History of pakistan and bangladesh relationship

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history of pakistan and bangladesh relationship

How is the relationship between Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh? . But when history gets brought up, a bitter feeling does develop among the. Discussion of Pakistan-Bangladesh relations in the media is often prompted by some The birth of Bangladesh was unique in the sense that in the history of. Pakistan and Bangladesh enjoy good brotherly relations which are rooted in common religion, history, cultural heritage and united by a joint.

And yet, it is not fair to condemn Pakistan as a country for the shocking killing of nearly three million people in There are any number of ordinary, decent Pakistani citizens who deeply regret the breaking up of their country and the loss of its eastern wing. Mostly these are younger generation Pakistanis who have no direct experience of the Liberation War in Bangladesh. But there are elder citizens too, including senior people in the administration, in different political parties, not to mention journalists and members of the commentariat who are bitterly critical of the break-up.

There are several Pakistani TV channels where the younger set are shown discussing how Bangladesh has left Pakistan well behind in creating better health facilities for the people, in women empowerment, poverty reduction, family planning, and general education.

Bangladesh does not suffer crippling power cuts like Pakistan, consuming around 16, megawatts daily, a figure expected to touch 22, MWs in the s. In garments exports, it ranks second in the world. Byalong with Myanmar and Laos, Bangladesh is poised to join the ranks of middle-income countries, an elevation from the ranks of 47 least developed countries, at its present rate of growth -- in the sectors of personal income, economic vulnerability, and human assets creation.

No significant action from diplomats or state officials has been taken to improve the relationship, while India has taken advantage of this situation and improved its ties with Bangladesh on all levels. Pakistan, on the other hand, has lagged behind due to its sour relations with regional states. If this situation keeps on going, Pakistan would suffer. What is urgently required is for Pakistan to focus on improving its relations with regional countries, especially with neighbouring states.

When it comes to relations with Bangladesh and India, political rivalries must not be allowed to impede the benefits that can be gained from economic cooperation. Pakistan government needs to focus on the aspects of track I and track II diplomacy.

The success of this diplomacy depends on strong diplomatic skills of a diplomat or statesman. Track II diplomacy involves communication of semi officials or un-officials through different platforms. The need of the hour is to consolidate past gains, move towards actual implementation of projects and strengthen common resolve.

These interactions paved the way for further cooperation in various fields. In FebruaryKhaleda Zia came to Pakistan on a state visit where she received a red carpet welcome. In a remarkable development, both countries not only signed four Memoranda of Understanding MoUs - on trade, standardisation and quality control, agriculture and tourism - but also agreed to finalise a Free Trade Agreement by 30 September Pervez Musharraf resigned from the post of the President in August amid fears of being impeached by the new civilian government which came to power after the general election results.

Inthe Awami League government in Bangladesh, with two third majority in the parliament, decided to set up International Crimes Tribunal to investigate and prosecute people who helped Pakistan military in suppressing the liberation movement.

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The tribunal, through an official gazette notification, came into being on 25 March It consisted of three judges with one Chairman and two members. He was also the founding member of al-Badr militia and because of his participation in the brutal violence, he came to be known as the butcher of Mirpur.

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The trial was bound to revive the memories of and strain ties with Pakistan. Islamabad argued that since the war crimes dispute between Pakistan and Bangladesh was settled long back, the Hasina government should not proceed with the trials. After a lengthy trial, in an open court, Molla was found guilty. In its unanimous judgement, the Tribunal stated: We have carefully considered the mode of participation of the accused to the commission of crimes proved and the proportionate to the gravity of offences.

The principle of proportionality implies that sentences must reflect the predominant standard of proportionality between the gravity of the offence and the degree of responsibility of the offender.

history of pakistan and bangladesh relationship

With these observations, the Tribunal sentenced Molla with life imprisonment. He also stated that Molla was hanged because of his loyalty and solidarity with Pakistan in Sheikh Hasina strongly condemned the resolution and termed it an interference in the internal affairs of her country. Maruf Rosul, a protester and student of the University of Dhaka, was found saying: The uneasy relationship proceeded with little or no significant improvement.

In January police detained Mohammad Mazhar Khan, an attache at the consular section of Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka, for his alleged secret meeting with one of his accomplices called Mujibur Rehman.

Pakistan on its part withdrew the diplomat but denied the charges levelled against him.

Why Pakistan cannot say sorry to Bangladesh

Even after Pakistani Supreme Court pulling the government, there has been no meaningful development towards the resolution of the issue. Dhaka accuses Islamabad of stoking unrest in Bangladesh and sponsoring militancy, while the view in Pakistan is that the Bangladesh government appears to be on a mission to disrupt ties with Pakistan.

Conclusion The people who once were united under one Pakistani flag look very distant now.

history of pakistan and bangladesh relationship

Even after 43 years of separation, the ghost of haunts both Pakistan and Bangladesh. Whenever, there is an Awami League government in Bangladesh, the relationship with Pakistan gets strained.

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Some even portray Awami League as pro-India and anti-Pakistan. The reason, of course, is the bitter memories of the past. Since, Awami League had suffered a lot in the process of getting an independent Bangladesh, it could not simply forget whatever happened during the liberation war and move on. Pakistan on its part did not address the genuine concerns of Bangladesh. After the release of Hamoodur Rahman Commission report, there is nothing to hide.

history of pakistan and bangladesh relationship

Same is the case of the stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh who are forced to live a pathetic life in the camps. It is beyond logic and understanding that if Pakistan could live with millions of Afghan refugees then what stops it to accommodate a few lakh Biharis who not only claim but want to return to Pakistan.

Thus, the buck stops at Pakistan for not taking adequate measures to settle the contentious issues and normalise relations with Bangladesh.

history of pakistan and bangladesh relationship

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