Lithosphere and asthenosphere relationship questions

lithosphere and asthenosphere relationship questions

Mantle: located between the core and the crust; region of hot, slow-flowing solid rock. • Convection: the movement of matter that results from differences in Asthenosphere: the layer of weak or soft mantle that is made of rock. the lithosphere? What are their relationship? QUESTION TWO Short Answer Questions (10 Marks each, 40 mark marks in total). please help now Crust: The crust constitutes only about % of the earth's total volume. It is the earth's. What approach can I use to do a simple viscoelastic model of the lithosphere under a of melt and the minerals in the melting assemblage in the asthenosphere. . Does anyone know the relation between pressure and crustal thickness? .

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  • Differences between the Earths’ Lithosphere and Asthenosphere
  • Lithosphere-Asthenosphere boundary

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lithosphere and asthenosphere relationship questions