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nate and ivy relationship

Charlotte "Lola" Rhodes is a recurring character who exclusively appeared in the Gossip Girl television adaptation. Created by series producer Joshua Safran, Lola Rhodes is portrayed by actress Ella Rae Peck. The character of Charlotte " Charlie" Rhodes was initially introduced in the Negative reviews of Lola and her relationship with Nate came from. After she has accomplished this, however, Diana has discovered the connection between Ivy and Charlie and agrees to keep silent as long as Ivy works for her. Upper East Side's most flawless and amazing fraud, not-Charlie, is necking with her arch nemesis' greatest love? If this is not one of GG's most.

When Lily thought she saw Charlieshe called out her name and Lola turned around and said that was indeed her name which lead to Lily believe she found the wrong Charlotte Rhodes.

At the end of the episode, Lola is asked for ID and when she opens her wallet, viewers see a photo of her and Carol The End of the Affair?

She works for the catering company that worked for Blair and Louis' wedding and The Spectator's holiday party, where she first met Nate. During Blair and Louis' wedding in G. When he decides to give her a chance, she refuses, not wanting to become involved with the world of the UES. Nate, still under the impression that Ivy is really Charlie, explains the situation to Lola.

Afterwards, she tries to friend request Ivy on Facebook but gets no response. Eventually in Cross Rhodesshe calls Ivy from Nate's phone to demand answers as to why she's using her name. A Gossip Girl blast tips off that Ivy as Charlie is at the hospital, and the blast alludes to her mental illness. Lola goes to the hospital, sees her mom Carol and asks what she is doing there.

The fact that it didn't and all the drama that resulted from it including Blair's pregnancy and Louis paying Chuck's therapist made it a painful storyline.

Eric and Jonathan There were few same-sex couples on Gossip Girl. In the first season, Eric came out and he dated Asher, Jonathan, and Eliot over the course of the show. Even though Eric wasn't as involved in the drama as the other main characters, his relationships weren't conflict-free.

In the second and third seasons, Eric dated Jonathan but they broke up after Jonathan cheated on him. After Eric began working with Blair to embarrass Jenny, Jonathan broke up with him because he'd changed. Despite that, it was good to see Eric have a storyline. It helps that this relationship didn't have a negative effect on other characters as well. Dan and Georgina This one is easy. Georgina pretended to be someone else when she first met Dan.

That was back when Dan and Serena were together and Georgina was Serena's frenemy.

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However, there's one big reason why Dan and Georgina as a couple hurt the series: At the end of season 3, Georgina showed up at the Humphreys' loft pregnant. Of course in a situation like that, it makes sense to get a paternity test.

Dan did or at least thought he didbut it turned out he wasn't the father. Georgina used him because he was the nicest person out of those she'd been within the right time frame. Dan and Blair Some people liked Dan and Blair together.

No matter how you felt, however, it was a pairing that had to be explored at some point. Once Gossip Girl had the two of them begin to become friends and bond over movies and art, it was inevitable.

If nothing had come from it, there would have always been that question of "what if? Dan and Blaire's relationship may not have been considered "end-game", but it was happy to see the two characters bond over their love of movies and art.

Their dynamic was entertaining enough that even though they weren't at their best together, it didn't ruin the series.

Ivy Dickens

It was never a relationship that was going to last because they were both really in love with other people. Their endgames were obvious long before a romance was even a possibility. It wouldn't have been entirely unbelievable for them to give a relationship another try.

What was crazy was that they apparently ended up together, given the flashforward to Dan and Serena's wedding. That happened after, in an attempt to win his ex-wife's heart, he used her health against her.

He faked her cancer after she'd gotten better because he'd fallen in love with her again. Rather than face any real consequences for that, everyone forgave him. Oh, and who could forget the fact that he had an affair with Lily's sister? William should have ended up alone, not with the woman he manipulated. Jack and Georgina Who would've thought that a bright spot in the mess of the series finale would be a new couple?

The last episode of the show featured a time jump to Dan and Serena's wedding. At some point during the five years, Jack and Georgina apparently got together.

It is later revealed that Charlie suffers from bi-polar disorder and she has stopped taking her medication.

nate and ivy relationship

She leaves the Upper East Side and meets up with her mother, Carol. In the season's final moments, "Charlie Rhodes" is revealed to be Ivy Dickens, an aspiring actress that Carol hired to gain access to her daughter's trust fund. In her final scene she puts a napkin with Georgina 's number in her bag which hints that the two will team up in the fifth season. With regard to her involvement in the finale, DeFer discussed her character's involvement.

Ivy later runs into Serena at a restaurant that she and her boyfriend both work at and Serena, under the impression that Ivy is Charlie, offers to have Ivy move in with her.

nate and ivy relationship

Ivy declines, looking for several ways to get out of the situation, but Serena convinces her to move back to New York with her. After she and Serena return to New York, Charlie overhears that Carol is returning to New York and that Lily refuses to deceive her and she tells Serena that she is leaving. Serena, however, has seen this coming and asks her to return her tickets to a fashion show.

When Charlie arrives, she discovers that Serena actually had her take her place as a model. After a conversation with Blair, she decides to stay. Her excitement does not last as she runs into Carol with Lily and Rufus, who had no idea that she had returned.

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After a confrontation with Carol, Ivy states that the family that Carol hates has been kinder to her than her own and that everything in New York 'sparkles' and she refuses to give that up and that the van der Woodsens would have a problem should it ever come out that Carol had hired her to impersonate Charlie in order to gain access to her trust fund. After this conversation, Carol tells Ivy that she is on her own and that Carol will not help Ivy any more should her real identity ever be discovered before returning to Miami.

Ivy later panics when she learns that she has left her cell phone at the fashion show, as she believes her true identity will be discovered. She is unaware, however, that her phone, along with several others, had been stolen by Nate Archibald and his shrewd boss Diana.

After a conversation with Nate about the phone, she offers to help him find the owner in attempt to retrieve it.

nate and ivy relationship

After she has accomplished this, however, Diana has discovered the connection between Ivy and Charlie and agrees to keep silent as long as Ivy works for her. Under Diana's control, Ivy is forced to procure gossip for Diana's use. She later finds the files that Bart Bass kept on Serena, Lily, Eric and himself, while Nate convinces her to leave them, she does not and in turn hands them over to Diana.

Ivy later competes to become a bridesmaid for Blair in order to get the scoop on her wedding for Diana, where her final task is to secure a kiss from Nate. They later attend the launch party of Diana's revamped 'Spectator' where they use each other to reach their own ends; Ivy to win Blair's bridesmaid spot and Nate to make Diana jealous, unknown to the other.

nate and ivy relationship

Diana later confronts Ivy and threatens to reveal her secret, while Ivy is adamant that she had no idea that she was the one Nate wanted to make jealous.

Diana later reveals to Nate and Ivy that they had been deceiving each other, leaving them angry at one another.

Although Ivy has developed feelings for Nate, Diana has threatened her to stay away from him. This changes, however, when she finds out that Ivy's ex-boyfriend, Max, is in town looking for her and sets up an elaborate plot that very nearly causes her secret to be revealed. He tracks Ivy down at the Van der Woodsen loft and Ivy is backed into a corner where she tells Lily and Max that her mother made her change her name to Ivy in order to avoid being used for her money.