Nanoha and fate relationship quotes

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nanoha and fate relationship quotes

The plot starts up with Yuuno, Nanoha and Fate telling their families that they've been in a three-way relationship for a few months now. The plot goes on to. Listing all the Les Yay in Lyrical Nanoha is an exercise in futility as it will involve practically every character from the main leads to Those Two Girls. A page for describing Characters: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Fate Testarossa. Her relationship with Nanoha was the subject of much debate until Word of.

Some other things that are probably buried in the forums but that we can just repeat for the sake of convenience: Since this is a new thread I wanted to remind of salient points from both sides. I would agree that the events in those never happened in cannon, but I would dissagree that they have no relevance on cannon. If a character gets asked what they think of A and they answer B. Then it should mean that canonically they really do mean B about A, even though the question never got asked in cannon.

Otherwise there would be no reason to them. Some have advanced the proof to the contrary that the legal status of Vivio has changed as of Vivid Fate initial status to Vivio was godmother after StrikerS, and changed to guardian with Nanoha before Vivid when their marriage had to take place, both facts about their status change should have been made reference to a couple of times.

If you want to fit the literal English translation from that quote from Vivio you can say Fate wanted to become her guardian from the start but they opted for Nanoha to become the guardian for the legal restrictions and had to get married so both can become guardians.

Did anyone ever check in original japanese that the term actually did change and it's not a case of different translations made by different translation teams? Would you mind providing examples?

The only thing that changed that potentially see is that pre Vivid Fate still had her own quarters, where she hung out with Erio and Caro, even though she lived in Nanoha's place a lot of the time. As for the interpretation of the quote, a lot of things can work since Vivio herself says she doesn't remember since she was little.

For me the marriage explanation does not work since they are never explicitly refered to as married. It could be that she started as a godmother since she was unsure if she could be a proper mother to Vivio what with Caro and Erio and her work as an Enforcer and later agreed to be her guardian after things settled, and Vivio simply doesn't remember such details.

But eh it can work both ways I guess.

nanoha and fate relationship quotes

What sparked your kissing contest anyway? She stares at the suddenly interesting floor. Even if I was drunk when I kissed those people, I still know our kiss was better. I could never forget that kiss. The blonde calms her rapid heartbeat. She shakes her head, "You're not going to change my mind.

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She smiles as she leans down and whispers into Nanoha's ear, "I could never forget you or that kiss. Nanoha helps Fate collect her work and finish up her closing chores. After the golden blonde locks the doors of the club, they walk with linked arms to the place that started it all.

The place where crimson and cobalt first collided. Forever altering the paths of two women for reasons honesty and time will reveal. Two months ago she had found Fate again.

Two months since she discovered happiness that had been missing for so long. Two months spent uncovering the mystery that is Fate Harlaown. Nanoha sighs as she uncrosses and crosses her legs for the sixth time. She wonders what could be keeping the the blonde.

Her patience wears thinner as another wave crashes into the sea wall. It wasn't as if Fate were late, she started her morning run early because of her nerves. She leans back into the worn wooden bench, staring at the rays of light sneaking through the tree cover. The runner has visible bags beneath her eyes as a result of tossing and turning the entire night. She shouldn't have been so nervous, but she couldn't stop her stomach from twisting and churning.

As the seconds go by she is both apprehensive and impatient for Fate's arrival. For the past three weeks she had been subtly hinting at her desire to further their relationship.

However, her attempts to seduce the blonde were failing splendidly. She was beginning to wonder whether the blonde was even attracted to her or Fate had super-human will power to resist her urges. Though with every failed attempt she felt her insecurities grow. Her imagination began to wander Had Fate lost interest in her after spending more time together?

nanoha and fate relationship quotes

Did Fate believe she wasn't serious about wanting more than friendship? Maybe she wasn't enough for the beautiful, intelligent, and successful blonde? These little thoughts would plague her before bed and keep her from sleep.

nanoha and fate relationship quotes

At the same time she doesn't feel like it's a day for lies. Fate raises an eyebrow but doesn't say anything. She sits down right beside Nanoha. Out of instinct, Nanoha molds herself to the blonde's side. A cold pale hand covers one of her clammy hands.

Her leg stops bouncing. Her cobalt eyes briefly stare into crimson orbs before she returns her gaze to the turbulent sea. I was thinking about us. Concern for the woman beside her flashes through wine-red eyes.

nanoha and fate relationship quotes

She has grown far more attached than she wanted to the auburn beauty. Her throat constricts and her stomach flips at the thought of having to let her go. The idea of Nanoha telling her they can't be friends anymore is an unbearable one.

Nanoha gathers her courage, "I want more.

nanoha and fate relationship quotes

The simple phrase causes a crack in the dam and words unsaid burst forth. But I want," Nanoha frowns and shakes her head, "I need more. Both recall the night Nanoha slept over and they shared the bed. Fate remembers waking up and having Nanoha's leg wrapped around her.

She feels the heat rise to her cheeks when she thinks about the warm breath against her neck.

The relationship between Nanoha and Fate

As would become tradition for the rest of the franchise this season has three Sound Stages which go into more detail on the world of Nanoha. While the first, and arguably the third, aren't to important that you can't figure out details yourself, the second Sound Stage is another matter as it deals with Precia's familiar Linith who was the one that created Bardiche and taught Fate magic.

It is also the sound stage that explains Fate's relationship with Arf in more detail so not having that available to anime only fans is more then a little frustrating. The first episode has an infamous scene in which the animation gets suddenly incredibly detailed and fluid. The strange thing is that the scene really isn't that important, it's just Nanoha and her family having dinner and Nanoha asking if she can keep Yuuno, so the whole shot looks strange despite being well animated.

Averted for the most part. In the first episode, Yuno tells Nanoha a password she needs to say to activate Raising Heart but after that she doesn't need it. The scars from Nanoha's father's "old job", Miyuki practicing her swordfighting technique, and other references to Triangle Heart 3: The Fan Subs called it "Asura"which many fans prefer over the official spelling.

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One episode had a kitten come into contact with one of the Jewel Seeds, which granted its wish of wanting to grow up Despite being giant, it still acted like a kitten, not aggressive at all. Provided the page image for Mega Neko. In this anime, Lindy and Chrono are reduced to side characters as their original roles are respectively replaced by Yuuno and Fate. Several characters from Triangle Heart 3, such as Nanoha's family and their supporting casts, are drastically reduced into being bit players here.

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Discovering Your Own Dead Body: In episode 11, Fate sees what appears to be her own body in a jar and finds out that it's actually Alicia, her mother Precia's original daughter whom she was cloned from. Worse, Precia considers Fate to be a failure and willingly dies with the original Alicia's body even when Fate tries to save her.

Used to great effect during Nanoha and Fate's talk on the bridge. Why does Fate have such sad and lonely eyes? This evolved into "Will you be my friend? Chrono does one in the finale, apparently because he couldn't find the door to Precia's inner sanctum. The first few episodes of the original series were a standard Magical Girl show, and it wasn't until A's that it really became a Gundam - in-a-schoolgirl-skirt show.