Jackson and lydia relationship

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jackson and lydia relationship

This category will serve as a list for all romantic relationships that have occurred in "Teen Wolf". Sep 25, In the episode, Lydia and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) run into Jackson, who said he' d decided to put Jackson in a same-sex relationship long ago. Lydia Martin was a student at Beacon Hills High School on the MTV series Teen The ruse, along with her relationship with Jackson Whittemore, was part of a.

In pursuit of this goal, Jackson proceeded to break-up with Lydia via text, with the intention of "removing the dead weight from his life" in preparation for his transformation. Although Lydia tried to shrug it off as something that didn't bother her, it was clear that she was very hurt by Jackson's actions.

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The two weren't seen interacting until the school dancewith their respective dates Allison Argent in Jackson's case and Stiles Stilinski in Lydia's case and it was clear that the two were not on the best of terms.

However, this did not stop Jackson from saving Lydia's life after she was attacked and bitten by then- Alpha Werewolf Peter Halean act for which Lydia was immensely grateful despite Jackson's cruel behavior toward her after the fact. In Season 2Jackson and Lydia were both suspected to be the new reptilian shapeshifter terrorizing Beacon Hills and killing numerous twenty-four-year-old former Beacon Hills High School students, though it was eventually revealed that Jackson was the creature.

Meanwhile, Lydia was suffering the side-effects of her mind being haunted by Peter Hale 's spirit and the awakening of her own supernatural powers from his Bite. When Jackson started to become aware that he was being controlled by a Kanima Master who was also a fellow classmatehe tried to distance himself from Lydia to protect her.

Romantic Relationships

However, it was ultimately Lydia who saved him by calling out his first name with her voice and giving him back the key to his house that he gave her months earlier, which acted as a symbol of their relationship. Not only did this bond bring Jackson back to life after he was killed by Derek Hale his recently-resurrected uncle Peterbut he also came back as the Werewolf he was meant to be, albeit one with Kanima traits.

jackson and lydia relationship

Due to the significant amount of attention his deaths and resurrection caused in the town, Jackson and his family moved to London, England, causing Lydia and Jackson to end their relationship for good, though they seemed to do so on good terms.

In Season 6Jackson and Lydia reunited for the first time in over a year when Jackson returned to Beacon Hills from London after he heard about Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent 's Hunter army going after supernatural creatures around the world.

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During this reunion, it was revealed that Jackson was in a romantic relationship with Ethan Steinera fact that caused Lydia to remark that she thought he would never figure out that he was romantically interested in men. Jackson remains an ally of the McCall Packof which Lydia is a member.

jackson and lydia relationship

Jackson went on to invite Allison to the party Lydia was throwing at [[Martin House her house that coming Friday. I want to get to know you guys better. Allison and Jackson met during Allison's first day at Beacon Hills High Schoolafter Jackson's girlfriendLydia Martinengaged in conversation with her and declared Allison her new best friend.

Jackson and Lydia

Although Allison and Jackson were friendly to one another, their relationship became rocky and strained due to Jackson's dislike of Scott McCallAllison's boyfriend at the time. Jackson later started to be nicer to Allison, although this was likely an attempt to both gain more information about Scott's new abilities as well as to sabotage her relationship with Scott to punish Scott for outshining him in lacrosse.

jackson and lydia relationship

Despite, the two did end up on better terms with one another. After Allison broke up with Scott due to the events of Night Schoolshe and Jackson became much closer, with obvious signs of a mutual attraction developing between the two.

jackson and lydia relationship

They ultimately went to the winter formal together as friends, and both were instrumental in the defeat of then-Alpha Werewolf Peter Hale. In Season 2Allison and Jackson's interactions with each other became briefly limited due to the fact that Jackson had broken up with Lydia and was still desperately pursuing lycanthropy.

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However, after it was revealed that Jackson was, in fact, the Kanima wreaking havoc on Beacon Hills after the Bite he received from Derek HaleAllison, along with Scott and Stilesdevoted themselves to saving him without killing him. This plan was ultimately successful thanks, in part, to Lydia's Banshee powers, but once Jackson had been transformed into a Werewolf with Kanima traits, he moved to London with his family as a result of his public deaths and resurrection.

jackson and lydia relationship

Jackson was still in London when Allison was killed by an Oni demon several months later, preventing them from ever seeing one another again.

Allison and Jackson are known as Jallison by fans.