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love and relationship astrology

Weekly love Horoscope for singles and couples. Unveil surprise, what's going to happen in your love life this week? Explore free weekly love Horoscope by This report takes you one step further in an accurate compatibility assessment by analyzing each person's Natal Chart. This Tarot reading analyzes your side of the relationship as well as your love interest's side, and then shows you the final result. You'll know how close you are. Read your love horoscope to learn about love, romance, relationships and compatibility between the signs. Who are you most compatible with?.

Relationships and love will be blooming for Aries horoscope in the year You will develop a liking and also get closer to someone of the opposite sex as per your Aries love horoscope.

Daily Love Horoscope

This year is going to bring a massive change in your love life. Taurus will have a passionate and exciting relationship in the year But some of you might indulge in inviting troubles, Ganesha warns you to stay out of issues as your Taurus love horoscope says that you are inviting just too many for yourself. Do not be impulsive as this is the tendency of most Taurus people. This year will be moderate for Gemini people in terms of love and relationships, according to your Gemini love horoscope Your interaction and bond with your love partner will determine the roadmap of your relationship for the future.

There is a possibility of a new person entering your life during the middle of this year, and also from September to November.

love and relationship astrology

The entire will prove to be a highly memorable year for your love and relationship matters according to the Cancer love horoscope Since you are an emotional person naturally, this year will bring in a change in your emotional attitude; you will become very positive about issues regarding your partner and will be more inclined to exercise your rights as per Cancer love horoscope.

The desire to get mutual satisfaction in your love relationship will be fulfilled. Your relationship will become more intimate, mentally and physically. Your love, affection, and trust will also become more intense. Generally, you prefer to give more and take less as per Virgo love horoscope. You are very dedicated, loving and caring when you get into a relationship.

You live more for others and less for yourself. Inthe period from January to April and after the second week of September will be positive for love and relationships in your life, as is seen in your Virgo love horoscope The year will be very pleasant for matters regarding love and relationships. This period will prove to be highly favorable for lovebirds to confess their love, according to the Libra love horoscope Your love relationship will also become more intimate. Why do we fall for people?

Sometimes, our attractions make sense. Other times, our attractions seem entirely irrational. Turning to Astrology, and more specifically, Synastry, will help us find answers. Although other factors are involved, Venus is the planet of pleasure, romance, and union. Venus is particularly important in Synastry, and Venus interaspects are common with couples who enjoy a long-lasting and significant union.

For Venus sign comparisons click here. When Venus in one chart aspects planets and points in another, the Venus person tends to get idealized and romanticized. The person with the contacted planet tends to expect a lot from Venus. These are helpful aspects in any relationship. They create a sense of harmony and offer some common interests to the partnership.

love and relationship astrology

The Sun person feels more loving and beautiful in the presence of the Venus person. The Venus person finds the Sun person quite charming and intriguing. There is a mutual attraction here that, on its own, is not as insistent or sexual as other indicators such as Venus-Mars or Venus-Pluto. Perhaps the most apt keyword for this combination is contentment. The more difficult aspects opposition, square, and quincunx can point to some problems and discord.

Each person tends to over-indulge the other at times, and frustrate one another the next day. Read more details about Venus-Sun aspects in synastry.

Love and Relationship Astrological Compatibility

These aspects smooth out many of the more difficult aspects in a relationship. Although these relationships are not immune to ups and downs and disagreements, the presence of this aspect in synastry creates an overall sense of harmony and compatibility. The attraction here has less to do with sexuality than it does with familiarity. These people have a strong need to set up house together and spend as much time with each other as possible.

When challenging, the Moon person may at times find the Venus person a little too playful at the expense of his or her own feelings. The Venus person may be tempted to turn on the charm when the Moon person is having problems instead of sincerely confronting and resolving problems. Glossed-over problems can undermine the integrity of the relationship and of the emotional commitment. Read more details about Venus-Moon aspects in synastry. These interaspects are helpful for creating some common interests between the individuals.

love and relationship astrology

These people may enjoy happy exchanges and pleasurable, shared activities. Hard aspects opposition, square, and quincunx point to misunderstandings that disrupt the flow of the relationship. There can be complaints that each person talks a little too much. There is such a strong desire to communicate with each other stimulated by these aspects that it can sometimes seem like each person is vying for the stage, or the chance to speak.

Read more details about Venus-Mercury aspects in synastry. The conjunction, sextile, and trine point to compatibility in relationship values and styles. There can be a wonderful feeling of ease and comfort with each other. The quincunx creates a stimulating attraction, albeit a frustrating one at times.

The opposition and square both point to attraction, but the attraction can be a frustrating one at times. The friction is caused by a lack of understanding due to different styles and needs in love, and the result can be both individuals feeling unappreciated.

Read more details about Venus-Venus aspects in synastry. These are classic aspects, although they can be rather troublesome. Any aspect between these planets in synastry points to sexual and romantic attraction.

Sexual magnetism of an insistent quality is found in the conjunction. Sextiles and trines produce attraction that is not as insistent or competitive as the hard aspects. Rather, the attraction is smooth and pleasant. However, the square, opposition, and quincunx can cause friction at the same time. There is considerable attraction, but over time, this sexual energy can become disruptive when left unchecked.

Remember that the more difficult aspects have great value in that they stimulate people. Arguments often augment the sexual act in some way. The square tends to be the most troublesome interaspect between Venus and Mars—sexual attraction exists and is powerful, but sex is often delayed as the couple tends to engage in arguments that take time to work out before they do what they really want to do. Here, sex is probably the root of the arguments, even if this is not immediately apparent.

These couples may try to resolve this conflict by attempting to consciously let down their defenses, turn off their egos, and just have sex. This way, they may find that they have much less to argue about. The reason for this is that the square gives tremendous physical attraction and tension that is very often disguised and mis-channeled. The Venus person is easily hurt or offended by Mars.

love and relationship astrology

Read more details about Venus-Mars aspects in synastry. These aspects are generally quite helpful in any relationship. The presence of flowing aspects between these planets in synastry can help smooth out any relationship.

Forgiveness is a key strengthening factor with this interaspect. See the discussion of Jupiter in Synastry below for more details.

Astrology for Love and relationship - Harihar Adhikari - Margdarshan

Read more details about Venus-Jupiter aspects in synastry. When a relationship lasts long enough to let these energies play out completely, increased understanding and connection are possible. When challenging, these interaspects can be difficult to deal with, but effort put forth to understand the interplays will result in enormous increases in understanding of the partners both individually and as a couple.

There is often a strong need to be with each other. With the troublesome aspects opposition and squarethe sexual relationship may start out just fine, but later can become unpredictable, stunted, or sporadic. Spontaneity is lost, and this is generally due to power struggles in the day-to-day life of the couple.

The Venus person often feels oppressed and restricted by the Saturn person. In fact, Venus may feel criticized and nagged, and Saturn may feel an unhealthy need to control and restrict the Venus native. This general conflict can lead to problems in the bedroom.

love and relationship astrology

With the sextile and trine, however, there is a steady and stable quality to the love and affection for each other, but some reserve or self-consciousness regarding the expression of feelings, romantic desires, and sexuality is present nevertheless. Read more details about Venus-Saturn aspects in synastry. These aspects offer excitement and thrills.

The problem with this aspect, which is most apparent when the aspect is a conjunction, square, opposition, or quincunx, is that there may be an overall dissatisfaction with each other. Although sex can be especially exciting—even ecstatic—with each other, the partners may easily become restless, as there is an unsettled feeling between the natives that is persistent. When one person especially Venus is feeling romantic and loving, the other person usually Uranus is distant.

When the interaspect is a flowing one sextile or trinethe relationship may also be somewhat erratic, but this quality pleases both individuals. They may delight in the fact that their partnership is a little offbeat, and never dull!

Read more details about Venus-Uranus aspects in synastry. These aspects are evolving and involving. They tend to play out over time in different ways. At first, the relationship is all-consuming. There is a feeling of soul connection. Slowly, realities surface themselves. Things do not seem as wonderful as they first appeared. Many couples with these aspects in synastry can overcome these little letdowns, as long as they let the relationship play out long enough. Eventually, they may find that the feelings come full circle.

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The difference is that they will come to realize that while what they loved the other person for at the outset of the relationship may not have been based on reality, they have the huge potential to love each other for who they really are. The difficult aspects opposition, square, and quincunx can result in disappointment and bitterness. Read more details about Venus-Neptune aspects in synastry.