Izaya and namie relationship questions

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izaya and namie relationship questions

It focuses on the relationship, to be more specific. No explicit sexual acts here Namie is a horrible, horribl sufficient / older brother!Izaya x. Izaya traded Celty's head from Namie Yagiri for a favor. Namie works in Yagiri Pharmaceuticals where Celty's head was stored at that time. Namie had access to. Most people thought that Izaya was an unpredictable and very eccentric When Namie opened the door, she was there - the person that Awakusu since she once almost proposed a change in their relationship for more, but he He doesn't know why he bothers to ask you those questions and expect.

Waiting for that moment where he would finish this long-lived predestined relationship by his own hand. Is it that bizarre?

Can you call hating a cockroach and instinctively wanting to crush it with your foot a predestined relationship?

izaya and namie relationship questions

Under a sky with no stars, Izaya thought about the predestined relationship between himself and Heiwajima Shizuo. In just a little bit, Heiwajima Shizuo would come to finish him off, right? But now, he really was coming to finish him off. But if that really was true, the fact that Shizuo was coming to finish him off for the sake of other humans made Izaya feel very satisfied.

At the same time, he felt incredibly irritated. The group that the teenager named Ryuugamine Mikado made sucked the people around it into it one by one. Even if Mikado suddenly had a change of heart and reconciled with Kida Masaomi without doing anything crazy, Izaya would still respect his decision. Because it would be the life Ryuugamine Mikado chose.

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To be a human and exist. What Izaya searched for in others was basically just this.

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But, monsters overturned the fates of these humans so easily. Either using powers akin to magic, or using super strength.

Izaya could not forgive that. How humans live their lives must be decided by humans. As he mused, Izaya suddenly thought back to something his friend told him before.

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What do you think you are? At this moment, Izaya realized, he felt carefree. If he felt carefree because of something like this, was he even human? Was he a human who liked humans? Or, was he a human who pretended he was above humans and saw them as entertainment? That monster named Heiwajima Shizuo—he was beyond the realm of a human.

If he could get rid of Heiwajima Shizuo, perhaps then he would finally be able to see himself as a human. On the empty roof, he silently let slip a smile with hints of humanity in it. Just like he, Namie tangled her touch in his clothing, imagined the details of his body through blind exposure — experienced the way Izaya twitched while she ran over his abdomen and up to his chest.

She was snapped from the moment with his obvious connotation. Struck with duty, Namie had to make sure he knew her actual intent; the original intent at least. It was her fault for letting herself get lost, but it was even more so his for leading her there. Namie grew sadistic with uncontrollable huffs that riled with each new take of air, with heaves that accentuated the rise and fall of her chest.

Eyes predominantly framed in white, brows twitched at the center, her panic was clear, but over what was foggy. Namie grimaced; though her soured features seemed for him, they were more for herself.

Welcome to heck

Grim air choked her words. He only continued after she turned oddly ashamed. She slapped him a thrice time — but noticed how his pupils dilated while she wound-up her anger and felt the flinch before her hand connected. None of her observations restrained her force, though they slapped her brain with guilt.

izaya and namie relationship questions

Though his cheek swollen, his ego remained unbruised — his pity disgusted her enough to go for a kill of his know-it-all dignity. Glossy-eyed and red, she was burdened with the aftermath of her cheap tactic to flee. Izaya had a question in his gaze, as did Namie. It was the extension of their silent stubbornness that caused them to rely on the other rather themselves to spill information.

Of course it was never about his emotions, his hurt, his inability to handle the repercussions of a selfish love.

izaya and namie relationship questions

Thus it was shameful how she made him suffer the weakness with her, but the company on her emotional journey was simultaneously reassuring as it was unfamiliar. Izaya distracted her sadness — he circled her wrist like he grabbed her pulse, carefully took her icy fingers that had melted to his jawline; delicately the chill was added to his shoulder.

Her vision drew a blank as she awaited a kiss she figured would come given the tender way he looked at her; which became actualised. Without malice Izaya had stolen from her just as Seiji. Her boss mimicked that fake elementary school kiss, that disgusting farce; she shivered from the uncanniness.

Realising her family would never afford her love was long ago accepted, but realisation that her brother lacked what she owned in spades slipped the reigns of her agony from her control. In silence they hung on the moment.