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glee santana and quinn relationship

The Brittany-Quinn-Santana Relationship, commonly known as the Unholy Trinity or Fabrittana, is the on-and-off trio friendship between Brittany Pierce, Quinn Fabray, and Santana Lopez. Santana, Brittany and Quinn also reunite and sing together in the episodes Thanksgiving, and. Rachel Barbara Berrychanged her relationship status to in a relationship. ( Santana Quinn Fabray Santana y r u such a whore? Santana. The Quinn-Santana Relationship, more commonly known as Quinntana, is the friendship between Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez. They seem to have a.

At the end of the episode, Quinn is kicked off of the Cheerios and is seen depressed and in normal clothes. She bitterly reflects on how she's going have to start every day with a slushie facial.

Puck and the rest of the glee club support her, however, and agree when Will says that there are 11 friends who will all be willing to help clean her off. Wheels Puck pays attention in the Glee classroom when Quinn is discussing with Finn how desperately she needs money to pay for her doctor bills.

She asks him to stop. She tells him she will go to her grave swearing the baby is Finn's, even if it comes out with a Mohawk. Puck thinks it would be pretty cool if it came out with a Mohawk.

glee santana and quinn relationship

Quinn, amused, starts a food fight with him. They throw cake ingredients at each other, flirting and laughing. Just as they are about to kiss, they are interrupted by Finn. Puck and Finn, in wheelchairs in this episode as an exercise to see what Artie has to go through, get into a fistfight over Quinn and the baby. Puck doesn't think Finn's doing enough, and comments on how Finn is always being selfish and should rather think about how hard it is on Quinn.

He accuses Finn of not deserving her, revealing his jealousy. Seeing that his pool cleaning business isn't enough, he decides to secretly put marijuana in cupcakes in order to get them to sell more successfully at the bake sale, the whole time planning to steal some of the money from the fundraiser and give it to Quinn.

We see Quinn and Puck smile at each other and share a look as his cupcakes sell well. When he presents her with the money, claiming it's from his piggy bank. Quinn reveals the baby is a girl, but soon realizes he stole the money from the cupcake fund.

He denies it, but Quinn knows better, and he eventually admits it. She chastises him for taking money from "a friend in a wheelchair", and he promises to return it. She apologizes for calling him a Lima Loser in Preggers and says he's not - he's "special and romantic".

Finn interrupts them, and Puck surreptitiously hides the cash in his pants. Puck is visibly upset when Quinn leaves on Finn's lap Finn still in his wheelchair. Quinn looks back at him, apologetically.

In the auditorium, Puck gives the bake sale money to Mr. Quinn is clearly proud of him, and the two share a smile. Ballad Puck becomes frustrated with Quinn and Finn's relationship and admits to Mercedes that he is the father of Quinn's baby. Mercedes tells him to lay off, because Quinn chose Finn to be the father, and he hurt Quinn enough. Quinn gets kicked out of her home by her parents in this episode. When the glee members are singing Lean on Metowards the end, Puck sings the lyrics "call me" and gives her a smirk.

Quinn, looking tempted, bites her lips, nods her head, and looks away with a smile while blushing. Quinn singing Papa Don't Preach while Puck is playing guitar Puck steals a book called How to Raise a Baby on Five Dollars a Day from a bookstore to give to Quinn, in case she changes the mind about giving the baby up for adoption.

This is the first scene where Puck seems to be aware of Quinn's intention to not keep the child. She tells him the act of theft "is so sweet", seeming genuinely appreciative, and admits that she doesn't know what she's going to do about it anymore. Puck tells her there is no pressure, whatever she decides. Quinn questions whether or not she was being unfair to him, and maybe she should have given him a chance - he is the real dad of the baby, after all. She worries that Finn would freak if she started spending time with Puck, though, so she devises a plan to have Rachel be a distraction for Finn, and meanwhile take Puck for a test drive.

Quinn, before even spending any time with Puck for this test run, comes to the decision to keep her baby, and informs Terri. However, Terri's sister, Kendra Giardidecides to show Quinn the horrors of motherhood by having her babysit her triplet sons.

Quinn decides to use this as an opportunity to test out Puck as a potential father. When Quinn asks Puck to babysit with her, they both smile a lot at each other in the school hallway. Puck seems thrilled to have the opportunity. While Quinn and Puck are babysitting the children, they get tied up with jump rope.

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Puck keeps using his cell phone to text someone while Quinn tries to untie themselves, and when she complains and Puck starts to assist with the untying, their hands touch for a few meaningful seconds before they let go and find the rope untied. The children they are babysitting are only quieted when Puck and Quinn perform an acoustic version of Papa Don't Preachthe chorus of the song sending the message that Puck now knows too that Quinn wants to keep her baby.

They smile at each other a lot throughout the song and at the beginning even touch. This is the only number in the entire series that is performed by Puck and Quinn alone, with Puck on guitar and Quinn singing solo. All other musical numbers they participate in together are group numbers. Kendra and Terri are shocked to find the boys so well behaved, bathed, and sleeping all at the same time.

Puck and Quinn are proud of themselves. Quinn was surprised at how much she enjoyed the evening, and he tells her they could do the parenting thing. Quinn admits to being worried, early on in the night, about him texting Mike too often, but Puck assures her he was totally into the babysitting.

Brittany-Santana-Quinn Relationship

Quinn is satisfied with Puck until Santana reveals that during the entire night Puck was sexting her, not texting Mike. Santana also seems jealous of Quinn and Puck's time spent together in this scene.

Quinn replies, "I happen to know Puck cares about me. However, Quinn clearly is worried Santana might be telling the truth, so she checks his cell phone and finds the dirty messages. She is angry, sad, and heartbroken. He justifies his actions by explaining, "You haven't given it up to me since the night I knocked you up. Quinn decides she will give the baby to the Schuesters, after all, and cites that her baby girl needs a good father, like Will Schuester will be and unlike who Puck will be.

While singing True Colors at the end of the episode, they both share a look and Puck looks sad.

Brittany-Quinn-Santana Relationship | Glee TV Show Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Quinn is amused by Puck in Mattress. When Puck rehearses his line for the commercial, Quinn is shown to be amused. Sectionals The truth about who the father of Quinn's baby is comes to light.

Mercedes had, at some point, apparently revealed the truth about it to everyone, with the exception of Finn and Rachel. However, Rachel sees in a brief flashback that is shown Puck rush to Quinn's aid when she falls, and grows suspicious on her own about whether Puck is the true father.

Therefore, Rachel manipulates Quinn into asking Puck to take her to get "Jewish baby tests" - the possibility of their child having Tay—Sachs disease being relevant, as well as Quinn assuming Terri Schuester won't want the baby if the baby is afflicted with it. Puck wonders if this test is a real thing. Once Rachel feels her suspicions have been confirmed, she shares the truth with Finn.

Horrified at the idea, Finn angrily attacks Puck and demands the truth from him and Quinn. Quinn admits the truth that Puck is the father, causing Finn to kick over a chair and say that he was not only done with them, but with glee as well.

Puck then goes to a heartbroken Quinn offering his support as the true and official father and says he wants to be with her. Quinn thanks him, but says no and that she would rather take care of her pregnancy on her own.

Hell-O Quinn was living with Finn as of the end of Ballad and this fact, and the fact that Finn has now broken up with Quinn and knows he's not the father, is brought up in the "previously on Glee" segment at the beginning of the episode.

Oddly, Quinn's living situation is not touched upon further until Laryngitis where she seems to reveal that she is living with Puck to Mercedes. In a scene that was cut from the episode, Puck and Quinn announced that they are dating. Puck can be heard, near the beginning of the episode, asking Quinn to stop supersizing in this episode.

He says he's not breaking up with her which implies that they are together nowbut he doesn't "dig on fat chicks". Puck is seen flirting with a cheerleader when Quinn drags him away and argues with him. Quinn plays with Puck's head during Gives You Hell. When Rachel is singing Gives You HellPuck and Quinn gaze into each other's eyes and dance around clapping with each other.

Quinn and Sue are both seen in the gymnasium as the New Directions perform Push Itboth with looks of disbelief.

glee santana and quinn relationship

Much to their surprise, Sue isn't angry, and makes them spy on the club. Showmance Quinn, along with Santana, gives Sue some updates on their progress of breaking up the glee club with hiring Dakota Stanley.

Sue convinces the girls to go after one glee club member at a time so that her full budget can be restored. Unfortunately, at the end of the episode, the glee club is stronger than ever and working on a new routine for competition. Sue asks Quinn and Santana to smell their armpits, telling them that it is the smell of failure. She takes away Quinn and Santana's tanning priveleges. While Santana is seen upset about this consequence, Quinn thanks Sue for teaching her a valuable life lesson.

Acafellas Sue writes an entry in her journal, mentioning a recent "disaster" in which Quinn's knee slightly buckled during a pyramid at cheer-pratice.

That kind of screw-up could cost the Cheerios their national title, Sue thinks. She decides to confront Quinn about it, who uses her tiredness due to Glee Club as an excuse.

Later before pratice all the cheerleaders are gone except Quinn, Santana and Brittany. Sue asks Quinn where they are, and she tells her that Will dumped them in Spanish. You expect us to just sway back here like props?

We then see a flashback of Sue telling Quinn to say it. Sue forces Jacob Ben Israel to go public with the story of Quinn being pregnant after finding out that Rachel was bribing him not to run the story.

Quinn is surprised and very upset that Sue found out. Throwdown Sue finds out that Quinn is pregnant and consequently kicks off the cheerios after she broke up with Rodclaiming she doesn't need a pregnant cheerio on her squad.

glee santana and quinn relationship

Quinn breaks out in tears and runs away with the news. Mash-Up Quinn appears in Sue's office in her old cheerio's uniform and tries to blackmail Sue into taking her back on the squad. Sue doesn't seem amused by the thought and declines. Afterwards Quinn approaches her in the hallway again and finds out Glee Club might not be able to compete at Sectionals trough their mattress commercial.

When Sue finally gives in and offers Quinn a spot on the cheerios, Quinn already overthought it and rather wants to be part of the Glee Club, where she can be herself. She also makes Sue give a full-paged year book side to the New Directions.

Mattress Sue holds auditions for the Cheeriosshe is not impressed with any of the tryouts, especially when Quinn auditions.

glee santana and quinn relationship

Sue immediately dismisses her, but Quinn tries to convince her anyway. Her plan appears to fail, but she has a suggestive smile on her face as she leaves. Later, when talking to SantanaSue reveals that Quinn is back on the Cheerios, and even reinstated as the head cheerleader.

This is possibly because Quinn told Sue about Santana's boob-job. In the end of the episode Sue is seen talking with Quinn during cheerio pratice. Audition Quinn asks Sue for relationship advice due to her belief that Sam is crushing on his football coach, Shannon.