Moon geun young and kim rae won relationship

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moon geun young and kim rae won relationship

romantic comedy film about an arranged marriage between a female high school student (Moon Geun-young) and a male college student (Kim Rae-won). Kim Rae-won (born 19 March ) is a South Korean actor. He rose to fame in romantic My Little Bride, in the role of a college graduate forced to marry a high school girl (Moon Geun-young). . "Marriage Is Child's Play in 'Bride'". In a recent interview with Kim Rae Won, who is currently appearing in the drama ' Thousand Day Promise,' he attracted attention for picking Moon Geun Young.

It is a buoyant romcom drama served with a balanced mixture of thrill, comic kicks and romance that I would highly recommend for when you plan a kdrama getaway. Nevertheless I think for legit kdrama followers you will get what you bargain for in this drama. To achieve that you have to even out the laughter you get from the variety show and the valuable content you should give to the audience.

And I immensely enjoyed the lessons focused in every episode which were derived from the variety program production world.

moon geun young and kim rae won relationship

It gave meaningful life lessons and pointed out the challenges and limitations of human nature. When joined together the four main leads were a delightful watch, even in their personal struggles.

Seung Chan is a reminder of any person who was trying to find his niche in the corporate scene regardless if the motivation is absurd, like in his case to follow his first love. He is a reminder of the extent on how much we can persevere and how trying a shot on everything is better than being coward to take a chance on it.

Ye Jin is a reminder of how even a person with the coldest exterior has a warm spot hidden in her. Of a person who would be patiently waiting for the love she yearned for than waste her time to nonsense.

Joon Mo is a reflection of those times when we built our character through standing firm with our principles and defying the norms for change to happen.

moon geun young and kim rae won relationship

Cindy represented each one of us in our highest peak, when we hit a slump, and when we bounce back from it. As I religiously watch 2D1N, I easily grasped the intentions and love the executions all throughout. True, I might have wished for more love screentime but it superbly fed me stories that I have been on at some point of my life. The engrossing 12 episodes will leave you lessons that basic self-help books have already vaguely discussed.

A breather from rom-com and melodramas, Producers will strip any work related stress you are having if you give it a chance. I love how the narrative approached me like I was sent back to when I was in High School reading those first love stories that made my heart giddy-ish and warm. He learned that Eun Dong lost her memory and was already married with a child to a former baseball player who met an accident and was saddled in a wheelchair.

But claiming the love that was deprived of them by her adopted father and husband was no easy task as they faced the controversy of Eun Dong being married legally. I have never seen someone like him in kdramaland. I mean most of the boys surely did love their girls the best way they can, but his story with her left my heart on a painful twinge.

Having a villain that was wheelchair bound and acted selfish because of love has had me on a dilemma if I will hate or understand his pain.

moon geun young and kim rae won relationship

This drama will remind you of your greatest love and will prove to you how love is meant to be when you work for it to happen. Melodrama, Romance, Revenge For once I got to see a melodrama with a rich family cast not going all war with excessive evil plots to claim the rein of a company, but doing it within the members as what I perceived the rich and famous should have done in reality. We have a solid cast who rose up to the occasion and gave meaningful portrayals to the very best of the wicked side and better versions of their characters.

I like how Ji Sook transitioned her image from a total push-over to a woman who knows her worth. Her character as a focal point of the story pushed the problem in a coherent challenge where the surrounding people balanced out the struggle between the good and the evil.

I got affected on the heavy scenes, but they did not overwhelm me with exhausting episode weep runs. If you want a serious k-drama watch, then this will fill your craving.

My Little Bride - Wikipedia

The romance, the intrigue, the annoyance, the power plays were well-conceived and executed leaving a sense of fulfilment if you will sit on it for a binge. Supernatural plot is a make or break deal in kdramas. It needs to be flaunting when the plot needs it, and it needs to see reasons when you over expose it. I like the richness of the father-daughter filial love in the story as it literally transcended the after life.

I like how cheeky and sweet Sun Woo was at the same time, his reactions were adorable. Every main character in this drama has his own story that the love line was not the main thing that got me hooked with it.

Moon Geun-young

It was the most consistent romantic-comedy foryes even with the slight tragic plot. If you are needing a love elixir to boost your already blooming relationship of if you just want a perfect rom-com drama getaway, this one is for you. Drama, Romance, Suspense, Medical Quick-paced and great on cliff-hangers, Yong Pal was almost perfect but it faintly lost balance on its finishing kick.

Yong Pal enticed me with its exciting premise of a Prince charming doctor who saved an heiress in distress medically forced to be on coma by her half-brother who wanted the helm of the big company her father left for her. Conspiracies and power struggles are fundamental elements necessary to build up a strong melodrama.

The heroine has had her fair share of defiance and strength which made her an interesting character. She had a superb interaction with the lead man though I would have wanted some more sweet moments for them after all the predicaments they had. I think the conclusion was a useless do-over of the main conflict. It should have ended when she ascended to her position and had all the villains get their sad endings.

But the over extension with the same scenario of her being destroyed and by something related to medicine again was a useless move.

She already had her redemption so it would have been nice to see her and Tae Hyun just enjoying an uncomplicated life which they both yearned to have. As a whole I still like the story because it maneuvered with rising excitement as the drama unfolds. It also stuck in the power struggle conflict and the protagonists and villains moved well to the direction of annoying and outwitting each other. The characters were less frills and full of grit.

The narrative was simple and yet rich with emotions.

moon geun young and kim rae won relationship

Feisty and flowing, all that was missing was a fitting ending. These two were present in the recently concluded love tale of childhood friends turned sweethearts who lost contact for a long while and met again at different expectations and fears more than 20 years after. The characters were all amusing in their own right, but I gave Choi Si Won, the biggest applause among the cast for his perfect rendering of the quirky second male lead character. While Park Seo Joon is beautiful and Hwang Jung Eum is at her usual best although with slight hyperactivity, they were able to present a love couple you will root for.

I felt a bit of annoyance toward Ha Ri, but she beautifully redeemed herself by confronting Hye Jin to stop shielding her from the pain and accept the happiness that she deserved.

Kim Rae Won’s First Love: “I Was So Hurt That I Wanted To Die.”

Hye Jin just like our usual rom-com lead girls pursued love and dreams the best way she can by not sacrificing the happiness that she can create on her own. Next to chocolates, honeyed and heart-warming kdrama romcoms can help you survive melancholia and routine weekends.

It was such an enamoring narrative that drew strength from the free spirited and natural on screen connection of the lead couple. It is sadly evident that the conflicts raised in the story were not tied up neatly. But first they have to go on their Honeymoon which is hilarious.

But the thing that worries Boeun the most is how the kids will react to her being married becuase she is only a 15 year-old freshmen married to a 25 year-old man. So She decides to keep her marriag e a secret from everyone hoping that no one finds out.

But of course something unexpected happens that could reveal to the whole school that she has a husband. Which you have to watch the movie to find out what that is!

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This movie has a lot of sweet and funny moments which I think everyone would enjoy. I thought the actors did a great job playing their characters and I would recommend everyone to watch "My Little Bride" Reviewed By: HooJooYo I thought that this movie was one of the cutest movies I have ever seen. Moon Geun Young plays the excellent role of a 16 year old freshman in high school who has to get married to a family friend Kim Rae Won to fulfill a family promise.

Her grandfather is especially cute and comical in this movie as he tries everything in his power to have the reluctant Moon Geun Young and Kim Rae Won wed. It was funny to watch the older generation so involved in trying to have their children wed and the scenes that follow the parents' reactions are hilarious to watch.

Both main characters later agree to marry after Moon's grandfather's scheme works and they begin their life together with an unusual honeymoon. Both characters are able to play out their roles in excellent fashion as they go from a brother sister relationship between family friends to husband and wife.

Kim Rae Won plays the role of a caring older brother figure, who cares for Moon Geun Young greatly despite his "naughty" ways. Although Moon is caught up in a relationship with her high school senior, she later realizes that she loves her husband.

A touching scene is shown when Kim helps his little bride with a school project that seems impossible to finish, showing his loving nature towards her. This movie is a light film that is great to watch for the simple viewing pleasure.

Kim Rae Won the Surprising Pick as Park Shin Hye’s Potential Costar in SBS Drama Doctors

It has a very cute ending as well. The cast collaborates well with each other and helps bring out the movie to its fullest potential. I recommend this movie for those that love romantic comedies.

Most of the characters that Kim Rae Won has played have all had pretty much the same personality so I've never been much of a fan of his because he wasn't a very versitle actor. After seeing this movie, Kim Rae Won did a superb job. This was a very sweet and cute story Can't wait to see more of Moon Geun Young in future films. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who loves romantic comedies!

As the movie went on though, my thoughts changed. I sincerely enjoyed this movie because it is comical and very cute: Also it has 2 of my favorite actors in it. I think he is a great actor that can fit well into any character on the screen. Moon Geun Young is playing "Bo Eun. I love the way she talks and acts. I believe this movie can take to any audience. Maybe starting from the age of 13 because it does have some funny scenes that may not be appropriate for little children.

The main plot is that Bo Eun and Sang Min have to get married due to the grandfather's last wish. At first they both have a tough time because of the age gap but as the story moves along, they find out that maybe their marriage was not forced from the beginning. The movie itself was great to my eyes. I loved how the scenes were portrayed because it gave a very fun and lighterhearted mood.

I think the director, Kim Ho Jun did a great job. Overall, this movie would go under the genre of a romantic comedy but it is unique and cute and I give it 2 hands up!!! So few Korean romantic comedies besides My Sassy Girl portray the hero as a overtly gentle, patient, even-tempered man who does not hide these qualities under a layer of chauvinism.

The contrast between the hero's character in this film and those characters in movies such as My Tutor Friend or My Boyfriend is Type B is truly refreshing to see, from a female perspective.

As a result of a promise between two grandparents, our hero and heroine, who have known each other since childhood, are forced to marry each other. The heroine Boeun shows her spunk almost immediately and it is quicky established that the hero Sangmin is a very nice guy. The movie details the evolution of their feelings as they try to keep their marriage a secret. Boeun is openly unwilling to stand for this arrangement, particularly because she is infatuated with a classmate.

She tries to date this boy while pretending that her marriage does not exist. This is much more difficult than it seems, as Kim's character becomes a teacher at the high school of his new bride! Love triangles abound as older female characters and younger female characters collide. Of course, there are many cliched complications to their little schemes which add to the appeal of this film. Despite my initial reservations at the idea of a college graduate and teenage girl getting married and living together, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this movie.

It excels not only with the comedic elements, but also shows us Boeun's growing maturity in a believable way.

moon geun young and kim rae won relationship