Ikki and ringo relationship counseling

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ikki and ringo relationship counseling

Ikki hasn't chosen any girl to end up with yet. He's currently conflicted between Kururu, Ringo, or Simca. He's starting to go for Kururu now instead of Ringo(he. Itsuki "Ikki" Minami is the main protagonist of the manga and anime Air Gear. Eventually, he gave the emblem back to Ringo and went on to create .. solid advice from Mikan about how to best win the match, Ikki makes his way to a tunnel . while she explained how they only have that "brother/sister" relationship, but she. Kanji 野山野 林檎 Rōmaji Noyamano Ringo Alias Thorn Queen Crazy Apple Although her support is mostly in the way of advice, she occasionally lends her Kilik reveals to Ikki the history of the Tropaion Tower and its connection to the.

ikki and ringo relationship counseling

He used to be good friends with Takeuchi Sora and had a crush on Noyamano Rika. He is one of the gravity children of the first Sleeping Forest, along with Sora and his twin sister Simca. Due to different ideals, he injured his team mates and crippled Sora, going as far as to sacrifice his own Regalia in order to strip Sora from his, so he could rebuild a new Sleeping Forest that holds the same ideals as him.

Although he is revealed to be a very competitive fighter, said to be the strongest of the original 8 Kings fo Sleeping Forest and proving able to overpower Sora at that time, he seems to take a back seat on fighting, rather to manipulate others to put himself at the forefront. He had Ikki brought to the Tropheum in order to gauge his strength as Wind King.

By using a hundred point deduction system, he was both impressed and depressed by Ikki's actions. Unfortunately, mid-test Takeuchi Sora called them, revealing himself as fully capable of A-T again. Sora laughed it off saying that a wind as good as this, referring to the Regalia, was way too good for a kid like him, referring to Ikki.

It was then that Kilik questioned him after stating that the regalia Kururu had built was superior to Sora's one and that Ikki was becoming too powerful.

ikki and ringo relationship counseling

At that, Sora stood silent, continuing to ignore Ikki's cries for explanation. He reappears during the match between Kogarasumaru and White Wolf Clan talking to Hangedman, He explain the fact that Ikki is starting to "awake" his true riding and that his team has alot of potential, but they don't know it. Wing Road Character Outline Sora is seen as an easy-going friendly person, but this attitude changes later on to a more serious person.

He is seen mainly in a wheelchair. In the original series, he speaks with a kansai-ben dialect. He is old friends with Rika and the rest of Sleeping Forest. Much like Ikki, he can be very perverted and earns beatings from Rika for it. History Six years prior to the Air Gear storyline, he was betrayed by his teammate Kilik and lost the core to the Wind Regalia as well the use of his legs.

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But despite the loss of the use of his legs, he still possesses the same free spirit that seems to run in the Wind Kings. Despite not being able to use Air Trek anymore, he is still pretty capable being able to be keep up with even experienced AT riders with his wheelchair that has AT wheels in it.

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During his time as leader of Sleeping Forest, he was romantically involved with Rika, but they broke up after Kilik's betrayal. Lately however, it seems that they are getting closer to each other once again. While Sora is pleased with the idea, Rika is against it, saying that what happened to Sora shouldn't happen to Ikki also. Sora then participates in a bet set by Ikki that if Rika loses, she'll leave Ikki alone.

During this, Sora's skills are shown are off, mostly his speed and reaction.

ikki and ringo relationship counseling

Upon Ikki winning, Sora then decides to help train Ikki. In the middle of the fight Sora and Ikki talk about Rika's butt. True Motives Later in the story, the Wind Regalia, Bagram, was stolen by an unknown and very powerful rider. As the situation unfolds, the identity of the rider was revealed to be Genesis' greatest Rider and Sora's twin brother, Nike.

It turns out that Nike had been working for his brother Sora all along, and that Sora was the one who sent Nike to steal Bagram for him. A battle soon erupts between Spitfire and Nike, with Kazu's life on the line.

During the course of the battle, Sora, who miraculously is now able to walk again, reveals the mystery behind the feat; AT-tuned biomechatronics legs. Equipped with Bagram, Sora shows his prowess by blasting a neighboring helicopter clean out of the sky and onto Spitfire.

Fighting Spitfire Sora would then step in to assist his brother, and the astounding teamwork of the Takeuchi Brothers quickly overwhelm the Burning Blood duo, spurring Kazu to join in for a 3-on-2 assault.

Spitfire returned to the battlefield and told Sora that he was merely a Flame Seedling, meant to ignite another's flame. It is soon after that, that Aeon Clock was no longer able to stop them with the Apollo Road and they were pierced by hundreds of rock fragments, a move caused by the power of both the Jade Road and the Wind Road via Sora and Nike, and die from their wounds. After decimating Aeon Clock and Spitfire, Sora approaches the corpses and takes the remains of Spitfire's hand into his own.

Kazu has recently copied a trick called "Flame Lens" from his opponent. This allows him to create an illusion of himself and Agito and win them their fight.

This trick is considered to be above special A-class and is a very powerful technique for a tentative king to use without regalia. Flame Regalia's cyberairspace has the ability to record the "memory of runs" of every rider. So, a flame king can utilize the ability of other riders easily.

Kazu is unaware of Emily's feelings for him and maybe does not reciprocate them, but he does show special attention to her from time to time, like rescuing her bracelet when a rival threw it into a river, holding her hand after the team was defeated by the White Wolves or hugging her after she retrieves the balloon in the match against Inorganic Net former Sleeping Forest.

Individuals experience impaired vision, haziness, and sensations of burning paralysis. Hitoshi Bifu Japanese ; Mark X. He appears to be obese, but his body is only ten percent fat. His size is actually caused by a large amount of blood pooling in his gut from overeating. He also has the ability to manipulate that blood and send it to his muscles, causing him to temporarily have a slimmer, cut figure and even cause his limbs to become longer.

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He uses brass knuckles -esque gloves in combat, which combined with his superhuman strength is truly devastating. Spitfire states that Buccha has the skills to potentially rival that of a King's, but because of his brash actions in battle, he cannot utilize them fully. To overcome this, he underwent Buddhist training with his father, and has come to trust his heart as well as his teammates more. This is displayed in the virtual battle with the former Sleeping Forest, in which he is able to hold back the physically strongest of the kings by himself.

He also learns how to further control his bloodflow, now able to direct it into his legs in order to hugely increase his speed. He eventually earns the title of Mountain King after defeating Orca in an underwater deathmatch.

His parents run a bad Chinese restaurant.

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He rides on a single AT by sitting upside down on it, mainly to look up the skirts of his female schoolmates. He has an unusual way of using his perspiration, usually during overall perverted moments, to create illusions, which he nicknames the "Smell Road". Though Ikki is perverted as well, he is nowhere near to being perverted as Onigiri. Although he appears weak, when he pushes himself to his limits he can fight evenly with a King as seen in the team battle with the Virtual Sleeping Forest.

His skill was enough to intimidate even Kilik and Rika Noyamano. Kogarasumaru's first win in the Gram Scale Tournament is in part due to Onigiri's sweat dripping all over the course, causing the leader of the Highway Circus team to slip.

Ikki eventually saves them, and they join Kogarasumaru. They switch who is in control by using an eye patch. Akito is innocent and non-violent. He becomes attracted to Ikki, much to Ikki's discontent.

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He states he was the original Fang King until he became disgusted with himself and became unable to use AT.

Agito then appears and starts using ATs, while following his own violent and bloodthirsty nature. When equipped with the Fang Regalia, he releases a pressurized "Fang" through the instantaneous acceleration and braking of the A-T's wheel motors, vacuuming and compressing air into a piercing shock wave.

As the manga develops, Agito grows to respect Ikki and his strength. In some scenes in the manga, Agito is shown to be very weak while sleeping, so much that the guys put him in some very humorous scenes because of his weakness.

Added info about his weakness is about his physique. It's obvious that he is thin and short, and that the only reason why he is strong is because of motivation, willpower, and pride.

It is also learned that Akito had been acting as Agito's tuner up until now. However, he wasn't able to fully hear his own biorhythm, only allowing him to keep his other half's A-T and Regalia barely operational.

It isn't until Yayoi tunes him that the Fang Regalia is fully operational and complete. He claims to be the original personality and he is much stronger than the other two, utilizing the Fang Regalia on a different level.

He is a "brain charger", or a person who has been "charged" with the ability of gravity children. Lind's eyes have crosses on them, similar to those of gravity children, but his eyes have two crosses, with one set at a 45 degree angle and overlaid over the other.

He does not care for others. It is unknown if he has any feelings at all towards anyone, including Akito and Agito Wanijima, though he has displayed more human compassion towards the then-incapacitated Yayoi Nakayama, yet, is revealed "fake affection" after Orca falsely hit Yayoi in the face, that Lind said, "Aren't there 4 more billion of that kind?

If so, then, I don't need her She kissed him in chapterwhile battling Orca underwater, to give him air so that he could continue battling. It is revealed by Thor of Slepinir that Lind found the "original" sky king, with the "answer". In chapter it is revealed that Lind is brain charger 0 and his personality is basically a clone of the first Thorn Queen, "The Wings of Beginnings"-Gazelle.

It was shown in flashbacks that Gazelle and Kaito met and started a relationship, but were relentlessly pursued by the Takeuchi brothers, ultimately resulting in Gazelle's death.

She started out with a sisterly affection for Ikki, which eventually progressed to infatuation and eventually deep love, which she still tries to deny though it is clear to everyone except perhaps Ikki himself. Ringo has always let Ikki do things as he liked, turning an eye away during his gangster era as the leader of Eastside 'Undefeatable Babyface'. She is a pushover, her friends Emily and Yayoi easily manipulating her to doing things for them, and the teachers always picking on her rather than Ikki and gang.

However, as a Storm Rider she is more strong-willed as a person, and punishes the Skull Saders, who attacked Ikki, with the other members of the Noyamano household, for misusing ATs. Ringo, encumbered by her duty as the leader of the Sleeping Forest, is put in a difficult position, due to the power struggle between Sleeping Forest, who seeks to protect the Sky Regalia, and Genesis, who seeks to take the Sky Regalia.

She was put in a dilemma when Ikki was given reign over Genesis; since that directly made him her enemy. Ikki taking over Genesis caused Sleeping Forest to respond in kind, attacking and paralyzing Simca, who had recruited Ikki, waistdown. Ringo led the attack as the true successor of the Sleeping Forest, 'Crazy Apple'.

After realizing that Ikki had reached a level of riding where he was a serious threat to Sleeping Forest, she put herself in battle with a serious Ikki, and decided to crush him and remove him forcibly from the world of ATs, so that he would not die by getting caught in between.