Lana and ziggler relationship advice

15 Things You Never Knew About Rusev And Lana's Marriage

lana and ziggler relationship advice

To date, the WWE seems to be trying to sell Lana and Dolph Ziggler as a couple; although many know now that in real life, Lana is linked to. Speculation On Lana And Rusev Possibly Bringing Back The WWE European Dolph Ziggler Says Luke Harper Has A Chance To Be Part Of. Fantastic news for the happy couple, everyone at The Daily Jobber wishes them well guts after their relationship dissolved months ago, Lana is hot for Dolph Ziggler, nikki-bella-gives-john-cena-home-decorating-advice-.

Additionally, Rusev also won the Most Improved Wrestler award in the year as Lana is the only woman to win an award of this sort as of and the only manager to have won this award as their amazing work in was duly paid off and raised their stock in the company. Unfortunately, they had to endure some heat from their co-workers and employers because of this gimmick even though reputable wrestling presses were praising them.

It made for a shameful situation for WWE, who were having both of them feud against each other and this made them nix the angle right there. Now the WWE couldn't really do anything to Rusev because he was one of their best wrestlers, but poor Lana got a lot of backstage heat as WWE saw her as the main culprit for the leak and punished her because of it.

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In a segment when The Rock made an appearance at Monday Night Raw, Lana was slut-shamed by the Rock who indicated of doing things with her earlier on, that too right in front of the Rusev who couldn't really do anything either. She has also been victim of some other embarrassing situation afterwards, as this bold move paid off for them but brought a lot of heat on her and she received the high end of the punishment because of it as well.


They were invited to attend the CMT Country Music Awards earlier this year when Rusev was still United States Champion, as the two attended together presumably in character with Rusev wearing a suit with no blazer and Lana wearing a gorgeous dress. This storyline is one of the worst aspects of WWE television nowadays… and it was more prominently featured than anything else on the show. The other thing is the timing of every angle from this storyline on Monday seemed all messed up.

This was a rematch from Summerslam that was announced two days before RAW. Fans would normally be getting excited about the prospect of seeing a clear winner after their Summerslam match solved nothing. However, they just shot this match on first like it meant nothing. It was basically there to act as a prelude for the rest of the night with regards to this storyline.

It was essentially the same finish from Summerslam!

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With everything that happened later on, surely those would be the sort of things that would hype up a match for later on? Why not have Lana and Dolph Ziggler cut the promo about the match at the start of the show?

They can talk about their relationship and making out in Disneyland, etc. After that, Summer comes out and Ziggler is seen with his towel on in his locker room. We then hear from Summer Rae as she does her interview about the incident with Ziggler.

lana and ziggler relationship advice

Lana is asked about this interview by Renee Young but she walks off. Ziggler then tries to explain what happened to Lana but she leaves the building sad and upset.

Lana On Total Divas Season 8, Her Romance With Rusev

This would leave Ziggler all alone to go up against Rusev. Sadly, both superstars are no longer with us. There are worse ways to go, of course, but you can understand why his daughter would be upset with the woman who gave him too much action. Additionally, as part of the ridiculous angle.

lana and ziggler relationship advice

Marie also revealed that she had romantic feelings for Torrie, which resulted in an onscreen kiss at one point as well. Their subsequent feud lasted nine months, culminating in a Stepmother vs.

lana and ziggler relationship advice

Stepdaughter match -- a first for WWE. This is yet another example of WWE creative at its most puerile, but the whole ordeal was sometimes entertaining in a trainwreck sort of way.

Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth Randy Savage and Elizabeth's onscreen chemistry was natural, but this was because they were married in real-life before their fictional relationship had officially begun. That said, fans gravitated towards them like a bee to honey; so much so that there were even tears in the crowd when they reunited following a brief storyline breakup back in the s.

As far as onscreen wrestling couples go, Savage and Elizabeth are the gold standard to which all others have been compared to since. When history remembers the best couples in the history of WWE, Elizabeth and Savage will forever rank among the very best of them. Wrestling romances rarely last, but these two made the most of it while they could.

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We've covered a great deal of insane relationships and this one definitely matches the mould of the rest of then. He offered her thousands of dollars for one night together, but she declined because was with Billy Gunn.

lana and ziggler relationship advice

Gunn lost the match of course and the situation took a bizarre turn.