Kirito and suguha relationship trust

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kirito and suguha relationship trust

In light novel Volume 5 and Volume 6 - Phantom Bullet, it is confirmed that Kirito is going out with Asuna. From Volume 5 - Chapter 1, when. How does Kirigaya Suguha's asking him to teach her how to play ALfheim Online 'cause there was all that drama with Suguha/Lyfa and Kazuto/Kirito. That led me to start thinking more about how their relationship got started in real life. . people she couldn't trust whether they were acting or genuine. But the thing is that Suguha liking Kirito doesn't really make sense . She like Kazuto wanted to recover their relationship as brother and sister.

Today he settled for a casual walk in the hall, coming up alongside her as she switched classes even though his class was nowhere nearby. He almost slipped up and called her by the name far more familiar to him. He offered her a — hopefully — friendly smile before saying, "Do you want to meet at that tea shop you like in Sylvian before hunting this afternoon?

I won't be logging in. I'm going to visit him. You've never mentioned him before. I'll be going to visit him after practice, so I won't be logging in today. I'm sorry to hear that about your brother. Will he be okay? What's wrong with him… may I ask? Seconds passed as the hallway grew less populated, the bell moments from marking the commencement of the next class. Nagata was unsure of what to say. While locked in indecision, three chiming notes drifted through the halls, indicating that both students would be tardy.

With a forced smile, Nagata said, "Tell him I said happy birthday! Confused, and somewhat terrified at the idea of a crying girl, Nagata quickly strode to the class he was late to. But he hadn't imagined the way her lips silently repeated that name: It took Nagata a week to work up the courage to bring up Suguha's mysterious brother again, and only then was it attempted while in ALO.

After the sensitive encounter before, he hadn't been sure if it was a good idea. He did not want his inquiry to bring tears, because he knew he wouldn't be able to handle that. But his curiosity was burning to the point where he needed to know. Why had she kept her brother such a secret?

Why was he in the hospital? And what caused so much pain to cloud those normally, joy-filled eyes? Besides, it was polite to ask if he was getting better, was it not? Despite the fact that they were flying — and that generally required all of Recon's focus — he asked the question he had kept bottled up for days: But it was quickly recovered. Of course, he knew of the thousands of comatose patients, their minds trapped in another world while their families waited in anxiety every day, wondering if they'll ever come back.

But this was the first time he had met someone with a personal connection to that tragedy. Seeing the pain in Lyfa's green eyes as she tried to smile it away made the situation more real than ever before; up until now, it had just been a bad story; something that didn't happen in real life.

By now, his body is nothing more than skin and bones. When I hold his hand, it's so small and thin. My mom's been teasingly calling him our 'sleeping beauty.

It'll be hard, but I'm gonna be there for him. She was still smiling, and the ache was still there in her eyes, but that intense look was the same one she wore in a heated battle: Offering a small grin of his own, he said, "I know you will. I'm sure he couldn't ask for a better sister to be by his side.

It sounded so stupid! Lyfa's cheeks blushed rose. Adverting her gaze she mumbled, "You really think so? She put distance between them, not because of what he said, but because she didn't want him to see her cry.

He was fine with that. The Lyfa-chan in his head was always smiling; Suguha wanted him to keep it that way. You're still so much stronger than me, he thought. And he finally understood why she had approached him that day last year. Torn by the grief of losing her brother, she had set out to understand him further.

She wanted to experience the kind of world he lived in — survived in — every hour of every day. Suguha wanted to see what had drawn him in, caged him, and could possibly kill him.

Instead of living in fear of FullDive, she decided to understand it, and accept that not all of it was evil. She lived day-to-day like her brother was, not dwelling on what could have been, but looking forward to the prospects the future had to offer.

When he heard the news that SAO had been cleared, the first person that came to mind was Kirigaya Suguha. As expected, she missed a few days of school and didn't log into ALO for a few more after that. And Nagata was happy for her, but he was itching for information.

He wanted to know the details. But it soon became apparent; details of that other world were not casually shared. People had died, people had changed, and the victims would never be the same. Right now was a healing time for the bodies, minds, and souls of the SAO players. Some would be scarred for life, never to pick up a gaming device again. Some would suffer from posttraumatic stress. And some would be unable to return to their livelihoods. And those were the lucky ones.

Top 9 Fighters in Sword Art Online

Nearly four thousand had died, never to return to either world; among them was Kayaba Akihiko, the game's infamous creator. All the same, people celebrated the return of the players, calling it a blessing — a miracle. On television, family members cried as they embraced their emancipated loved ones, as if reclaiming them back from the dead. Politicians made new resolutions to assist the victims with their recovery.

kirito and suguha relationship trust

Articles were published, but still, very little information on the actual events was divulged. Nagato turned to his alter ego, Recon's, information gathering techniques. He trawled through vast tracts of the internet, to gaming circles, where friends talked about friends that had been in SAO.

He contacted a few of his gaming buddies IRL, asking them to keep their ears open for any bits of info. He even watched a few of the bogus interviews mainly of low-level players on TV. In the end, this is what he found: The front liners or clearing group had only reached floor seventy-five as of that November, two years after the original SAO incident.

Rumors from the people who were actually present in that boss room said that a single player was the reason for the game's early victory. Leader of the strongest guild, Knights of the Blood, was really Kayaba Akihiko in disguise.

He had been playing since the beginning, but obviously, with GM powers. The mysterious 'Black Swordsman' — talented dual blade wielder and strongest solo player — was responsible for his defeat. These rumors were the most reoccurring, but they definitely seemed far-fetched. Kayaba playing as the leader of clearing guild? They didn't even finish the game! And dual wielding… something that was notoriously difficult in real life was accomplished in VR? But now Nagata was satisfied enough not to pester Suguha with questions she probably didn't want to answer.

And that was good enough for him. She knew who it was just by the way he called her name; he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. He stopped in front of her, leaning over with his hands on his knees, gasping for breath. She gave off a small huff, irritated by his physical inability. It was the same expression she made as Lyfa when he couldn't keep up with her while flying in ALO.

I'm heading home for the day. We've already taken entrance exams, and both you and I have already been accepted to the high schools we want to go to. You should skip too. Spending time in a class you don't need isn't studious, it's wasteful. And back to the main point: When she wanted them to, her words could cut like her silver, katana sword. He wasn't sure why, but he seemed to get flustered around Suguha a lot more easily as of late. A while ago he had finally considered himself her friend, even if she didn't return the sentiment, but sometimes he felt like there was something more… Mmmm… nevermind.

Really well in fact. It's only been two months, but he's been really active. Besides physical therapy he's been going to the gym to work out too. Last month he bought a bicycle and he's been riding that a lot, just to get around and whatnot. He should know better than to think he could beat the national-quarterfinalist Kirigaya-sama!

A beat, "Oh nothing," Suguha waved her hands dismissively, "I should really get home. See you later Nagata-kun! It was truly miraculous that she had survived the Salamanders' onslaught. Just more proof of her talent in swordsmanship and her skills in flight. But when the crowds finally thinned enough that he could see her he noticed that she wasn't alone. A black clad figure was sprawled on the ground near the base of the central tower, Lyfa standing over him, saying something teasingly.

A second later the boy curled up his legs, rolled off his back, and sprung to his feet with apparent ease, stretching casually afterwards. It was the demeanor of someone highly experienced in FullDive. As Recon drew closer he recognized the trends that would label the stranger as a Spriggan: Dark attire aside, it was extremely suspicious. The boy didn't look like he was wearing anything but the starter gear, yet here he was, casually wandering around in other territories where he could instantly be killed.

That wasn't courage; that was stupidity. So of course, he was flabbergasted to find that this boy had saved the great and mighty Lyfa-chan. First, she had called him her friend.

Nagata didn't think she had felt that way about him yet. And second, why was the usually cautious Lyfa suddenly telling everything to a guy she had only just met?

This was suspicious indeed. Consorting with the enemy is not a good idea with Sigurd around. And then she proceeded to ditch out on Recon and her party without a hint of a guilty conscience.

She dragged away the sputtering Kirito, saying she's promised him a drink. Leaving Recon standing there without a clue as to what was going on with his friend, now that was mean! He realized he was breaking the once-a-week rule, but this was an emergency. He'd been completely ignored all night, and then Suguha had suddenly logged off without warning. Okay, so he wasn't her net-nanny, but still. Something was going on. Nagata could be creepy when he wanted to; his stalker-ish nature rubbing off from his ALO character's reconnaissance aptitude.

So when he waited for her behind one of the school buildings for a few hours, it didn't seem all that strange to him. Suguha, of course, didn't appreciate it. His glasses flashed in the sunlight, reflecting the light into Suguha's eyes and only ticking her off even further. Besides, I won't be joining you for a while. I've got some important business to attend to. That's at least a whole night of flying. Why would you do that? You can't trust a shady guy like that! I'm just helping him out because he helped me.

It's called 'returning the favor.

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Tell the gang I said 'hello. Still lying dejectedly on the ground, Nagata felt his heart sink lower in his stomach. Lyfa was leaving him without a backwards glance, no longer needing her faithful escort, Recon.

He would not let himself become expendable. Nagata wanted to make sure he was nothing but useful to Suguha. If he let her walk away this easily, then he would never get a chance at her heart. He wouldn't give up! He logged in later that afternoon with new resolve, doing a little bit of shopping before going to meet the others and tell them of Lyfa's withdrawal from the party.

kirito and suguha relationship trust

He had a theory, and based on Sigurd's reaction to the news, he wanted to be ready to act. As predicted, Sigurd did not take the news well, "How dare she! Does she not know how bad this will make us look? One of our most powerful swordswomen leaving on a whim! Is she a fool? I'm sure she'll change her mind and stop acting like a child! The commander of the Sylph forces had been acting strangely for a while now. Though his reaction to Lyfa's decision wasn't particularly out of character for him, the look on his face had been desolate — as if someone stolen his Christmas presents.

He had called the Spriggan shady, but Sigurd was acting ten times worse. He had to find Lyfa. Double checking his supplies before ascending the tower, he decided to start his next mission immediately after he explained it to Lyfa. The elevator doors slid open, revealing the backs of two fairies: Kirito was the first to turn, drawing the Sylph swordswoman's attention as well. And apparently I'm a renegade now too. But that was mostly on the spur of the moment.

Sigurd wasn't very happy. What will you do now? My sword belongs to you alone, Lyfa-chan! But something has been bothering me lately. He gulped, slightly uncomfortable with being the target for both those emerald-green and coal-black stares.

I think Sigurd's at the heart of it, but I need to look into things a little further, so I'll stay here a bit longer. Unlike yesterday, he was now fitted out with more personalized gear. Covered head to toe in black leather and bearing a giant, iron great-sword strapped to his back, he looked a lot more imposing — and intimidating.

Meeting his inky stare full on, Recon requested, "Kirito-san! Look out for her please! She has a habit of flying into trouble, so be careful. The way he had wandered into Sylph territory, unconcerned; the way he had leapt to his feet after falling; the flawless control he exhibited over his avatar. There was only one type of person that could be both a newbie and a veteran: He should be fully capable watching over Lyfa.

For a moment, surprise flitted across Kirito's face before it was erased by confident yet mischievous smile. An understanding passed between them. Unconsciously, Recon added, "And just so we're clear, she's my—" He was abruptly cut off as a foot came down hard on his.

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Choking back the cry of pain he looked up to see Lyfa, arms crossed and a disapproving frown on her lips. Kirito gave him one last sympathetic look before following Lyfa. Recon barely managed to catch a fleeting, 'good luck,' before the Spriggan was gone as well. With what, his mission? Somehow he had a feeling that wasn't what the black swordsman had meant. It had been a sucky day, to say the least, but that didn't mean it hadn't been productive.

Though Recon had spent hours invisible in the sewers, then the next in Salamander captivity, he now knew what Sigurd was planning. All he had to do was escape and tell Lyfa. He had sent her a quick message to be careful, because as soon as Sigurd had failed to convince her to stay in Sylvian, he had put out the order to have her PKed.

But now he had to tell her Sigurd's plans for wreaking havoc at the peace summit between the Sylphs and the Cait Sith. Right now she was the only one close enough and the only one skilled enough to tip the balance and save the two races from Salamander invasion.

It anyone could do it, Lyfa could; she was resourceful. And she had that Spriggan with her; as a possible SAO survivor, he could prove to be a wild card if a fight broke out. If he logged out, it would leave his body vulnerable to attack.

But he was already a captive so it didn't make much of a difference. Either way, he was at the Salamanders' mercy, but he had been prepared for this situation, and didn't have anything too valuable on his person.

Some things were more important, like keeping his promises. His consciousness returned to his body where he was lying on his bed in his dark room. Quickly sliding the AmuSphere up over his head, he sat up, took a moment to get his bearings, and grabbed his mobile off the nightstand. He had been overjoyed when Suguha finally suggested they exchange numbers to make it easier to coordinate their playing time while IRL. It had been over a half a year ago, but the number had been on his speed dial since day one.

Pressing one, Nagata listened to the ringer sound. Over and over and over again he called, not bothering to leave a message. He hoped that disturbance on her end of the line would be enough to register on her AmuSphere, asking her if she wanted to log out.

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She could always let Kirito keep an eye on her avatar… …Unless she had been killed already by the Salamander forces. His face creased with worry, but his heart spoke louder: Caught off guard, it took him a second to gather his thoughts.

Just hearing her voice, knowing she had made it to Lugru, was enough to make the hours he'd spent tracking Sigurd worth it.

It didn't matter that Recon was face-first in sewer water at the moment in VR, he had done what he'd said he'd do, and quite well. He explained the situation to Suguha. Despite her latest fixation with the mysterious Spriggan, she was going to drop everything to go help Sakuya. He sighed in relief; she hadn't changed; she was still the same old Lyfa.

The next day arrived, but everything was far from normal in Sylph territory. He hadn't heard a word from Lyfa, but Sakuya had made it safely back to Sylvian the night before and started hasty preparations to raid the world tree. So it was safe to say they had been successful in their negotiations. But why attempt the 'Grand Quest' now, and where had they gotten the Yuld to afford it?

Recon assumed it had something to do with Lyfa's intervention with the Salamanders, but he couldn't imagine how. That and he didn't exactly hang around to find out.

As soon as he escaped his captors, he was flying towards Aarun — towards Lyfa — as fast as his wings would take him. Bummer that the server maintenance had interrupted his search, otherwise he would have continued looking for her all night. As it was, he fell asleep at about four in the morning and slept till eleven thirty, only waking up in time to eat and shower before diving again. Nagata usually wasn't so obsessed with ALO. His parents would be furious if they knew how much he had played in the last twenty-four hours.

But something had changed; something foreboding hung in the mood of the game. His sixth sense for investigation was practically stinging. He wouldn't rest again until he found Lyfa. It was nearing six o' clock when he found her.

IRL the dying glow of the setting sun would no doubt be glaring red through his window, but in the skewed time arrangement of ALO it was high noon.

She was standing at the top of a grand staircase leading up to the World Tree Dome.

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Leaning against the balustrade, there was a completely un-Lyfa like air about her and a sag to her usually strong shoulders. Her eyes were closed, a crease between her golden eyebrows, and an expression that could only be described as 'anguished' covered her face.

He landed quietly, not wanting to disturb her but at the same time she pushed off the stone railing with a sigh. Instead he asked, "Where's that Spriggan? I'm… I'm an idiot.

That was impossible, right? But as he watched her face, he saw her wipe tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. Whatever had transpired between her and Kirito must've been serious.

D-did she love him? No, that was impossible! It had only been a day, and Lyfa wasn't really the type to get attached to people like that in the virtual world. But all the same, it looked like she was suffering from a broken heart. It made him angry, and not just a little bit jealous that it had been Kirito she had fallen for, not him. He would have never hurt her like this. Those unspoken words somehow resounded within Nagata's mind.

He knew he could do something to make her feel better. He could tell her what he had been keeping to himself for a while. Steeling his resolve, he dashed down the stairs. Jumping in front of her, he grabbed her hands, holding them in his.

B-because Lyfa-chan isn't Lyfa-chan unless she's smiling! I will always stay with you! I'll never leave you alone, whether here or in the real world, i-if you need a friend. Their faces were mere inches apart now. The force threw him backwards, and he stumbled and fell ingloriously down the stone staircase, crying out in fear the whole way down. He landed on his back, all the wind completely knocked from his lungs.

Though he couldn't be hurt by such a thing the safe zone, it was disorienting and uncomfortable. But Lyfa suddenly laughed, her usual, sunny smile coming back with only a hint of that earlier remorse, "I could learn a thing or two from you sometimes.

I like that about you, Nagata-kun. I'm glad that I can call you my friend. And I'm glad that you could teach me such important things. Slowly, a bashful smile curled his lips.

Lyfa stood, "Will you be alright? I'll be right back. But it was with that battle-hardened determination. Lyfa was back, but this time, she had drawn strength from him. The trio consisting of the two Sylph warriors and the solo Spriggan player stood in an awkward triangle before the gates to the World Tree Dome.

Lyfa's green eyes were alight, "We're raiding the World Tree. Him, you, and me; the three of us. The mood that she was in, nothing could stop her. The two had made up somehow, and now seemed to inexplicably ride the same wavelength; though they expressed it in different ways. Three fairies thought they were going to be able to complete the grand quest together, with no preparation, no ancient-class weapons, no high-class support magic, and absolutely no clue as to what they were getting into.

Who was he talking to? A small ball of light expanded in the air above his shoulder before suddenly popping like a balloon. In its place, a pixie in the shape of a young girl, appeared and settled on his black coat.

You know I can't come out until you call me! Her delicate face contorted into a pout, cheeks puffing out below large, brown eyes. Long black hair fluttered down and intermingled with the lace of her white, petal-like dress. I got sidetracked," Kirito's gentle tone seemed to placate her diminutive rage. First, wow, was that a navigation pixie! He'd never seen one before!

But she shrunk back, an expression of fear on her alabaster face. She retreated to hide behind Kirito's ear, "Papa, who's this?

The Sylph swordswoman looked to Kirito, "What's the plan? Was this guy completely nuts? The higher you go, the more are formed per interval. Last time you got as high as sixteen per second. I can only assume that this quest was meant to be impossible. If you can make a breach and get through it, you should be able to fly to the top and have a few seconds before the guardians catch up to you.

Nagata found this whole situation completely suicidal. If Yui was right, they were basically challenging an unbeatable boss. His voice almost broke from the strain of underlying emotions, "I feel like there isn't much time left. This isn't a game to him. Where she goes, I go. Not to be out done, Recon intruded, laying both his hands on top of hers to turn the handshake into team huddle.

Lyfa gave him a surprised look, but he gave her a meaningful look: Understanding passed between them; she gave both boys a warm smile. She looked at the boy and tried to smile, but felt embarrassed to be saved like a rookie, "Thank you, I probably be a remain light now.

That's a first, maybe Recon but it was someone outside her friends giving her a complement. Before she could say anything, the Imp handled her the Anklet, shocking her. For a moment their hands touched, his over hers and her face lid up in surprise, "You can have it, you wanted this right?

Maybe I'll see you around Leafa-san.

kirito and suguha relationship trust

Take care of yourself! Leafa stood there, hands still on the anklet and the boy who saved her already gone. Holding the anklet close to herself, she said smiling, "Thank you I guess. The first girl was A Spriggian, her black hair and eyes similar to Kirto's. She wore a blue coat and a black shirt with silver belt over it. The next girl was a bit older than her, A Gnome player.

She had brown hair, which goes down to the base of her neck with two long strands on either side of her head which go down to the top of her breasts, red eyes, and pointy ears. She wore a lilac-color, strapless dress with a black piece of fabric going across the breasts and down to her stomach, below an intricate coat. The coat is made up of violet and plum shaded components, reaching as far down as the hem of her dress but also leaving some areas open which expose the dress below.

Above that she wore a collar of the same violet of her coat, outlined in lavender with a red jewel securing the collar in place. It appears that the components that go over her detached black sleeves are connected to this collar.

These components that go over the black sleeves appear to cover them completely except for at the wrist and hand where it joins to her finger. She wears plum stockings, which have, much like the rest of her outfit, whorls etched on. They go up under the dress and are connected by something triangular. Her hand was still holding to the Anklet she gave him. Lucky for her, the Imp never fully claimed the Anklet so there wasn't a trade, but still wished she got his name at least.

Someone saved me and I was able to get this. Do you like him? The fact he rescued me still a shock to me. Not really muscular, but looked more of my age if we met in IRL. He didn't look like he was super strong but he was quick enough to save me.

His clothes weren't armor, but more like clothes you guys would wear. That's really it," Leafa said, before remembering something else that happened, "Oh, and he had a OSS that used darkness magic, I could tell by the mist. Did he have a custom made sword by me? He usually wanted to make a better sword than the ones he says he finds in dungeons," Lizbeth said, remembering all her customers' faces every day, "I think remember his name. Let's try to not do that, I'm sure he won't like that.

But From how Toshi acted, he did that because he like you, was after that Anklet. But he saved you, he came off nice to you, I doubt he had any hidden motives. Want to say thank your prince charming don't you?

She was a a slim Imp with milky white and a hint of purple skin, lustrous and gorgeous, long, purplish-black hair, and red eyes.

She wore obsidian chest armor, a bluebottle violet tunic and a windswept skirt of the same color beneath the armor.

Lastly, a thin, black sheath hung on her waist. We talk from time to time, he's a nice guy. And he's been around in ALO as long as me. He just doesn't go around in guilds or as a solo player as much. We probably never saw him in Svart Alfheim and we been busy before the start of the summer with clearing New Aincrad to not spot him.

It wasn't long that everyone saw a girl flying out of the tavern, screaming as she was gone out of Swilvane. Inside the tavern, Leafa held her sword in her hands, putting it back in her sheath and dust her hands off of dealing with Lizbeth. Sinon, Strea, and Philla baffled that it was going to happen.

Sinon only just smiled at the end, knowing full well that burning the hornet's nest wasn't going to end well for the Blacksmith. Leafa sat back sit with the girls,talking audibly about things while they still had time. Still Leafa was still eager to meet Toshi once again. What kind of person was he, was he a nice guy? She couldn't wait, of course, there was a problem Toshi looked from Yuuki and to the bar, "Yuuki-chan, you know Leafa very well, wants she like?

She's very dedicated and head strong, very kind and nice to all of us. Her brother, no should be more accurate, cousin was a well known SAO player who saved all those trapped players awhile ago. Um, you mention he's a SAO player right? Kirito, the Spriggian Black Swordsman? We're meeting in Sylph territory to meet Leafa-san correct? But Asuna said if it's not a problem about us going somewhere before I return to the hospital for any last time check ups.

Actually, you are very close to me and Asuna's hometown IRL, why not we try to have a possible meet up in town, I'm sure it'll be fun. Toshi opened his eyes as the AmuSphere booted down and saw the ceiling of a room before him. He got up from the bed, feeling his body ache a like from being dived in ALO for a long time. He felt for a button to turn the lights off, seeing around a shelf before touching the lights button. The light turned brightening up the room and showing the real life version of Toshi in full view.

His appearance was a mid height middle school student, his brown hair while bed ridden was cut short, his bangs to his chin and matching brown eyes. His attire was a pair of shorts and a brown shirt, a symbol of a half yellow mascot character printed on his shirt with several ghost on him.

His feet were rather bare, no socks on his feet as he finally got up from his bed and stepped out his room. On the front of the door, the name 'Toshiyuki Honda' was written in black marker and on a hand crafted sign. He stepped quietly though the hallway, coming towards another with the same wood sign as his room, reading the name 'Iroha Honda' on it.

He knocked on the door to call for the room's occupant. Suguha had left ALO after talking with her friends and walked for her cousin Kazuto to be back as well. Of course he could be with Asuna at the time, and probably enjoying themselves. She did get a message from him saying he'll be out soon, so they'll make dinner.

She sat in the dinner, her usual attire of a jacket and shorts, waiting for him. It was around 7: I swear I should have knocked some sense into her. Suguha went into detail what happened while looking for that Anklet, how she fought a boar that seem it guards any items that spawn in the area.

She had the upper hand until it did something that reminded her of the bosses' auras months ago when they tackled Svart Alfheim. Before She was beaten, someone saved her, a Imp named Toshi. When he caused the Boar to run off, he gave her the Anklet, saying he was after it but decided to give it to her and left.

When Suguha was done explaining the story, dinner was done and the two cousins sat back at the dinner table. He had a he's just like me, normal side to him. Even from how his said this story, this Toshi character seems like a okay player, but there was something about this that felt too convenient. Two players just happen to go after the same item, he really hope it's nothing like Shino's stories or he'll have emotionally scarred sister on the light. He'll have to break to her hat it's dangerous to meet someone you barely know, and what if she falls for him?

He wasn't dense, he's very aware of her feels as well his comrades, if this is just a replacement to get over him but still falling for the same person, he better try to stop before it turns into a crazy plot that Shino would love, "Sugu, I care about you and I get you're indebted to this guy, but you realize that you don't now him in the real world, what if it's some old guy or worse, might invite you for 'certain activities'?

I would hate myself if my friends and my own cousin got involved in matters I couldn't stop. For all you know, someone knows you as Leafa and trying to get at you.

Kazuto looked up at her confused on what's she's going to say before, grabbing her hands from underneath the table and held up up to her front and looked at Kazuto with a expression that surprised him, not only that, but the next thing she said. Kazuto flinched, seeing Suguha like this wasn't what he expected. He sighed, she really wants to see this player, it would break her heart if he say no again. It was strange then her chest on his head once in ALO, here she's up close and personal.

Kazuto was then brought into a hug that even shocked him. Oh they are going to be laughing about this. Grabbing pajamas and undergarments from his dresser, he looked to several pictures on his dresser: His face turned sullen, looking at her made him feel sad.

He sighed, getting up from the floor and walked away from the room. As the water started to run, his thoughts went to the Sylph Leafa, seeing that girl's face and how he saved her, "Leafa I can't wait to meet her again The group with in a video chat on their computers after the rest of them had logged out. Shino, Asuna, Keiko, and Kotone, were also in the voice chat as well, waiting for Keiko to calm down.

Are we sure we can trust him? Your bodies won't really feel it, but what you do in ALO may or may not reflect in real life. What I learned after all, I think people have wrote about it before. The young girl was learning things she wasn't suppose to learn and it shocked her. I understand how it feels to not trust some new guy, but if he really was bad, he be after us or Asuna.

It was true, yet Kirito saved her and accepted her as a friend. She wouldn't even be smiling it wasn't for them. Trust us not easy, they saw people changes in Sword Art Online, knowing trusting anyone isn't a smart move. They saw a married man kill his own wife to preserve him in his warped psyche. We're better than that. Let's give Toshi a chance tomorrow.

I might be the youngest, but I think Toshi-kun is a good person. If it's another trap like Akihiko or Seven, we should cautious of ourselves. I still feel he's hiding more about him. Asuna nodded, her face looking solemnly. Don't forget, I was close to Akihiko and don't forget I was almost married off by a man I don't even love. If this Toshi is another horrible person I'll make them pay before they hurt people I love.

She wouldn't care if they are in game or out, no one should be suffering like she had been. No complainants, so Shino added on, "I did some research on the families of the deceased players of SAO and learned a little more about them.

Most of them actually lived around many of us. There was someone Kirito couldn't save, and it still hurt him to this day. Now onto Toahi, let's all give him a chance, even if we don't trust him. Trust me, it's better we trust him than hurt the feelings of someone innocent. Even if it's me we're talking about. Even if it was just a monster, this boy saved Sugu with no reason just to be helpful," Kazuto said, even if he felt like he couldn't trust him as much as Asuna did, "Suguha will never forgive me if I deny her this.

Kazuto blushed deeply, she didn't have to say that. Yuuki told you the time to meet, so it's best you go and represent us if he's a bad person. She can tell if he's words are true. Gives me permission but still thinks I'm up all night. We got your back for Suguha! Kazuto wheeled on his computer seat and took a step out his room towards Suguha's, his sister's door wide open. He saw she was in a chat as well, talking what sounds like Sakuya of the Sylph territory. She was talking to her about things, even if it was listening into their conversations.

Then Toshi's name turn up and that perked his interest. From how Suguha talked about him, she was happy. She talked about meeting the player tomorrow morning and get to know him.

From how hearing Sakuya say, she gave him the same warning of caution, but pleased to see more inter race friends his between the other races. Suguha still wasn't worried, she really felt like she could trust Toshi. She talked about the Original Sword Skill and asked if she's heard of it before. Sakuya replied that three's rumors of OSS that combines magic. It's not easy and it takes a long time to craft one.

Her observation that he made to master it since Sword Skills was added, giving the range of late winter and the start of summer. Kazuto thought it be best to leave them be and returned to their room. Best he rest up himself, as there was a new player he was going to meet.

Whether he's friend or foe is still up in the air. Kazuto lay on his bed looking up at his ceiling, his NerveGear not too far from his bed A player with darkness magic and combines it with a Sword Skill, the Imp Toshi. It's not like I don't trust him, but his mystery does interest me. Even if Sugu couldn't tell, something about his skill and speed was of a someone who had to be play ALO sincebefore we all escaped SAO.

Even if he's not up there as Yuuki, he seems like a decent player. Rika says she's seen him at her shop getting a decent sword. He was even using one made by her. Yuuki says he's in the middle ground of a player, one that doesn't join guilds but isn't a solo player.

Was he someone who just plays for fun? That could be the case and he's harmless and not a bad person. But this situation feels too easy. A girl gets easily saved by another player? Sure I've helped Keiko and Rika respectfully, even Shino and Kotome, but those were just me doing what was right.

Toshi could just be doing to charm Suguha to fall in love with him, then plan something that's going put her and everyone in danger. I still didn't trust him, but Sugu She really feels indebted to him, more than she really is to any of us. For now I should put faith he's a good guy, but why do I feel uneasy. Asuna's words still were echoing my head: I'll make them pay before they hurt people I love We don't want to be in a trap we can't stop.

I know we all be through a lot, but trusting Toshi Suguha is my family, I don't want the people I love to be hurt. Asuna's words rang true, I have to be careful Are you a player with good intentions or evil? What was your reason to save Suguha? The item you were after is just a magic booster, nothing like rare weapons or accessories, why? I could feel my own consciousness fading, dreams of people harming my sister in ways I couldn't imagine.

Even seeing her in acts I never want her to be in. I had to protect her, I don't want her heart to be broken by someone who saved her. I can't let her suffer like all of us, I can't.

Kazuto woke up in the dead of night, seeing the light of his cellphone flashing with a message. It was from Asuna, looking like she had time to send a message. He tap his phone to see the message. It was short but he could tell his girlfriend's feeling: Kirito-kun, do you really trust Toshi? He replied immediately, No, but Suguha really sees him good. Kazuto waited for her to replied, the next words felt more serious.

I'll hurt him before he put one sleazy hand on her. I don't care if he saved her, you seem too friendly. Having falling for that is just what Sinon would see in her stories Kazuto flinched, Asuna was more serious than in their group voice chat, Let's have Yui hear him out, if he's really bad, we'll make sure he doesn't see her again Asuna next reply was more civilized than before, I don't like that we're using Yui as a lie detector, but it's for Suguha.

Kazuto went back to sleep after replying to Asuna. Tomorrow, it was time to see just who is Toshi. Connections of a Death Game! But not going to go into detail why but explain everything. Now you probably have question so I'm gonna break it down: Where does this set? Yes, play Lost song and it says her condition has improved over how she died in the anime and light novels.