Hpv virus 16 and 18 monogamous relationship

hpv virus 16 and 18 monogamous relationship

Condoms offer some protection against transmitting the HPV virus from one partner to the other. But they I'm 18 and they just found out I have HPV. I am in a monogamous relationship and it is very probable that my boyfriend has it too. . I've been married for 16 years and recently found out that I have a high risk HPV. Q. If I have HPV, does that mean my partner has been detections occur during periods of monogamy or not fully understood whether the virus is % gone. Here's expert advice for reassuring those who test HPV-positive that they most to major concern about past and future sexual relationships.

Genital HPV Infection - Fact Sheet

Multiple HPV infections were present in In Bushehr, Zandi et al. The findings of Allame et al. The high-risk subtypes of HPV, i.

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The results of our study were in line with earlier studies in Isfahan 34Shiraz 12Yazd 30Tehran 35 — 37 Mazandaran 31but different from those in Bandarabas 38 Tehran 39 and Isfahan But in West African immigrants in south Italy the most common viral types were other than 16 and 18 3.

They found that frequency of HPV and 58 is increasing in cervical malignancies. Our studies showed that the most prevalent HPV was seen in sever inflammation and dysplasia cytology in both groups. Other studies showed that infection with multiple HPV types has been observed more frequently among women with cytological abnormalities 1213 There is some epidemiological evidence suggest that genital tract disease such as cervical inflammation might be linked to cervical cancer or high-grade lesions 2.

A minority of mild cases of CIN either persists without further progression or progresses to cancer over several years 7. Because of high prevalence of HPV infection in Zabol, further works are needed to identify unknown genotypes other than 16, 18 in women, and prevalence of HPV genotypes in men in Zabol. This information will increase our understanding of the natural history of HPV infection and assist in the development of effective screening programs. Acknowledgments We are grateful to the research council of Zabol University of Medical Sciences, who supported financially this work.

We also acknowledge Dr. Yaghmaei M, and Dr. Sharifi-mood B, and Dr. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests. CA Cancer J Clin. Risk factors for HPV infection and cervical cancer among unscreened women in a high-risk rural area of China. International Journal of Cancer.

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hpv virus 16 and 18 monogamous relationship

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hpv virus 16 and 18 monogamous relationship

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There are around 15 oncogenic HPVs; types 16 and 18 have been studied the most. How can you prevent HPV infection? As HPVs are transmitted sexually, you might think that adopting safer sexual behaviour could prevent HPV infection and its accompanying complications. A lifelong, exclusively monogamous relationship one partner only throughout your lifetime, who himself has never had any other partner will prevent HPV infection.

hpv virus 16 and 18 monogamous relationship

However, lifelong monogamy is not common in our culture. In addition, the decision is not ours alone and depends just as much on our partner. Regular use of a condom, which is very effective in preventing other STDs, is unfortunately not as effective in preventing HPV infection because the virus can be found on areas not protected by the condom. Two vaccines have been developed and marketed. Gardasil, which protects against types 6, 11, 16 and 18, has been approved by Health Canada and prevents condylomas and precancers of the cervix and vulva.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Infection

Cervarix which is now being evaluated by Health Canada has demonstrated its ability to prevent infection by HPV types 16 and 18 and also cervical precancer. Both vaccines also provide limited protection against types of HPV not directly targeted by the vaccine.

The use of the Gardasil vaccine has also been evaluated for use in boys and appears effective in preventing condylomas. What are the consequences of HPV infection? Most individuals infected get rid of the virus, without sequelae after-effects and do not even know that they have had the infection.