Landlord tenant relationship in nigeria the outside wife

Tenant tackles landlord - Vanguard News Nigeria

landlord tenant relationship in nigeria the outside wife

Usually, landlords seem to have edge over their tenants in most that as soon as his wife puts to bed, he would employ an house-help. When he brought it, he packed it outside, according to him, the vehicle overheated and stopped. there is always a relationship between the landlord and his tenant,Â. The project was welfarist, but it was capital-intensive and overbearing on the and families in their makeshift homes outside the premises as it commenced the Forceful evictions, characteristic of the landlord-tenant relationship in Nigeria. obligation to repair the structure and exterior of the premises, it was not liable for . repairs to premises let are under a general duty of care in relation to the risk of [I AC (express contract to repair: no liability to tenant's wife); RyalZ.

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Victor Edobor, a landlord in Oke-Aro area of Lagos may be finding it tough with one of his tenant, one Charles Ezeugo who seems to be determined to take a pound of flesh on his landlord. When SaturdayVanguard visited the residence of Edobor where his tenant, Charles Ezeugo also resides, it was more like a titanic battle between the two.

The bone of contention we gathered was as a result of a construction going on in the compound which activities were said to have damaged the car belonging to Charles Ezeugo, a tenant in the house. This was fueled by allegation of non compliance to the tenancy agreement, non-payment of NEPA bills and other sundry issues. Narrating his own side of the story, Victor Edobor, the landlord said, right from the first day Ezeugo packed into his house, he has been constituting himself in a manner that sparks ungentlemanly attitude.

The excuse, he gave was that, he wanted his tenancy agreement to commence from October 1, few days after he packed in, precisely on September 27, He actually called that same day, at about 2.

Surprisingly, he moved into the house even when some construction were still going on. So, I agreed but right from the time, he packed into this place, it has been one problem or the other. The landlord lamented that Ezeugo since he packed into the house has overstretched the peace and temperament of other tenants in the house so much that he could no longer bear any of his stunt, even when he showed him some love and care.

And because he told me, he was a Lawyer, I believed him just because I believe he knows the law. Behold, his wife puts to bed although through a more pathetic circumstance and we never bothered to ask him for anything again. At a point, the agent that introduced him came calling for his commission but he remained recalcitrant.


Those people were on his neck in such a way, that it became difficult for him to walk freely but we intervened to save him from that embarrassment. And all the trouble he has been causing is due to the fact that he stays in the house without going out.

Tenant tackles landlord

You need to know these things legal pitfalls. Always have a tenancy agreement- this is very important, the agreement basically sets out the terms of your tenancy and it is important that it is written- it should amongst other things contain- the names of the landlord and tenant, the amount of rent, frequency of payment, and how long the tenancy is for.

Ensure that there are no provisions which allow the Landlord unrestricted entry into the premises- your landlord owns the property, but as a tenant you are entitled to the right of exclusive possession. Make sure your tenancy agreement gives you this right. Be wary of tenancy agreements where your utility bills are shared with others— always try to ensure that all your bills like electricity, water etc.

landlord tenant relationship in nigeria the outside wife

Some landlords make their tenants sign tenancy agreements which stipulate automatic rent increases at intervals. Now, while there is nothing illegal about increasing the rent, there are provisions in the Lagos Tenancy Law which govern how much the rent can be increased by 5.

landlord tenant relationship in nigeria the outside wife

If your Tenancy Agreement has provisions absolving the landlord in advance of any liability for negligence or carelessness, then please note that such an agreement is unlikely to be upheld by the courts, however you should still try to get them removed from your tenancy agreement anyway.

The cost of going to court for an issue with a tenancy agreement is quite tedious and expensive.

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This is more from a practical perspective, and not really from a legal perspective although it will still be legally binding. The roommate agreement sets out the expectations of the roommates, and how the household will be run and organised, that way everything is laid out on the table and nothing is unsaid.

A break clause is a clause in a tenancy agreement that provides both tenant and landlord the opportunity to terminate the tenancy agreement early during the fixed-term. As a tenant, you are entitled to request from your landlord that you have a written tenancy agreement.

landlord tenant relationship in nigeria the outside wife

A tenancy agreement is an important document because it basically outlines the terms of your tenancy in the property, in fact one could argue that this is the most important right of every tenant.

Landlords can refuse to issue a tenancy agreement, but if your landlord does not give you one, then you should be very wary.