Lost girl bo and tamsin relationship

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lost girl bo and tamsin relationship

A #BingeGuide to the many loves of #LostGirl's Bo Dennis. While they're riding the high of their relationship, they pose as a married couple to . Tamsin reveals to Lauren that she and Bo kissed, and Lauren is devastated. Tamsin offered herself as a birthday gift to Bo in It's Your Lucky Fae, and Bo gladly accepted the offer, with a friends with benefits relationship developing. Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten): On supernatural series Lost Girl, Tamsin was Bo gladly accepted the offer, and a friends-with-benefits relationship.

In " Adventures In Fae-bysitting ", a part of Lauren's past is disclosed and we learn that her real name is Karen Beattie and that she is a fugitive wanted by the International Criminal Offences and Criminal Intelligence Bureau.

In addition to English she is also fluent in Spanish, French and Swahili. Isaac Taft and rejects her to protect Bo, and herself, from him. After this encounter, Bo and Lauren go their separate ways. She goes missing thereafter. The conversation that she and Dyson had during a phone call in " Sleeping Beauty School " showed that Dyson was aware of Lauren's motives for subjecting him to the deceptive procedure.

In " Turn to Stone ", Lauren reveals to Crystal that she has a brother, they had been inseparable, and decided together "to change the world", but their cause had turned into blowing up pipelines. Lauren knew how to build pipe bombs and made them for her brother to position; however, one location was supposed to have been deserted but wasn't, and eleven people were killed in the explosion.

This led Lauren Karen Beattie to go on the run, change her identity, and keep running ever since. Lauren confesses that not a day goes by that she doesn't hate herself for what happened.

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They jump into each other's arms and kiss passionately. Lauren told Bo that she had fled for her life after the Una Mens began to kill humans. The Dark Fae i. The Morrigan came looking for her, offering refuge, protection, and freedom to come and go as she pleased in exchange for working for the clan.

When Bo tells Lauren that she can offer her protection by claiming her, Lauren turns her down. After being owned by The Ash for over five years, Lauren doesn't want to be owned by anyone, even Bo. Bo walks away, stunned and bewildered by Lauren's response.

Lauren saw that Bo was wearing the necklace gift from Lauren she had found in " Turn to Stone ". At the start of Season 5, Bo and Lauren have remained good friends, putting behind their previous tensions.

In Big in Japanwhen Bo felt that she was alone, following Kenzi's departure, Lauren was among those who reassured Bo that she would never be alone, because she stole her heart.

lost girl bo and tamsin relationship

They were seen by Tamsin, who had initiated a sexual relationship with Bo and thought the two were now "girlfriends". When Bo realized their 'friends with benefits' had been misunderstood she told Tamsin that she did love her, but not in a romantic way.

In " End of Faes ", Tamsin told Bo that it didn't matter where her body was, because her heart will always be with Lauren; that she and Lauren will always be a couple, even when they were not. Afterwards, Bo stopped Lauren to talk about what happened between them the day before and told her, "There's always going to be a reason for us not to be together.

And I don't want to put this off any longer. Or 'Oh, Boy', Yes? Tamsin told Lauren "I entered the game and I lost. The best woman won. You should be, too. Bo had to leave to find one of the Ancient Fae, Iris, while Lauren and Dyson search for Mark, but before they went different ways, Lauren tells Bo, "Oh, Boy, Yes"; letting her know that she, too, wanted to resume their relationship.

In " Rise ", as the series comes to an end, Lauren tells Bo that she wants to spend the rest of her life with her, acknowledging mistakes that she would never make again.

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Both admit their relationship is messy and complicated, but after Lauren assures Bo that she is willing to weather the inevitable complications of their lives, Bo, gladdened, accepts her proposal. They embrace and kiss, this time forever. Family[ edit ] Fitzpatrick "Trick" McCorrigan[ edit ] Bo's maternal grandfather revealed near the end of the second season and father of Aife.

Trick is the bartender and owner of the only Fae pub in town, the Dal Riata aka "The Dal"which is neutral ground where Light and Dark Fae can freely socialize and find sanctuary. Trick is very powerful: Once known as the Blood King, he forced the truce and wrote the decrees that ended the war between Light and Dark Fae; and though few are now aware of his former position in the Fae hierarchy, he is on equal terms with the Fae Elders.

Compared to other Fae, who have contempt for humans, he is tolerant and often fond of humans, even trading away his most prized possession to help save Kenzi's life after she was infected with a lethal Fae virus. He respects Lauren and when necessary seeks her opinion and expertise with matters involving Fae. Aife[ edit ] Bo's mother and a powerful succubus. Aife rebelled against the truce between the Light and Dark Fae, and avenged her mother's death by killing a Dark Fae leader. Instead of execution, the Dark punished Aife by condemning her as a captive of the Dark King.

He wore a "koushang" amulet to suppress her powers and keep her restrained. Afterwards she spent most of the episode reading from a book which told of various prophecies that Bo appeared to be connected with.

She also revealed the significance of a crest which was part of a collection which Hale bequeathed to Dyson to both Dyson and Bo. This information indicated that Bo was "The One", but the significance of this was not explained in this episode.

In the season finale Dark Horsewhen Tamsin was made aware that Rainer had died and his soul was hers, she told Kenzi that it meant she had a chance to end her exile from Valhalla. Tamsin also translated a section of text for Kenzi which indicated that only "the Daughter's Heart" could close the portal through which Bo's Father was attempting to pass through.

She then accompanied Dyson and Trick to the portal and defended it against an oncoming horde of Remnants. Tamsin was present when Kenzi sacrificed her life in order to close the portal. After Kenzi's death, Tamsin claimed Kenzi's body and soul, taking them with the soul of Rainer who she also held, to Valhalla. Afterwards, Dyson found Tamsin collapsed outside of the gates to Valhalla.

When he revived her, she warned him not to allow Bo to find the other Hel shoe no matter what before Dyson carried her away. At the end of the fourth season, Tamsin appeared to be injured from her battle with the Remnants, but had apparently taken Rainer 's and Kenzi 's souls to Valhalla.

She was last seen in the company of Dyson who was carrying her away from the gates to Valhalla. Tamsin had taken one of the Helskor that Bo had possession of in an attempt to hide it from her, however she did reveal that she had given it to Trick eventually. Lauren, after seeing Bo vanish into thin air when she puts on the Helskor demanded answers from Tamsin, but instead of answering her questions, Tamsin eventually gives Lauren a book of her experiences there which explains the purpose of the Helskor, that for the wearer of them to bring a dark army from Valhalla to Earth.

However, Bo managed to overcome Tamsin and returned Tamsin to normal. She then admitted that for the first time, she has a family in Bo, Kenzi and her friends and she did not want to lose that.

By the end of the episode, Tamsin had attempted to help Bo and Kenzi, but did not succeed, then being held captive by her sister Valkyrie because of her actions against them. She came into conflict with Stacey, another Valkyrie who was a rival to her. Stacey came to Earth to find a soul to replace Kenzi's which had been returned to Earth and wanted to collect another soul that was "close to Bo's heart.

At the end the episode, Dyson asked Tamsin if she was upset about his kissing Stacey, but she insisted that she was not, the two agreeing to be friends and pinkie-swearing to that.

lost girl bo and tamsin relationship

In Big in JapanTamsin attempted to cheer Bo up with her cooking and drink skills, but when this didn't work, she accompanied Bo on a night on the town. They encountered a Fae who invited them both out for drinks and then afterwards found herself in bed with Bo. The Fae was also present and revealed that he wanted both Bo and Tamsin to protect him from assassination.

Tamsin discovered that the assassin was an old bounty hunter rival of hers, and then the Fae they were protecting was an idol of hers. Eventually the truth came out and Tamsin helped Bo to reveal the truth to the Fae's family. Following an attack on Bo where she almost died because she was unable to feed, Tamsin forced Bo to reveal the truth about herself and in doing so saved Bo's life.

During Bo's feeding, Lauren told Tamsin that she was "full of surprises and most of them are downright horrible. But sometimes, every once in a while, they're just what everybody needs. At the end of the episode, Dyson pressed Tamsin to quit the police force and help Bo in her investigations which Tamsin seemed to consider before she joined Bo, Dyson and Lauren on Bo's couch to watch movies.

During When God Opens a Window At several points Tamsin's more "hard ass" methods came to odds with Bo's own and they had several discussions in an attempt to clear the air between them, eventually succeeding. Bo fed on Tamsin several times during the episode due to the effects of an arrow tipped with "Fae Kryptonite" which disrupted Bo's ability to heal herself, Tamsin having broken the arrow in half and then pulled it from Bo's shoulder where it had been embedded.

Lauren eventually solved this issue and through the events of the episode, Tamsin leaned that Dyson had a son named Mark, and that Bo had been intimate with him, and Bo swore Tamsin to never speak of what happened to Dyson. The cat was cursed and caused Bo to be slowly transformed over the course of the episode into a catlike being.

Lauren and Tamsin came to verbal blows over their relationship as well at one point in the episode. Tamsin was present with Lauren in Bo's car when Bo drove in search of a trio of missing Oracles blindfolded as well. Tamsin was also present when Bo visited Cassie, one of the Oracles, and found that Cassie's apartment was covered in blood and Cassie was missing. Tamsin was also present with Lauren when Bo found the missing Oracles.

Tamsin and Bo had an intimate moment at the end of the episode after Tamsin gave Bo a cupcake for her birthday, and then herself. Following this, Bo revealed the present that her father had sent her and Tamsin told Bo about her past and how she saw their relationship going forwards, and what they could do about the plans that Bo's father had for her. It was also during this discussion that Tamsin found out that the person that had hired her to find Bo was Hades, Bo's father and also learned that Bo had been born in Hel.

Tamsin also worked with Dyson to remove the curse that Bo was under and transfer it to Cassie's nephew Seymour. Following a request by Dyson, she and Bo went undercover to investigate the murder of a football player. Tamsin acted as a cheerleader at one point and also played on the football field, she scoring the winning touchdown for the team she was playing for.

Bo fed on Tamsin at one point in the episode in an attempt to heal from the injury she suffered from one of the Ancients, doing so twice, but to no avail. Tamsin was present at a meeting with Bo, Dyson, Lauren and Trick where she learned of the return of the Ancients, but not what the reason for their return was.

During Here Comes the NightTamsin was present at the scene of a tornado disaster that was created by the Ancients with Bo and Dyson. Tamsin also revealed at several points her feelings about Lauren's relationship with Bo and at one point found Bo and Lauren in bed together. Tamsin was also asked by Dyson to remove evidence of the Ancients being involved with the disaster and as well to remove flyers that the wife of one the possessed humans had put across the city.

Tamsin finally expressed to Bo how much she loved her and when Bo explained that she didn't love Tamsin in the same way, Tamsin was heart broken and left Bo, her future actions unknown. In End of FaesTamsin decided to move out of Bo's place. She did however return to assist in the plans to remove the Ancient Fae as a threat by attending a party with Bo, Dyson, Trick, Lauren and Mark.

Tamsin was present when the Ancient Fae known as Hera revealed that the Ancient Fae known as Iris was the true danger. When Tamsin was left behind to watch the actions of the Ancient Fae, she struck up a conversation with Zee before she was attached by Zee using lightning. It was unclear after the attack if Tamsin had been injured, how severely, or if she had perished from the attack.

In 44 Minutes to Save the Worldit was revealed that Tamsin had survived Zee's attack, but was being held captive. During this time, she managed to play Hera's doubts upon him which resulted in Zee striking Hera with lightning, placing him into a coma.

Forced to leave by Zee, and also forced to take Hera's body with her, Tamsin arrived at Lauren's clinic in the aftermath of the episode. It was clear from her interaction with Dyson and Lauren that their relationship was still strained. Tamsin also was aware that Hades was walking the Earth again through that information being revealed by Zee during a conversation. She provided some information on a painting and then went off to search art galleries to find it.

Before doing so, at Kenzi's mention of Bo's various relationships, she departed in a huff which left Kenzi confused for a time. Sweet Valkyrie High was a Tamsin-centric episode as it mainly focused on Tamsin's past and what happened to cause her to leave the world of the Valkyrie. Tamsin received payment for her completion of the contract she signed with Hades to find Bo for him, but she refused the payment, tearing it up and throwing it away.

Following this, Tamsin decided to find a way to send Hades back to Tartarus, enlisting Stacey, a Valkyrie how had been banished from Valhalla in the aftermath of Bo and Kenzi escaping and unbalancing the scales of souls held there.

After consulting Trick about Hades' past, Tamsin went in search of a means to draw Frejya out and make her force Hades to return to Tartarus as she had before. Failing to find a means to do so, Tamsin called on Acacia, her mentor, for help, but was initially rebuffed.

Realizing that there was a means to return to Valhalla at the high school she and Stacey went to, Tamsin searched for a portal there and in doing so had a number of flashbacks to the events that occurred shortly before she was supposed to graduate. It was revealed that Acacia was a past teacher, Stacey was, at one point, a friend of Tamsin's, and that because of a choice that Tamsin made to learn about the powers of Valkyrie to place doubts in others, she was expelled by Freyja, who was in charge of the school at that time.

Tamsin and Stacey encountered Acacia in the ruins of the school, Tamsin confronting Acacia and used her powers to reveal that Freyja was on the run and hiding at the school. With the help of Acacia and Stacey, Tamsin overcome Freyja and forced her to tell the truth about Hades and how he came to be in control of Tartarus. Tamsin, having bested Freyja, stripped her of being in command of the Valkyrie, giving that title to Acacia.

Tamsin and Acacia then mended their relationship before Tamsin returned to Hades and offered to lead his army. Hades refused and Tamsin warned him that if he intended to harm Bo or any of her friends, he would have to fight past her first.

At the end of the episode, Tamsin met with Bo and mended her relationship with Bo, accepting that it was better to have Bo as a friend than not to have her at all. Tamsin also revealed Hades' plans to build an army and to place Bo in the command of it.

During Judgement FaeTamsin was present when Dyson stared some surveillance footage that proved Zee had not been banished, becoming aware of this along with Trick and Bo. Tamsin also made the connection that the courthouse where Zee was seen was also the location of the elevator accident which gave the Ancients their human hosts. When Elizabeth, Zee's human host, was encountered, Tamsin snapped her out of a crying fit using "tough love" and then was present when Trick explained about Hepha's forge.

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Later in the episode, Tamsin accompanied Bo to the courthouse and later helped rescue Lauren from Hepha's forge when Zee and Hera where present. At the end of the episode, Tamsin encountered Bo and tried to cheer her up. When Bo kissed her, Tamsin explained they were "friends without benefits" but eventually gave in and became intimate with Bo.

It was uncertain if it was Bo or not, as her features shifted to be similar to that of Hades and might have been him in disguise. Tamsin commented as well that she had been continuously hungry since after banishing Frejya. It was also revealed that Tamsin was losing her hair, this last occurring when she was at the end of her last life. Following admitting this to Lauren, she underwent a series of examinations to discover the cause.

Before this was revealed, Bo, Tamsin and Lauren discovered evidence that Hades had been impersonating Bo, at one point Tamsin being intimate with Hades in Bo's form. This led to an attack by Bo, Tamsin and Dyson on Hades which failed. Lauren continued to examine Tamsin, eventually performing an ultrasound, which revealed that Tamsin was carrying a child, likely Hades'. During Follow the Yellow Trick RoadTamsin's pregnancy had moved to an advanced state, at one point Tamsin told Lauren that she could feel her baby moving "like an eel.

Following Bo's recovery, Tamsin was present when Trick's will was read. I leave the blanket of Skeemotah; woven from the sky. As long as we are under the stars, we are home.

At the end of the episode, Vex was searching for Tamsin when he encountered Hades, but Tamsin's location was unclear. In Let Them Burnit was revealed that Hades had imprisoned Tamsin in a cage similar to that while he used when Aife was held by him. Over the course of the episode, Hades played psychological mind games with Tamsin which over time began to break her will and leave her despondent. At one point in the episode, Tamsin considered using a fork to kill her baby, but could not bring herself to do so.

It was revealed that Hades had clipped Tamsin's wings at some point, leaving only stumps behind when Tamsin attempted to use them. Tamsin attempted to call out for Bo on two different occasions, pleading for her help, but Bo did not do so. This drove Tamsin further into despair. Hades revealed at one point to Bo that when Tamsin gave birth to her child, Tamsin would die as that was the fate of all Valkyrie who gave birth. At the end of the episode, Tamsin again pleaded for help from Bo, but Bo did not respond to her pleading which pushed Tamsin even further into despair about her future and the fate of her child.

In the series finale RiseTamsin was still imprisoned by Hades at the beginning of the episode. Bo then appeared and seemed to draw Tamsin's Chi from her body in what she claimed to Hades was to kill Tamsin and her child. However the was a ruse and soon after Tamsin awoke, revealing that Bo had passed Tamsin the key to her cell's lock so she could escape. Following her escape, Tamsin made her way through the city in the aftermath of Bo's taking the Chi from all who were in the city, meeting up with Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson, Vex and Mark.