Nameless and wahu relationship advice

Wahu and Nameless marriage life and latest gossip ▷

nameless and wahu relationship advice

It seems like Nameless and Wahu have been together ever since Luanda However, the traits that their relationship holds are not rare or. Songbird Wahu and her husband Nameless got married in making it 13 years of marriage till are without a doubt the longest. Singing couple Nameless and his wife Wahu dated for eight years before getting married. And after a total of 20 years together, the love is still.

Here are some of the questions and answers: How did you meet? He replied that they "met at a University function through a mutual friend. Wahu replied that, "his dedication towards family, his sensitive nature, his easy going temperament, his sense of leadership and his good looks!

She replied that, "we both enjoy music.

nameless and wahu relationship advice

He contributes to my creative process, so do I to his. Nameless and Wahu wedding Nameless and Wahu are not only famous as entertainers but also they are one of the most beautiful couples. Inthey got married but, before marriage they have successfully completed their 8 years relationship.

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They were also studying in the same university that is the University of Nairobi. They once said that, "we are creating a close relationship with each other and we respect each other".

They have already completed 11 years of marriage and they always try to keep their relationship like a newly started love story.

nameless and wahu relationship advice

Nameless said that he always tries to balance their positive and negative sides and he managed everything by discussing with one other and not by showing off in public.

They are the real example of a beautiful couple in Kenya.

Nameless and Wahu have a very beautiful family, Wahu shares advice on marriage

Some Wahu and Nameless wedding photos are given below: They manage every situation in their life by discussing with one other; they never show their personal issues in front of the public.

Whereas, they even share their love life, about their children, family and house photo on social media platform. Their good understanding and love made their married life a successful one. We Kenyans, often feel that these music artists might have issues with their respective music career paths.

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However, being stars of the entertainment world they have never given up respecting one another. Nameless expressed that, "Wahu has no problem with it she knows about the industry and she never complains".

Wahu Kagwi and Nameless are one of the cutest couples in Kenya and they are the star of music industry. They have recently celebrated their 11th marriage anniversary successfully. However, there was an instance where the lovebirds fought in public. The reason behind Nameless and Wahu fight in public was that Nameless was paying more importance to Nike Kondakis who is a female fashion designer. Pretty impressive for people who have been together for so long.

nameless and wahu relationship advice

A post shared by Nameless namelesskenya on Jul 5, at He always dances suggestively with girls on stage. Have you ever heard Wahu complaining?

Wahu opens up on marriage to Nameless , see their beautiful daughters

Never give bae pressure because of their ob. Learn how to deal with time apart. Wahu and Nameless are working artists and that means much of the time they are on tour and spending time apart. They clearly have trust in each other to be apart, and have found certain ways to combat the hardships of spending time away.

7 Love Lessons We Can Learn From Nameless And Wahu’s Relationship

You need to be able to deal with time apart, and embrace it. Too much time spent together will eventually allow you to become annoyed at the little things, frustrated, and searching for an escape. Despite being together since the days of Zinjanthropus, only a few photos of Nameless and Wahu are present on the internet.

These are mostly photos that the media has taken, not they themselves. One of the things I love most about Nameless and Wahu is their level of anonymity on the Internet and social media.