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Feb 16, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe (left), opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and South African president Thabo Mbeki pose after signing. Feb 14, A powerful orator from humble beginnings, Morgan Tsvangirai was arguably the two men developed an uneasy working relationship, squabbling “ Tsvangirai is a flawed figure, not readily open to advice, indecisive and. Jan 14, MORGAN TSVANGIRAI, leader of the Zimbabwean opposition, pleaded yesterday for sanctions to be imposed on his country before the.

Tsvangirai ,an outspoken Mugabe critic who led MDC since its formation inreportedly accused his 94 year old opponent who has a trail of perceived murderous traits backdating to pre According to sources the weapon Mugabe employed is believed to be a highly sophisticated poisons administered in teacups.

Morgan Tsvangirai faced beatings and arrests to oppose the dictatorial power of Mugabe

These drugs from the Middle East are cancer causing and work over a number of years so that when the disease sets in, it looks much the same way as a natural occurrence. Mugabe insisted pointing to a bowl of food- an inviting array of dishes neatly arranged on the other side of the table. They say Mugabe kills people. This is far from the truth! Mugabe has notoriety for murdering political opponents.

Morgan Tsvangirai obituary

This was confirmed by his former friend Enos Chikowore. When the late Enos Chikoworethen a senior Zanu PF member was admitted to a hospital in Kadoma a few years earlier, Mugabe felt compelled to pay him a visit to check oh his condition. At the expected time of the visit Chikowore sneaked out of the hospital ward and Mugabe arrived to find him gone. His father was a bricklayer, who had also been a farmer, a mineworker and a carpenter. Tsvangirai was a good student, but was forced to leave school before gaining university entry, in order to help support his large family.

Tsvangirai and Mugabe at first security council meeting

His first job, a trainee weaver at a textile factory, was in In he became a plant operator at the Trojan nickel mine. Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the main Zimbabwean opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change MDC addresses supporters at a rally in rural Zimbabwe in Recognised as a powerful orator and natural leader, he became vice president of the union in and, inbecame secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions.

Mugabe, elected as prime minister in then president inwas seen as a reformer; the great hope for the nation after gaining independence at the end of white minority rule.

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He was also consolidating his power and moving toward one-party rule, knowing that the worsening situation in Zimbabwe would stir political opposition. AP Zimbabwean politician Morgan Tsvangirai after allegedly being beaten by police following his arrest, outside the court in Harare, Zimbabwe in March A parliamentary election was also held that year and Mugabe had Tsvangirai arrested on a dubious charge of treason, which was later dismissed.

When Tsvangirai stood against Mugabe in the presidential election, he again found himself up on charges of treason — for allegedly trying to assassinate the president.

How Robert Mugabe Poisoned Former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

Tsvangirai had to put up with the indignity of being arrested or detained several times. But opposition was growing in Zimbabwe and in the international community, Tsvangirai even visited Australia to gain support. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai greets supporters at a rally in Mutare, Zimbabwe, in October