Israel and pakistan relationship with india

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israel and pakistan relationship with india

Pakistan are the sources of military supplies for India, especially military contacts with dimensions of the triangular relationship of India, Israel and Pakistan. Well, we all know how relations between India and Israel go- smooth and aligned . They are more than enough to infer on how would the relationship between. Israel–Pakistan relations refers to the bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Compared to India-Pakistan relations, Israel-Pakistan relations have.

Israel, on its part wanted this to be a joint Indian-Israeli strike to avoid being solely held responsible. ISI had intercepted information that Israeli civilians may be targeted in a terrorist attack in India during September and November following the 26 November Mumbai Terror Attacks that among its targets included a Jewish centre—the Nariman House.

Pakistan and Israel opposed the Soviet invasion, with Israel supplying arms to Pakistan to give to the Afghan rebels.

Israel had captured the weapons from Palestinian groups such as the PLO who were supplied by the Soviets. Military ties[ edit ] Britain's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills revealed in that Israel had exported military technology to Pakistan. InIsrael sought to purchase from Britain equipment that would then be exported to Pakistan.

These included electronic warfare systems and aircraft parts. The Israeli and Pakistani teams, with their pairing of an Israeli and a Pakistani, made headline news. Aside from the moral expressions of solidarity with the Palestinian issue and the two-state solution, India has always desired closer ties with the Zionist state Aside from the moral expressions of solidarity with the Palestinian issue and the two-state solution, there has always been an underway Indian desire for closer ties with the Jewish state.

In the Kargil war ofIsrael gave laser-guided missiles to India.

israel and pakistan relationship with india

For India, too, its interests are the foremost away from the visuals of moral standings on this and that issue. Indian company National Aluminium is also pouring investment in the construction of a smelter in Iran.

Foreign policy pragmatism embedded in the mundane principles of realpolitik does not facilitate India only. Pakistan has always been inimical to Israel in open support to Palestine at every forum. Will your contacts with Pakistan soften the attitude of other Muslim countries towards Israel? We are making progress. Egypt and Jordan sent their ambassadors back to Israel after four and a half years.

Muslim leaders are planning to visit Israel.

israel and pakistan relationship with india

We have an economic agreement with Turkey. Very good relations with Mauritania. Which will be the next Muslim country to recognise Israel now? I met the foreign minister of Qatar on Thursday.

Before Intifadah, we had a bureau of interests in Qatar. At least 10 countries are engaged with us. Some more than others. I will also meet foreign ministers of some other Muslim countries during this General Assembly.

Will these contacts lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state? It is up to the Palestinians. They need to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism first. Gaza is a model.

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If it works, it will encourage us to move ahead with the rest of the plan, but we cannot do it if they do not end terrorism and violence. What we see in Gaza is not very encouraging, though. Their border with Israel has become a paradise for smugglers. They do not need to dig tunnels any longer. Will you agree to share Jerusalem with the Palestinians and allow Palestinian refugees to return?

Will Imran Khan change Pakistan's relations with Israel?

We cannot immediately jump to the final solution. There are very large gaps, a lack of confidence.

israel and pakistan relationship with india

We have to go step by step. Albert Einstein once described the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a fight between two rights, what do you say? Until Israel was not controlling Palestinian territories, so who prevented an independent Palestinian state then? Yet what did an ordinary Palestinian, who was living peacefully before this started, do to deserve this suffering? They did not recognise the UN resolution for two countries in Jordan occupied the West Bank.

Pakistan recognised the Jordanian rule over the West Bank. What stopped Jordan or Egypt from creating a Palestinian state? What future do you see for Israel say in years? Will you be able to live peacefully with your Arab neighbours? We hope there will be peace in the region.

If not us, our children and grandchildren will end the conflict. You could not have imagined it then. But they did overcome their differences.