Merlin arthur and gwen relationship marketing

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merlin arthur and gwen relationship marketing

Anyone else love Arthur and Guinevere's relationship and hate that they never got Through all this excitement, though, Arthur and Gwen have remained And, oh yeah, disclaimer: still don't own Merlin-though I do own the kingdom Gwen and Catherine decide to take a walk down to the market, to meet. Merlin's mind races as he inspects the bracelet. ever known: his relationship with Guinevere, which was undoubtedly a more painful wound. . the people, in the school visiting with the children, in the market, in the shops. Arthur and his knights, as well as Gwen and Merlin, are thrilled to Still enchanted, Gwen meets with Lancelot and the forbidden lovers kiss.

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And, oh yeah, disclaimer: I am, now, though, on the same continent as him! How exciting is that? It states he is requested to help out a neighboring kingdom, Mercia, as they rebuild, searching for stability and peace after a battle tore them apart, temporarily injuring their king and throwing the kingdom into a slight panic. They feel weak, they say, requesting help, but they know that if they are to ask anyone, Arthur and his men are the ones for the job.

He reads the letter feeling pleased. He is glad to be of service to a mighty kingdom such as Mercia, proud they were man enough to ask for assistance, and pleased that they think highly of Camelot enough to request them specifically. Only one thought looms in his mind, one thought that makes him hesitate: Leaving her was always hard. It was especially difficult in long pilgrimages such as these-Mercia had asked him and his men to stay for a month-but with Guinevere in her condition it seemed rather impossible.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship marketing

He couldn't leave her, he thought. He didn't even want to. He liked to be around her, talk with her, eat meals with her. She was his favorite person, just as he was her favorite person. He knew, though, that this was an important mission he was called upon, and he wanted to fulfill it.

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He wished he could do both. When he told Guinevere about the letter-she was the first person he told, she was the first person he told anything to-she'd laughed, smiled at him, and said, "Relax. Don't worry so much. And I love you for it, really, I do, but the people of Mercia need you.

They asked for you. You've got to go. If I could, I'd go with, too. Even I wasn't in my condition, there'd be plenty to do around Camelot, as there always is. Please, try to think of this under normal circumstances. Finally he says, "if you don't feel right about this, you'll tell me? Gwen and Catherine decide to take a walk down to the market, to meet with the people and buy a few things.

It is more for Gwen's enjoyment than anything else, although Arthur and Merlin have reassured her countless times that the people love seeing her just as much as she loves seeing them. It still doesn't seem quite fair to her, that she is showered with so much praise. She does not feel worthy of such admiration.

All she did was get married. She merely is who she is. Who she is now happens to be the Queen of Camelot, but she still does not feel that that gives the people the right to worship her as they do. When she wanted to be Arthur's Queen all those years ago, she had merely wanted to be his.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship marketing

Being queen was just part of loving him. She had stepped up the challenge beautifully, everyone said so, she just didn't believe it quite yet. A flank of guards walks behind the two women, also as usual-it had taken months for Gwen to become used to that, them following her everywhere. Now, she was grateful for it, although it did make her feel a bit uncomfortable when in the market.

Meeting with the people shouldn't have to feel so formal, she thought. Still, when they arrived in the town square, Gwen's warm smile left the people comfortable almost immediately. She was entirely unaware at how much ease and happiness a sighting of her brought them. She was one of them, she understood them, she still felt like one of them most days. It had taken months for her to let go of her servant girl ways; Sefa had to force her to not help out with everything in the first few months of her newly appointed Queen position, and even now she negated to her old ways, but that just made her all the more admirable, not that Gwen believed any of that.

I trust you're doing well? Gwen and Catherine have a great time in the market-looking at the things in the shops, talking with people, enjoying the sunshine and nice weather.

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All is going well. Then, all of the sudden, Gwen starts to feel funny. She starts rolling on the balls of her feet, her vision goes black, and the scarf she's holding flutters to the ground as she tumbles into a black oblivion.

Catherine steps back, startled, as a guard catches Gwen easily before she hits the ground, the Queen's thin frame limp in his arms. Teaching new knights, swearing in rookie candidates, and typical target practice. Something that she holds so close to her heart that she denies it to everyone. Both Gaius and Merlin had to tell her that they already knew.

She barely admitted it to her brother. Elyan had to pry the truth out of her. So this pressure from Morgana is a very direct violation of her privacy. Later that day, dinner. Gwen and Merlin serve I swear there are NO other servants in the castle, lol. Uther and Arthur talk royal business. Uther asks Arthur a question about Odin and military strategy, but Arthur is too busy flirting with Gwen to answer. I tell you though, Arthur is in love with that woman.

Morgana watches them like a hawk. She knows he loves Gwen. Morgana knocks at his door and asks if she can come in. I thought the reason you were so distracted was that Gwen was in the room.

But Morgana knows she can get out of Arthur what she no longer can out of her maid. A blind man could see it. Arthur gives up the pretense and sits back in his chair.

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Morgana takes a sip of water. Her question is true Morgana right there. My father would have me marry for the good of the kingdom. And as Arthur will attempt to do on his own later, Mithian.

Morgana says Uther knows nothing of love which is true from her perspective. But then again, neither does she. She advises Arthur that as the future king, he must make his own rules.

Arthur sends Merlin to Gwen almost immediately. Gwen is hesitant to meet him. I mean, he is the prince and all. What if somebody sees us? Gwen is quick to say no. Merlin laughs and walks over to his friend to give her a reassuring tease. Merlin apologizes and gets serious. Maybe for that one clandestine outing it can be, but not for a lifetime. But Merlin is trying to put her at ease and she is precious enough to him they both are, actually that he genuinely wants her to seek her happiness and not worry about the rest of her life.

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Just be in the moment. And afterwards, she stands in the middle of her floor and smiles. So happy with her life right now. That night, Gwen asks Morgana if she can have the next day off. Morgana, knowing the deal, accepts this. Cue evil smile He says she looks lovely and she blushes. And Arthur is out in the woods, smoothing his eyebrows as he waits for his lady love. Merlin and Gwen laugh as they watch him getting ready and Merlin startles the prince by making a very bad bird call.

Arthur drops the platter he was using as a mirror and spins around. He struggles with his words as Gwen approaches.

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He immediately dismisses his servant. Merlin tells the two to have fun and is off.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship marketing

Morgana watches as the two meet. She rides back home and over lunch with Uther suggests that they ride out together. Uther says he has council matters to attend to and Morgana turns on the charm. Talking bout how time with him is so precious to her. Uther reconsiders and agrees to put the council on hold so they can ride. Gwen instinctively reaches out to serve her man, but Arthur stops her. He will serve her today.