Naruto and hinata relationship fanfic

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naruto and hinata relationship fanfic

Naruto and Hinata are planning to get married but there is one obstacle in their . building a new Konoha, all the while developing their newfound relationship. Naruto and Hinata had started dating after the war. in the most interesting, and mostly perverted ways as their relationship progresses. Naruto travels back from when he was already the Seventh Hokage. He is happily married to Hinata. His relationship with Boruto is much better.

Naruto crept his way to his wife like a predator stalking it's pray, oh the irony years ago, she was the one stalking him and now she loved the power trip she had every time she saw her husband's eyes clouded with desire for her.

She didn't need to chase after him now instead he was the one chasing her. Because I was thinking about us, maybe having an another child!

The sudden suggestion brought her husband back to his senses and out of the daze he was in, but he was still left wanting her and knew that he couldn't deny her anything she wanted when she was half naked and oozing sexuality. I mean I haven't really been father of the year since I became Hokage. Naruto remembered the time, it was the first time someone whole heartily believed in him, the first time someone supported and it was the first time his wife gave him the strength to keep moving forward, it was then that he fell in love her.

As her husband nodded Hinata continued "You are my proud failure, you may fall down, you may make mistakes, but you always get back up and make it right, you did that with Boruto and you will do it for our future children. Naruto gave a chuckle as he felt his desire stir at seeing his wife show her claws and exactly why he falls in love with her and he knew he lost this round. It's a good thing you're always here to knock some sense into me.

Hinata brought her hand, up cupping her Naruto-Kun's cheek and stroking his whiskers like she did all those years ago on the battlefield where he almost gave up hope.

As the two broke apart Hinata looked at him with pleading eyes. Having missed the sweet taste of each other for so long. As the two broke apart, breathing heavily as sweat begin to form on their brow, Hinata breathed out "Good, because I need you now AHHH!

naruto and hinata relationship fanfic

It's been far AHH! As the dress fall to the floor Naruto kissed his wife with hunger and they continued their battle of tongues while Hinata wrapped her bare legs around his waist and arms around his neck as her husband carried her off to bed to claim her. A very pleased and satisfied Naruto was lying in bed on his side, his skin was sweaty and boiling to the touch, his hair was dishevelled after the hours of making sweet, sweet love to his wife gorgeous wife. In his arms was an equally if not more so pleased and satisfied Hinata, her sweaty skin was sticking to his, her long midnight blue hair was a dishevelled as it spread all over the bed and her lover.

Both were still attached at the waist as close as humanly possible, loving every second of them being connected with their soulmate.

Naruto Peeping On Hinata And Gets Caught [English Dub]

Naruto's hand was stroking Hinata's exposed stomach lovely and his wife gave a sigh of content from his minstrels. As Hinata closed her eyes, her blond lover started speaking, "You know, sometimes I wish, I never became Hokage. Feeling the jolt and the slight, but almost fatal Gentle Fist strike Naruto went to explain. Hinata sighed, knowing her husband, still felt guilty for how his job took him away from their family too much and would probably always feel guilty about it.

All this was my real dream and what I always truly wanted, I would give up being Hokage any day, to enjoy living with my family, to always come home to someone, to you means more to me than anything else.

If I could do it over I would make sure I returned your love sooner my Hime. Getting this chapter out took a while, well more like writing the story where I wanted it took a while, I just couldn't stop typing as usual and before I knew it I did over 10, words which I separated into 5 more chapters so review for quicker updates.

I loved writing the family time and think I'm getting better at writing since I started, what do you guys think. I need a Beta and Editor for the story PM me if interested. Touchan- in this fic means daddy since daddy doesn't have an honorific for it.

Tousan- means dad obviously. I was originally going to use the English words, but decided against it I just love using honorifics in my stories, if enough people ask I may change it, but I think I will only be for Boruto and Himawari and the rest use the Japanese words, it can kind of show the difference between the generations that way.

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She says she's inlove with the guy in the book.

She says he's hot. Naruto doesn't like this. He knows they're not real but Hinata fantasies more about them than about him. Hinata has to many fantasy crushes. Naruto crosses his arms and pretends to act cool.

Hinata notice his position. She knows he's bother. She smiles and put the book down. She walks over at him and sits in his lap. She kisses him until he gives up and kisses her back. Hinata loves him more than them Hinata and Naruto are walking down the mall.

They're holding hand as they walk. Hinata stops in front of some store. She asked him to go in and he agrees. He waits for her sitting in one of the chair they have. He watches her closely. He notices a guy trying to make a move on her.

He get angry and walk over at him and pushes him away and yell at the guy. Naruto is really jealous Hinata drags Naruto out of the store. She angry and he know it. He didn't mean it. He stops her and tells her his sorry and that he loves her. She smiles, she understands. Naruto cares about her. They're in his apartment. He tells her he wants to go to the movies. She tells him she wants to stay. They know it's stupid but they can't bring themselves to say their wrong.

Naruto tells her she's just like her mother even if he had never met her. She lowers her head and mumbles her sorry. She is still mad. Naruto grab her arms to pull her in to a hug but she shy's away. He tells he's sorry. He didn't mean to say that. She doesn't want to fight. Hinata cares for him too And there's isn't more. Because they live with it. They adjust to it. They're moving on, like they are.

Moving In Hinata is looking for a new apartment. Sasuke is moving into Sakura's and she needs a place for her to stay. She has two options. She can live with a guy roommate that she doesn't know.

Or move with her aunt again. He has better plan but he can't say it. He wants to ask her to move in with him but he can't find the right time. He starts by telling her that he would be lonely without a roommate and she tell him that he would be fine. He points out that she has most of her stuff in her apartment. She says she's sorry, that she will take it away when she finds the new apartment.

He tries one last time. He tells her he enjoys her company. He tells her he enjoys waking up next to her. He tells her he loves her cooking. She tells him she is glad to do it. She smiles at him but she didn't get what he said. Naruto is tired he grabs her arms and shakes her. He yells that he wants her to move in with her. Geez why didn't you say so? He groans and throws himself back. She's confused but ignores him. She has a place to live. And beside she loves his place. Meeting Parents Meeting parents is even trickier that meeting friends.

They know it, they still do it. This time Naruto is first. Hinata tells him it's just her mom and little brother, but they get there all of her family of her mother side is there. Naruto is nervous and so is Hinata. They all check him out. They all seem to like him. They sit in the living room at dinner. Naruto and Hinata are sitting together.

They share the plate; neither of them are too hungry. They start telling story about their family. Hinata knows all of them. Her family is crazy. Before she knows it her uncle is telling him about the time she said 'I'm pretty' and farted. They start telling Naruto about how crazy Hinata was as a little girl.

They tell him that she became stupid and emo when she got to middle school. This make Hinata feels bad. They tell him that they don't know where did she come from. She was so quiet and they were not. They tell him about how fat she was. They tell him that they were all scientism except her, she was a writer.

Hinata grows gloomy and Naruto notice. He tells them that she is perfect for him because she keep him on his feet. Her family smile and her mom give her thumbs up. She smiles at him. Two days later it's time for Naruto to meet her father. She doesn't know him that well. She doesn't care if he knows, but Naruto does. They knock on Hinata's father's door. His wife greets them. She quietly warns him about her dad. Her little brother and sister come running towards her.

He knows they're only half brothers but she loves them as much as she loves her full blood brother. At dinner Hinata's father stare at Naruto making him uncomfortable. He ask question that make Naruto nervous. After dinner Hinata's father wants to talk to him. Keep her like that. Naruto smiles and nod. Before he leaves Hinata's father warn him, he would kill him if he does something to her.

Her father accepted Naruto. Now it was her turn. She was very neurvous. Naruto's parents were rich and stuck up. She was greatfull for the table classes her grandmother payed for her when she was She wore a black dress. Naruto grabs her hand and tell her it will be fine. His mom kisses both of her cheek and smiles at her. His dad shakes her hand. He is also smiling. They sit in the living room to talk.

Hinata thinks everything is going well. Naruto's mother stands up, she tell Hinata to accompany her to the kitchen. Hinata smiles and follows. When they got to the kitchen Naruto's mother's smile fades. She is now glaring at Hinata. I'm gonna tell you this once. I want you out of my house and out of my dear son life after this dinner.

My son is too good for you. So run along and find someone of your style.

naruto and hinata relationship fanfic

She wants to cry but she doesn't. She turn around and walks away. In the way he finds Naruto smiling at her. She runs to his arms and hug him. She can't leave him. She loves him too much. Hinata tells Naruto what his mother told her.

He laughs and tells her to ignore her. I should've known you were one of those. Hinata rolls her eyes. Naruto smiles and kisses her forehead. He assures her that everything would be ok. Naruto's mother didn't pretend anymore. She only glared, since Hinata was the perfect little girl. Naruto's mom couldn't deny, she was ok. They know a little bit more about the other; they know where exactly where they came from.

The Bigger Talk In every relationship there is always the bigger talk. The bigger talk is when they talk about the future and what do they see each other doing. Hinata is the one who brought it up. They had just had sex. And Hinata was curious.

Uh do you have plans for us? In the future Naruto: You mean like going to the movies or something? Like would we have a family? If we do would we have to move? He just wanted to get to sleep with her in his arms. I don't know honey.

I live in the moment. Hinata didn't like the answer. He wasn't thinking of her as she was thinking of him. To be exact Hinata had her life visualize since she was She wanted it to happen. Well, I do have something. I know you'll be in my future.

naruto and hinata relationship fanfic

He kisses her neck. The cuddle in each other's arms. The Proposal And last there comes the time when the guy knows he's ready for something bigger. Where he knows that he's girlfriend is the one. And he wants her legally with him. He has the ring.

He cannot find the perfect time. He doesn't want to say it at Dinner. He doesn't want to just blur it out. He doesn't want to hid it in her food. He doesn't have ideas.

He wants something that is more them. After thinking, he knows what he should do. Hinata is making dinner. She is in the kitchen, with the radio singing her favorite song, she dancing along with it. He has the ring in his pocket. He walks over and grabs her hips and swipes her around.

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When the song ends the smile at each other. She returns to cooking. Naruto wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her neck. He brings his lips to her ear and whispers. She is not sure she heard right. He takes the ring out of his pocket and shows it to her. She screams with happiness. She chants 'yes' over and over again while she jumps. She turns around and hugs him.

He twirls her around and then puts her down. He slips the ring in her finger. Tears are running down her cheek. She is glee with happiness. She kisses him and then run over to the phone to call her best friends.

He made it perfect. And so, they're not dating anymore. Is a whole new level with different faze. And they don't know what is coming their way but they figure out together. The End Well I hope you all like it.