Indian husband and wife relationship teaching

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indian husband and wife relationship teaching

According to Hinduism, marriage between two souls is a very sacred affair that Presently, in India, the Hindu Marriage Act not only prohibits it but also makes it. Aug 3, Not your usual tips for newly married Indian women - nope! Yes, marriage is one of the more important things that most of us will get into Why I Will Not Teach My Daughter To Be The 'Good Daughter In Law' [Short Story]. Oct 16, Indian husband is most victimized species in the universe. Don't expect me to feel your menstrual pain from first week or month of our marriage. how many of us were not dependent on parents for our education (even till higher education).

No real meeting takes place within them.

Spiritual relationship between husband and wife - Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

How, then, can there be any love between the two? The love between a married couple is usually only skin deep. When you listen to your partner, he or she should be able to feel that you are genuinely interested and that you would sincerely like to help.

indian husband and wife relationship teaching

Your partner should feel your care and concern, your respect and admiration. An open acceptance of the other is needed, and there should be no reservations. If she has the right attitude, the family life will become peaceful. If both the husband and wife are obstinate and unyielding in nature, both should try to correct each other by cultivating and developing patience and forgiveness in themselves.

Always try to recognise and admire the good qualities in each other.

Amazing Tips For Successful Marriage - Chanakya Neeti

Whatever your weaknesses may be, they should remain a secret between the two of you. You should work out your problems together with a positive attitude, without provoking or hurting each other with accusations.

First of all, we should become aware of our own weaknesses, because this is the best way to remove them. When you are pointing out a weakness, do so lovingly and with every intention of eradicating it in a positive way from your lives.

indian husband and wife relationship teaching

These weaknesses are blocks that prevent you from expressing yourselves fully. See these blocks as obstructions and learn to remove them. It is something that should be taken seriously. Relationships can become a path to God, a path to eternal freedom and peace, provided you have the right attitude.

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Strive to be adaptable. Try to be patient, not once or twice, but many times. If there are still difficulties in a relationship even after you put forth a lot of effort, you can consider it your karma, your destiny. At this point you can either endure it, accepting the difficulties as your prarabdha; or, if you find the situation too difficult to withstand anymore, maybe you can think of separation or divorce.

indian husband and wife relationship teaching

But before that, you must play your part well. You must put forth effort at least to see whether the relationship can work or not. To simply let it fall apart is an unpardonable mistake.

indian husband and wife relationship teaching

It is a sin and you will have to suffer for it. Students will be able to: Students view the clips and identify interesting topics of discussion in relation to gender: Anand for gender linguistic cue https: This is just the younger sister teasing the older sister as to what would she call her husband after marriage. The movie clip is about the norms which a woman is suppose to follow after marriage that is treat husband as God and touch his feet Note: However, changes in urban areas are under way and not calling them by their name.

The teacher categorizes the information and creates a list of norms found in different cultures. Its secondary purpose is upholding of the social order and the Hindu dharma, while its ultimate aim is spiritual union with the inmost self, which is possible when a couple perform their obligatory duties and earn the grace of God through their good karma. A man and a woman are believed to come together as a husband and wife primarily for spiritual reasons rather than sexual or material, although they may not be mentally aware of the fact.

Once married, the couple are expected to carry out their respective traditional duties as householders and upholders of family traditions and work for the material and spiritual welfare of each other, the members of their family and also society.

Husband and wife relationship in India

Marriage in Hinduism, therefore, is not just a mutual contract between two individuals or a relationship of convenience, but a social contract and moral expediency, in which the couple agree to live together and share their lives, doing their respective duties, to keep the divine order rta and the institution of family intact.

As the torch bearers of Hindu dharma, in their capacity as individual souls, whose destinies are intertwined by their previous karmas, a married couple have a responsibility towards their society, the gods, other living beings and their ancestors. In short, in Hinduism marriage is a social and family obligation to perpetuate a divine centered life in which self-realization rather than sexual gratification is the reason for its continuation. The concept of divorce is alien to Hinduism, as marriages are meant to last for a life time.

Neither men nor women can throw away their marital relationships on some flimsy or selfish or whimsical grounds. Remarriage is permitted only under exceptional circumstances. Polygamy was a normal practice among Hindus just a few centuries ago. Presently, in India, the Hindu Marriage Act not only prohibits it but also makes it a punishable offence.

In the earthly plane, a marriage symbolically represents the same relationship that exists at the universal level between the Purusha, the Highest Supreme Self or Father God and Prakriti, the Universal Divine Mother or Mother Goddess, who as the dynamic energy of God is responsible for manifesting the Creation under the Will of God.

Together they participate in the act of creation and bring forth all the beings as their progeny. In a marriage earthly beings perform the same role, except in a limited manner.

According to the Vedic tradition marriage is the means by which a man perpetuates himself through his progeny. A father extends himself into his future life and also into the next world through his children. In this process he is helped by his wife who bears him children through the sacred union in which there is a transfer of sexual energy rethas.

indian husband and wife relationship teaching

In traditional Hinduism, marriage is the best means for the continuation of family and the Hindu tradition, by fulfilling which the two partners in the marriage cocreate their future and become qualified for their salvation. The roles of a husband and wife in a marriage are expected to be complimentary, because without the help from the other neither of them can fulfill the duties and obligations of the married life. The Hindu law books try their best to delineate the roles and responsibilities of each partner in a marriage so as to avoid any confusion.

The couple have to follow their family rules and make sure that they do not contribute to the social disorder. In a traditional Hindu family, married couples have to perform many traditional duties, some of which have to be performed by them alone and some in association with the other. Among others, the following are some of their common duties and obligations.