Legolas and gimli relationship trust

legolas and gimli relationship trust

Tolkien shows us a tense relationship that slowly builds trust, ungrudging admiration, and mutual Did Legolas and Gimli have a homosexual relationship ?. All the Elves eventually left for the Undying Lands anyway (magic was fading from Middle Earth and Elves are inherently magical) & Gimli had. His psychic connection to the landscape is not limited to rocks. When Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas are running across the Plains of Rohan.

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His psychic connection to the landscape is not limited to rocks. In Fangorn Forest he senses what the trees are feeling and this awareness takes his breath away. And he does this all without the benefit of psychotropic drugs. Unless, of course, he's been smokin' those mallorn leaf lembas wrappers. He Has Superpowers Legolas has extreme hearing, telescopic vision, never gets tired or cold, and can defy gravity see 6.

And Thranduil loathes Dwarves. This might account for some of the latent hostility between Legolas and Gimli when they first meet at Rivendell.

legolas and gimli relationship trust

According to Tolkien, Elves could even dream while moving about, "blending living night and deep dream. Later on Legolas naps with his eyes wide open, which if you've ever seen someone do it, looks really freaky.

legolas and gimli relationship trust

He Can Defy Gravity Elves, for some reason, do not sink into snow, even though they weigh as much as Men. This comes in handy if you're trying to cross the Redhorn Pass under the slopes of Caradhras during an evil wizard-blizzard. Be sure and wear appropriate footwear Elven-slippers. If the Elf from Mirkwood ever hears the cries of seagulls he will be doomed to fall in love with the sea.

According to the final entry in the chronology of Middle-earth in Appendix B of The Lord of the Rings this prediction comes true.

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Cue A Flock of Seagulls on your iPod and let it rip. What Elves do fear, however, are Balrogs--the ancient fiery monsters created by the evil demigod, Morgoth.

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But I beg you two, Legolas and Gimli, at least to be friends, and to help me. I need you both. The doors are shut and hidden, and the sooner we find them the better. Night is at hand! Just considering their personalities, I believe it was probably Legolas that made the first overtures of friendship.

Even so, it was not instant. During the trip through Moria I saw no indication of any effort on the part of either Elf or Dwarf to begin that friendship, however, Gimli shared some of the lore of his people during that trek, and undoubtedly, Legolas listened.

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Then on the banks of Nimrodel, Legolas shared the lore of his people with the fellowship. Just learning more about someone helps one to understand them better and makes it easier to become friends with them. The fact that they believed Gandalf lost made it important to them to make the friendship happen in his memory.

As the journey continued and they faced hardship and danger together, the bond between them grew stronger, until finally, when Legolas sailed from the shores of Middle-earth, Gimli went with him. My turn to ask questions I think Gimli wanted to meet Galadriel again, and that was the driving force behind his leaving Middle-earth.