Mohini and shiva relationship quotes

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mohini and shiva relationship quotes

Siva | Sivas | Siva's | Mahadeva | Mahesvara | Sambhu | Sankara | Bhutanatha | Bhutapati | Asutosa | Mahabhairava | Kalabhairava. Story Of Shiva Bhasmasura And Mohini - Story of Bhasmasura and Shiva or Story of Bhasmasura and Shiva or Bhasmasur and Mohini in Hindu Mythology. 13 Quotes From 'The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck' To Get You. When Vishnu agrees and reveals his Mohini form, Shiva runs crazily behind Mohini, "bereft of shame and robbed by her of good sense," while the abandoned .

Later still, the name of the avatar becomes Mohini from the original phrase describing his deliberate false appearance mayam ashito mohinim. The tales of Mohini-Vishnu also increased among devotional circles in various regions. In the Brahmanda Purana, however, Vishnu-Mohini simply, after meditation upon the Great Goddess Maheshvariacquires her form to trick the thieving asuras.

Bhasmasura left is about to place his hand on his head following the dancing Mohini centreas Shiva right looks from behind the tree. Mohini also has an active history in the destruction of demons throughout Hindu texts. In the Vishnu PuranaMohini defeats Bhasmasurathe "ash-demon".


Shiva, pleased with Bhasmasura, grants him the power to turn anyone into ashes by touching their head. The demon decides to try the power on Shiva himself.

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Vishnu, witnessing the unfortunate turn of events, transforms into Mohini and charms Bhasmasura. Bhasmasura is so taken by Mohini that he asks her to marry him. Mohini agrees, but only on the condition that Bhasmasura follows her move for move in a dance. In the course of the dance, she places her hand on her head. Bhasmasura mimics the action, and in turn, reduces himself to ashes.

In this tale, Vishnu assumes his female form the name "Mohini" is not used and charms Bhasmasura. The female Vishnu asks Bhasmasura to promise never to leave her by placing his hand on his head as per the usual practice to swear on one's head.

On doing so, Bhasmasura is reduced to ashes. The tale mirrors all other aspects of the Buddhist version of the Bhasmasura tale, where he is forced by Mohini to severe fidelity by keeping his hand on his head and is burnt.

The Union of Lord Shiva and Mohini, Vishnu's only female avatar.

Nontok misuses a divine weapon given to him by Shiva. The four-armed Mohini-Vishnu enchants Nontok and then attacks him.

In his last moments, the demon accuses Vishnu of foul play saying that Vishnu first seduced him and then attacked him. Vishnu decrees that in his next birth, Nontok will be born as the ten-headed demon Ravana and Vishnu will be a mortal man called Rama.

He will then fight him and defeat him. The crown shields him against all harm.

mohini and shiva relationship quotes

Vishnu as Mohini then enchants Virochana and steals his crown. The demon, thus unprotected, is killed by Vishnu. The demon Araka had become virtually invincible because he had never laid eyes on a woman extreme chastity. Krishna takes the form of the beautiful Mohini and marries him.

After three days of marriage, Araka's bonds of chastity are broken, and Krishna kills him in battle. Shiva's seed falls on the ground creating ores of silver and gold. Vishnu then states that emotions are difficult to overcome, and states that Maya will become a half of Shiva's Ardhanarisvara aspect. Shiva then extols Vishnu's power.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Worship Shiva

Uma herself is a manifestation of Vishnu where the legend of Durga Uma clearly mentions her creation by the Trivdev. Uma is further referred in some texts as Vishnu's very own female self. Vishnu is believed to have meditated on Shri Lalita Mahatripurasundari the most beautiful woman in three worlds"who was is very own self", to manifest himself as Mohini. As is widely known, Tripurasundari is no one else but Parvati herself, Mohini was Vishnu converting himself to a form of Tripurasundari Uma herself.

The Tripurarahasya, a south Indian Shakta text, retells the story, giving more importance to the Goddess. When Shiva wishes to see Vishnu's Mohini form again, Vishnu fears that he may be burned to ashes like Kamadeva by the ascetic Shiva.

Shiva is also the most popular deity of Tantra and Shakta traditions. The following are the ten most important reasons why Shiva is a popular Hindu deity and why he is venerated by millions of Hindus.

Shiva is easily pleased.

mohini and shiva relationship quotes

Shiva is known to grant boons to his devotees frequently, even if they happen to be some really wicked ones. He is called Bholenath, the innocent one, because he is pure in heart and easy to please. Which means, if you love him and worship him, and even if you have some defects and weaknesses, you can be sure of his love and compassion. He is very unconventional Shiva makes and breaks all social customs and moral codes to convey his state of freedom. He is the lord of the Tantra, who permits left hand methods of worship to sublimate evil tendencies to show that we need to transcend all dualities and judgment to achieve liberation.

Which means you do not have to worry about what you eat, how you live, what lifestyle you follow, what norms you practice and to which caste or social background you belong.

He is the Lord of the body 3. Shiva represents tamas, which is the predominant component of a living body. A living body embodies Shiva in the form of an individual soul. Which means if want to purify and transform your body to achieve liberation, you should first worship Shiva and request him to destroy all your impurities and facilitate your progress on the path.

It is easy to worship Him.

mohini and shiva relationship quotes

To worship Shiva you do not require the services of a priest. You can walk into any Shiva temple and offer him prayers directly, or you can pray to him in your own heart and offer anything with love.

mohini and shiva relationship quotes

Mohini stands apart because she is identified as Vishnu and Vishnu is conventionally visualized as a male. Mohini is his female form. A fundamental theme in Indian metaphysics is the existence of two realities: Material reality is tangible reality that can be perceived through the senses. An Apsara enchants to distract humanity from spiritual reality and entrap all in material reality. Material reality is represented using female form while spiritual reality is represented using male form.

Mohini is female in form but male in essenceunlike Apsaras who are totally female. Both enchant, but their intentions are different.


In the tangible worldVishnu is both Mohan, the deluderas well as Mohini, the enchantress. Shiva needs to open his eyes to material reality. He needs to be seduced And so, Vishnu takes the form of an enchantress. He becomes Mohini and dances before Shiva. Shiva is compelled to open his eyes and look at Mohini.

He recognises Mohini is Vishnu. She is spiritual reality cloaked in material reality. She is Vishnu playing with Prakriti and Maya.

She is Vishnu in full control of time and space and subjective realities. Immersed in Brahmanshe is inviting spiritual reality to enter her playground, rangabhoomi, and join the game of material reality, the leela. It is said that Shivahaving consumed Halahalwas about to retreat to his mountains abode when he sees Mohini.

At first glance, this story of how Mohini tricks the Asuras and gives the Amrita to the Devas seems like a trickster story. The demons are duped by a damsel. Since the Asuras are villainsone is told, they deserve being cheated so.