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According to staff comments, Stella would have been an integral Her relationship with Noctis was to have been platonic rather than romantic. Noctis Lucis Caelum is the playable character and main protagonist of Final Director Hajime Tabata has described Noctis's relationship with his father thusly: .. Noctis is horrified by Ignis's sacrifice, and questions how he can be a savior if . For Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Noctis and Stella, How do you want their relationship to be.

I honestly think you would only find misery if you stay with me. Even when I saw the relationship between you and Noctis blossom during the time I saw you with him. My feelings for you would never change for you.

I love you too much to agree to a marriage that would leave us both miserable in the end I can only pray that you find happiness eventually," she replies softly. She honestly half expected him to take a period of leave. Perhaps a part of her hope he does leave if it means that he would finally be able to move on from her.

She knows that Arene would probably know that she was lying as well. Although she knows for sure it wasn't because of the choice that she made mere moments before instead it was more on the terms she hated breaking his heart. She refuses to tell him that she had been daydreaming about him. It would have only embarrassed her in the end. She doesn't handle embarrassment well. Her eyes slightly widen at the remark. For a long time she has expected romantic feelings between her brother and her best friend, but she isn't entirely sure if they had ever confessed their feelings for each other.

Her watermelon gloss lips curling into a bright smile. He shrugs lightly at that remark, but from the small smirk present on his face. A part of her knows she is right in her speculation. She blushes at that remark glancing away shyly before a thought cross her mind, "Oh would you like some tea or coffee. She shrugs lightly before opening the white bakery box, "Do you want half of it? Noticing his eyes widen lightly at that remark. It is a sleeveless floor-length gown with twin tail lapels that flare out on the sides from the waistline.

A half skirt partially covers the front of the main skirt midway down. The bust is asymmetrical. The gown comes with a pair of matching fingerless evening gloves. Her wedding ring is black with small diamonds or crystals around the front.

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She wears the hair pin Nyx Ulric had given to her, courtesy of Crowe Altiusfrom the events of Kingsglaive, and a necklace that features a star on either side of a crescent moon pendant. Personality I do not fear death. What I fear is doing nothing and losing everything.

She is a noble and dutiful woman who talks about her hopes and dreams and acts on her own initiative. She is always cordial and polite to those around her, but is also a political strategist who puts her duties and the well-being of her people above her own needs.

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She focuses on the future and works to prevent the world from plunging into complete darkness. Befitting of her duties as Oracle, Lunafreya possesses unparalleled compassion.

Lunafreya and Noctis have a complicated relationship. They are childhood friends, but are being made to marry to bring their kingdoms together. Lunafreya loves Noctis who doesn't have the confidence to respond, although he thinks highly of her and grows to return her love.

She's is one of the most important presences that supports Noctis for him to fulfill his destiny. She holds King Regis in the highest regard and doesn't blame him for what happened to Tenebrae, unlike her brother Ravus.

She trusts her brother despite him serving the empire.

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Abilities Edit Lunafreya uses her powers to heal. If you know of any who are bedridden, or unable to come to me Pray, send word, and I I follow my calling.

I will not halt my steps for anything else. The plague makes daylight vanish from the world, and she prevents the world of Eos from plunging into an eternal night.

As the Oracle she has the power to heal those affected by the plagues of darkness, and people travel long distances to be seen by her.

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She works tirelessly to help any who seek her out, and she is highly revered by all across Eos. She can commune with the gods of Eos, the Astrals. The famous trident she wields is said to be a ritual tool bestowed upon the first Oracle by the Astral god Bahamut. Lunafreya and her older brother Ravus were once royalty of Tenebrae and were close allies with the royal family of Lucis.

When she was born, Lunafreya was met by the High Messenger of the Astrals, Gentianawho in time would tell her she is ordained to work with Prince Noctis of Lucis to bring light back to the world.

Lunafreya and Noctis are childhood friends, and the memories they share are cherished by both. The two spent time together following Noctis's near-death experience with a marilithwhen a twelve-year-old Lunafreya kept him company while he was recuperating.


During his stay Noctis referred to her as "Luna," and the abbreviation stuck. During this time, she told Noctis about the Crystal of Lucis and how his lineage had been chosen by the gods to expel the plague of darkness from the world.

Though the eight-year-old Noctis did not understand what it meant, he promised her he would do it. She showed Noctis her red notebook and the pressed sylleblossom within, telling Noctis the flowers are used to weave the royal family's crowns. The two would continue to keep in secret contact via her dog, Umbra, that acts as a magical Messenger. A young Lunafreya escorts Noctis to a grand welcome.

Niflheim invaded Tenebrae and killed many officials of the royal family, including Lunafreya's mother, Queen Sylva, who was also the Oracle. While fleeing from Niflheim forces with Regis and Noctis, Lunafreya chose to stay behind to be with her brother and Tenebrae was surrendered to Niflheim's control.

She was held in captivity, so it is implied she had a rough childhood. As the sole remaining descendants of House Fleuret, Lunafreya and Ravus remain leaders of their homeland, now an imperial protectorate. When she was thirteen she entered into a covenant with ShivaGentiana's true form. As told in Brotherhood: When she returned, she had a handkerchief around her injured leg that read " Prompto ".

Gentiana suggested they find out Prompto's identity.