Undead" because of his ability to survive almost any attack thrown at him.

After fighting him in the earlier arcs of the series, the GetBackers avoid fighting from then on. Another group of protectors the GetBackers face are the Miroku 7, who are a family team of seven, skilled in the use of different weapons and different styles, although most of them use either swords or knives.

They were first seen in the "Venus de Milo" arc, protecting the arms of the statue.

ginji and ban relationship quiz

For a fee, they will recover any lost or stolen item for a client. This article lists the story arcs of the manga version of GetBackers. This does not adequately cite its references or sources. Wards of Tokyo Japan geography stubs However, Ban and Ginji are not ordinary human beings. They each possess mysterious abilities which they use to carry out their many recovery missions. However, this ability cannot be used on the same person twice in a hour period, and he has to rest between uses.

The Evil Eye can also only be used three times in one day. The deprecated unit kilogram-force kgf or kilopond kp is defined as the force exerted by one kilogram of mass in standard Earth gravity. John Phillip, The Evil Eyea self-portrait depicting the artist sketching a Spanish gypsy who thinks she is being given the evil eye The evil eye is a widely distributed element of folklore, in which it is believed that the envy elicited by the good luck of fortunate Despite the simplicity of their job's description, Ban and Ginji's profession often places them into bizarre and dangerous situations in order to obtain the objects they must find.

Their targets range from everyday objects such as a video game a school kid has lost to an even much more dangerous object which might just affect the safety of the nation such as a vital part of an atomic bomb. The Infinity Fortress is a fictional locale in the world of the GetBackers manga series, and the anime based upon it.

There are numerous "acts" in the story.

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Each act, divided into a number of chapters, describes a different recovery task taken on by the GetBackers. As the story develops, new characters some with past relationships with Ban and Ginji are revealed, and details of a shadowy conspiracy involving the GetBackers slowly rise to the surface.

The plotline of the anime is initially similar to that of the manga, but diverges sharply after the 25th episode as the anime attempted to compress the ongoing story arcs into a manageable anime arc with a reasonable ending. The second Limitless Fortress arc is not in any way connected to the one in the manga, though some of the characters featured have also recently appeared in the manga.

Characters and groups Main article: Characters of GetBackers Both the anime and the manga have large casts of characters, spanning the original GetBackers Ban Mido and Ginji Amanotheir friends and enemies, and a large array of secondary characters.

Most of the characters appear in the manga, although their circumstances, personalities and roles are different than that of the anime. Image File history File links References The series refers to many actual persons, and events.